6 Most Common WordPress Errors and Their Fixes

WordPress Errors Their Fixes

Although we love WordPress, sometimes it can be a nightmare! It can be the white screen of death, a mysterious PHP error from a plugin, or server problems that cause our site to crash. Don’t be alarmed if WordPress shows an error. There is always a way to fix it, as you will see in this article. You will be solving common WordPress mistakes. Let’s get to the point.

1). How to Fix the “White Screen of Death” Error

The “White Screen of Death” error, also known as WSoD, is when your web pages are rendered unresponsive, and no information appears in the browser. This can happen when you navigate to the front of the website, the admin panel, or specific web pages. If you face this type of error, the team of HostCano Web Hosting will help you to solve this.


If you see the “White Screen Of Death” error on all website pages, there is likely a problem with the hosting server. There is 4 solution mentioned below.

  • Contact a hosting provider
  • Deactivate newly installed and updated plugins
  • Installing caching software
  • Increase memory allocated by WP_Debug

2). 505 How to Fix an Internal Server Error?

The “505 Internal Server Error” is one of the most frustrating WordPress errors. You cannot access the “Admin Panel” to fix the problem using the options in the WordPress Dashboard.

There may be many reasons why your browser displays “505 Internal Server Error” instead of your web pages.

The issue can be a limitation on PHP memory.

Solution: Increase the Memory Limit for PHP

Sometimes you may need to increase the PHP memory limit via FTP. To do this, add the following line to the file “wp-config.php.”

3). Error in Establishing a Connection to the Database

Another common WordPress error is “Error establishing database connections.” This happens when your server doesn’t have access to your database.

This error is displayed when you try to navigate your website Address. It means that WordPress cannot establish a connection to your database.

Solution 1: Change Wpconfig.PHP

This common WordPress error can be fixed by checking the following information in your “wp-config.php” file via File Transfer Protocol:

  • Name of the database.
  • The database username.
  • Database password.
  • Database host.

If all sounds well, it’s better to reset MYSQL’s password.

Solution 2: Your Hosting Server Has Gone Down

If none of these methods work, contact HostCano’s support staff. Ask them to verify if there were any issues with the server.

4). Maintenance Mode error

The maintenance mode error is one of the most frequent WordPress errors. A conflict between operations usually causes it. This error can be caused by a failure to update your theme and plugins or if there are pending operations.

Three Options:

  • Verify the compatibility between your theme and any plugins. We advise you to undo any recent updates or activations of plugins.
  • Do not update too many plugins at one time in the future. To avoid your website being stuck in Maintenance Mode, it is better to update each plugin individually.
  • Use the best caching plugins to clear the cache. 

5). How to Fix the 404 Error on a WordPress Page or Post?

The WordPress page displays “404 error,” and posts like the one below are displayed. This error means that your website has a mismatching URL.

This common WordPress error can be fixed by accessing the WordPress admin panel. However, if you are not comfortable handling technical stuff, consult the technical team of HostCano, they will help you to fix the issue.

Solution: Modify Your Permalink or Install a Suitable Plugin

This common WordPress error can be fixed by going to the WordPress Dashboard.

  • You can check links on your website to see if you can change the permalink for any new updates or modifications.
  • Install the appropriate plugin to fix WordPress rules and perform “Flush Rules” actions

6). Connection Timed Out

The most common WordPress error is the “Connection Timed out error.” This is usually caused by overloading the server. This error occurs when you use shared web hosting that has insufficient resources. The server’s memory is not sufficient to load all site contents.


You can deactivate all plugins to determine which one is triggering this error. Then, activate each one at a time. To fix the error caused by a plugin, deactivate it or uninstall it.

Issue: In Some Cases, Some Functionality Issues May Be Caused by a New Theme.


You can activate the default WordPress theme. If your website loads fine, you should install and activate a lighter theme.

Issue: Insufficient PHP Memory


You can increase the PHP memory limit to fix the “exhausted PHP Memory Limit” by changing the configuration in “wp-config.php,” as we have already mentioned. This memory can be increased to run plugins or heavy themes without any errors.


Here we showed some common WordPress errors. We also showed you how to fix them. This post is intended to help you when you run into a WordPress error. This resource is worth bookmarking. You will probably need it at some time – even though we hope not. Please let us know how you fix common WordPress mistakes on your site, particularly if you have an easier and faster solution.


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