6 Necessary Things to Do Before Selling Your Computer


6 Necessary Things to Do Before Selling Your Computer

Selling your device can be a bit scary, especially if you’ve stored a lot of personal stuff on it. Everyone puts a lot of effort into personalizing and syncing their laptop with other devices. If you’re someone looking to sell their laptop, keep reading.

In addition to wiping off your drive safely, you also need to make sure your laptop is in brilliant condition before you put it up for sale to make the most money.

Here’s what to do:

#1. Safely Back Up All Your Files

Make sure you keep a secure backup of everything you need. If you’re not already backing up your files and data either on the cloud or on the hard drive, it’s time you start storing them so you can recover them. Whether you choose a cloud platform or a hard drive will depend on the types of files you have on your computer.

Cloud platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive can do the job just perfectly. Alternatively, you can use an external hard drive to back up all your files and data. 

#2. Deauthorize Digital Software

With anti-piracy agendas gaining popularity, software developers and manufacturers make sure consumers pay for every service they use. The next step here is to deauthorize any such digital software or file. This may include apps like iTunes, Adobe Creative Suite, Amazon Kindle, and so on.

It is likely that you have been setting a password or two not just for the computer itself, but also for individual files, so keep that in mind.

Moreover, it might also be a good time to deactivate multi-factor authentication from services such as Gmail. While chances of someone decoding your password are slim, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

#3. Clear Your Hard Drive

The only way to safely clear your hard drive is to format it to have a clean slate to start. This can be a time-consuming process, but it’s equally important before you sell your computer to a stranger. Make sure to delete all your personal information from the hard drive.

Before you wipe the hard drive, backup all your data to an external drive so that you can restore it in case something goes wrong. You can either start with cleaning the hard drive manually or use a third-party program. Whether it is optimizing your Mac or an MS Windows laptop, cleaning the drive should be one of the priorities. 

#4. Reinstall the Operating System

After formatting the hard drive, you will have nothing on it. This means you will need to reset the laptop back to the factory setting before you sell it off. This process becomes easier when you have an operating system disc. Reboot your system and boot it again with the OS disc itself. 

When the operating system is successfully installed, it’s up to you how far in the setup process you want to go. You might want to stop at the new user creation screen if you’re selling it on an online platform. 

To prove to the buyer that the laptop is working without any technical issues, you can also create an admin account with a simple username and password. Later, you can ask the buyer to delete that account and create a new one for himself. 

#5. Clear User & System Cache

Clearing the hard disc is not enough to protect your personal information from any kind of misuse. Removing the system and user cache will leave no traces of how you used your computer.  

Besides this, there are other reasons why you might want to clear the cache from your laptop that includes freeing the storage space, debugging any issues created by corrupted files on your laptop, improving system performance by cleaning out the extra files and more. 

You can carry out this process by using Disc Clean-up on your laptop. You can choose the categories and location you want to clean, and that’s it. 

#6. Work On Its Appearance

As mentioned earlier, working on cleaning the laptop from the inside might not be enough. After completing the above steps, finally clean up the computer and make it as beautiful as possible before selling it. Not only will it guarantee a good price for your laptop, but it might also function a bit more smoothly. 

Clean the external parts of the laptop like the screen, keyboard, and the dust on the inside. This makes the computer aesthetically pleasing and easier to sell. 

Click some great pictures and put them online at the right time to crack a lucrative deal. 


Carrying out these steps is crucial if you’re about to sell your laptop to a stranger or even if you’re giving it away to a friend. By ignoring these steps, you can put your personal information and identity at risk. 

Besides these steps, make sure to clean and check all ports, including USB, DVD, and CD drives. With all these factors in place, you’re sure to get a good deal for your laptop.


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