6 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Diesel Generator

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Industrial generators, in both diesel and natural gas configurations, serve a key role in supplying power when it’s needed most in a variety of industries. Backup generators are used in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, server farms, municipalities, manufacturing plants, processing facilities, construction, and even hospitality. For many companies, these pieces of equipment are likely to represent a significant investment that will be heavily relied on for many years. You may take some preventative measures to help extend the life of your backup generator while keeping it running at its best in order to get the most out of it.

See how a little goes a very long way in extending the life of your backup generator, ensuring that your business is ready for whatever life throws at it.

What Are the Living Standards of a Commercial Generator?

The lifespan of a generator is based upon a number of factors. If the machine is properly exercised and maintained, it can last for up to 30,000 hours. A generator, on the other hand, could wear down in 10,000 hours or less if not properly maintained.

We must add that while a diesel generator’s life expectancy is typically higher than that of a natural gas generator, Commercial diesel generators require more effort to keep running smoothly. A multitude of things affect generator lifetime, including:

  •     The brand and level of quality.
  •     Generator sizing.
  •     Regular maintenance.
  •     The age of components and parts.
  •     The engine size.
  •     How it was installed.
  •     The surrounding environment.
  •     Quality of fuel used.

Understanding your generator’s needs and customizing your maintenance initiatives to reach them will help you keep your generator in proper working order. While there is no fixed number of hours that these machines can run, it’s always a good idea to know how much a diesel generator can run for so you can be ready to meet your company’s power needs in the event that you need to service or upgrade your capacity increase.

How to Help Your Diesel Generator Last Long

To get the most out of a diesel generator, you’ll need to know how to properly care for and maintain it so that it works when you need it. Here are nine ways to prolong the life of your industrial generator:

  • Have the oil Levels checked Regularly

Checking and changing the oil in your generator on a regular basis will assist to ensure that it goes smoothly. The moving parts will not be lubricated enough to avoid damage if they come into touch if there isn’t enough oil. Insufficient oil levels on newer generators will cause them to shut down.

Make monitoring your oil levels a routine every few weeks or so. When inspecting them, you’ll need to take the dipstick. Your generator simply requires more oil if the levels are low and the oil looks to be clean. The oil has to be replaced if the dipstick shows low, dirty oil levels.

  • Use High Quality Fluids

The ideal fluids for a diesel generator are those that are of high quality. Everything from the oil to the coolants is included in this section. Low-quality fuel, for example, can clog and build up in a carburetor, causing a range of problems. If a carburetor has indeed been dirty for an extended period, it will need to be replaced entirely.

The type of fuel used in a generator has an impact on how well it runs. By using high-quality fluids and testing the fuel on a regular basis to verify it is not degrading, you may prevent needless contaminants and buildup from messing with a generator’s performance.

  • Conduct Load Bank Testing Regularly 

Load bank testing should be done routinely to see how efficiently your generator is operating. This type of testing is performed as part of preventative maintenance and allows technicians to see if a generator is performing at its best. Because standby generators aren’t used on a regular basis, they need to be tested to verify that they work correctly.

An artificial load is used to get the engine to a particular internal pressure and operating temperature during a load bank test. The generator is subjected to the testing to check that it can run at the required kilowatt output. Load bank testing is helpful to your generator since it eliminates carbon buildup from the engine, examines electrical connections, and more. Load bank tests are also a useful indicator as to whether your generator’s components are potentially failing or if there are any items that need to be addressed during routine service and maintenance.

  • Avoid wet Stacking

Avoiding wet stacking is important for a generator’s longevity. Wet stacking is a phenomena that happens when unburned fuel leaks into diesel engines’ exhaust pipes, leaving a dark, thick substance behind.

Wet stacking happens when a diesel generator is operated by:

  • Operating it at less than 60% of its rated power.
  • Working with an improper air-to-fuel ratio.
  • Using the generator excessively or rarely.
  • It’s being used at the wrong temperature.

Experts suggest inspecting your generator for wet stacking at least once a month and implementing preventative measures, such as doing regular load bank tests to exercise the generator, to avoid this problem altogether.

  • Perform Regular Preventative Maintenance

The importance to maintaining diesel engines operating for long periods of time is to perform routine preventative maintenance to ensure it is working properly.

  • Follow the Manufacturer’s instructions

When it comes to finding the most out of your commercial generator, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance on the following:

  •     Installation practices
  •     Load size
  •     Maintenance
  •     Fuel type
  •     Frequency
  •     Exercise

The manufacturer’s instructions will help you in taking the best possible care of your generator so that it will continue to function for as long as possible when needed. This is particularly important since, while there are general service and maintenance guidelines for generators, various manufacturers may have more specific guidelines for keeping your generator in top shape.

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