6 Perfect SEO Optimized Tips and How To Write Post Title?

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You must have heard that “Do not judge a book by its cover”, but at the same time, you must have heard that the “First impression is the last impression”. This thing is a perfect fit here when it comes to blogging title or post title. Because when a visitor searches for his information in the Google Search Results Page (SERP), he decides at a glance which blog post to open.

And you basically decide only by looking at the title or blog title, what is written in that post, first look at the title or blog title of that post, then its meta description and meta link.

Today’s post is very beneficial for bloggers because one of the most important techniques of on-page SEO is the perfect post title. In this post, I will mainly tell you how you can write a post title for your blog post which is fully optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and how to add keywords to your post title so that your post can easily be found in Google Rank…

How to Write Optimized Post Titles and Blog Titles

Do you know that every day 15-20 lakh posts are published all over the world? It is difficult for people to reach their posts day by day. So do you want your blog post to rank in the top 5 on SERP 1st page?

Seriously! Is it possible?………….. Yes, it is absolutely possible.

If you’re really excited to go, get ready. By the end of the post, you will be able to completely customize every post title or blog title according to the SEO course in Delhi and also write the best post title. Your every post will be fully optimized according to on-page SEO which will rank in SERP.

I will tell you here 6 perfect tips by which you can optimize your blog title or post title. If you follow the tips well, then you will write such a post title for your blog that will attract your visitors at once.

So let’s understand the tips one by one.


1. Write Compelling Title 

You must have heard this often, “Content is King”, so you must be thinking that everything is content, then why should this post take so much care in writing a title which is made up of just one line and few words. But it is not the case that the post title is equally important as the quality of the content inside the live post.

  • When you have created a post title, decorate it with words that will attract readers in one go.
  • Whoever reads the post title once, can not live without reading the entire post. Visitors love the attraction.
  • He was forced to use the word attractive in his post title i.e. marry me that he was dragged like a magnet towards the post.

There are many such words that easily attract people. Just you have to know about its correct usage, which word to use in your blog post or post title. The right use will bring crowds of visitors to your post.

I am giving you some examples of such a word. All you have to do is use them according to your niche by filling in the blank spaces of these words.

Example for my niche:

  • 11 Effective Tips for On-Page SEO

This is the title of the post related to my niche, in which I have used such a word that proves itself in the eyes of the people that people must read them. I am giving a list of some catchy words that you can use in the right way for the topic of your niche. Make proper placement of them in your blog title or post title:

List of best magnetic words

  • Y Predictions About The Future Of_____.
  • Y myths About______You Still Believe.
  • The Beginners Guide To________.
  • The Experts Guide To________.
  • Y Reasons Your_________Is not Working.
  • The Ultimate Checklist For_______.
  • Y Alternatives For____________.
  • The Y Habits Of Successfull_______.
  • A Practical Guide To_______.
  • X Keys Advantages To_______.
  • Y Ways You Can Become_____.
  • How I Made_______ In X Time.
  • Y Signs, You Are Wasting Time In_______.
  • Y Ways To Encourage Yourself To___________.
  • Awesome Y Techniques To_____.
  • Y Outstanding Techniques To ________.
  • Y Things To Do Before_____.

Here “Y” = “Numeric Number” uses as many points as you have mentioned in your content. By using it properly, you can make your blog title or post title so attractive that visitors will definitely come to your post.


2. Use Numbers in Your Post Title

This is the most used method which is used in writing blog titles and post titles. The title of the post is made more attractive by using a number, which indicates that there are some special points in it that explain the quality of the topic.

How is the content written inside the post? How have you explained your points in them? Keeping that in mind, use the number. But keep in mind that according to the need, add the numbers in the post title.

By the way, there is no special rule of law for using numbers in blog post titles. You can attract your visitors to read the post by posture using numbers.


3. Meet The Right Expectation

Write a blog post title more descriptive than the title of a magazine article. If you have ever read any of your magazines, then you must have noticed that on its front page, everyone puts spices (images, captions) which compel us to read the magazine.

The blog title is commonly seen in Google search results. So you have to convince your audience that this post can give information about them. This does not mean that you wrote the title very well but there is no other useful content.

If you have convinced the readers to open that post by the post title. So you have to write the same material for them which can fulfill their expectation. If you do not keep the content right then it can be a bad experience for your audience. It can also spoil the image of your blog. 


4. Keep Post Title Nice And Short

If we talk generally, then a title post is what we see in Google search results as a title tag. Therefore, the best idea to write the title of a blog post is to keep the length of the blog title such that it can be fully visible in Google search results.

  • If you do not know what the length of the meta title should be, then today you should note that the length of the blog title should be 50 -60 characters with space.
  • With this, the post title of your blog will be fully visible to the visitors. Also, the convincing title you write can impress your audience.
  • Instead of this, if you make the length of the title longer, then it will not be fully visible in the search results.
  • And then your hard work will be wasted which you have done for content and the rest of SEO.


5. Keyword in Post Title

You have to give all the attention to your visitors and write the content and post title for them and not the search engines. It is said that you should give importance to your visitors and give good content in the form of quality for the complete information they need. And write the title accordingly, which also has a keyword related to the post.

  • I use free tools to select keywords for me which helps me a lot in doing my keyword research.
  • I know by selecting the best keywords only by using free tools.

Here I am giving you a list of free tools for keyword research. Which you can use to search-relevant keywords according to your niche and post.

  1. https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/
  2. https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool
  3. https://keywordseverywhere.com/

So by using keyword research tool in this way, I have used keywords in my post and have used blog post title keyword in my post title “6 Perfect SEO Optimized Tips and How to Write Blog Post Title”. Use free keyword research tools for your blog to find high search volume and low competition keywords and make your blog post title fully SEO optimized.


6. Perfect Keyword Placement in Post Title

If you place the starting me focus keyword in your blog title, then your post title will become a 100% optimized title. But be careful that your focus keyword is relevant. Also, take care that it fits perfectly in the sentence.

  • Never try to force the keywords into the starting me of the title, which seems irrelevant and makes the title meaningless.
  • These are the common SEO tips, if you have done a digital marketing course in Delhi, then you have surely read about this…
  • When adding the keyword starting to the blog title, it should be a completely meaningful title. Which fully represents your quality content.

If you liked this post and found it useful, then share it on your Facebook, Twitter. And help others too. If you have any confusion or query related to this post you can comment below on the www.postingtree.com site for further information…


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