6 critical choices you have to make when you decide your domain

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cheap pk domain

Your right domain name choice means the right foundation for your future success. Therefore, the importance of the decision is well-known. In the early times of the internet, you could rank high on Google simply by using the right keywords. Over time, Google has reduced the impact of the domain on its ranking. However, it still matters to some extent. Therefore, it is always best to be ahead of time. Whether you buy a pk domain or a gTLD, there would come various abstruse comparisons and options when you decide your domain name. Here, we make some important decisions easy for you.

Company name vs. product name

It is a general perception that you must try your best to get the domain based on your company. However, such an approach is only ideal when the company has already established a loyal client base. Or else, the company name is at least propagating in your target audience. However, if this is not the case, it would be best to buy pk domain based on the product name or relevant keywords. In short, your domain name must depict your area of operations.

Furthermore, you may also consider the fantasy keywords related to your business when you decide your domain name. However, it is suitable only when you intend to introduce a brand to

the market and you have got suchlike marketing budget.

Traffic sources 

While choosing your domain name, you must consider the channels you are primarily targeting for traffic; either search engines or TypeIn. TypeIn traffic refers to the visitors landing on your website by typing your web address in the browser as they read or hear it somewhere.

If you expect your audience to reach out to you via Google, Bing, or other search engines, you must consider using relevant and important keywords. However, you must be careful of overdoing it. Certainly, Google does not like it, and it may even have a negative impact on your ranking in SERPs.

Conversely, if you aim to spend ample finances on marketing campaigns, you must be expecting your visitors to reach out to you via TypeIn. In this case, the conventional strategy of Keep It Short and Simple works the best. Your domain name must be so straightforward that they remember you when your target audience gets your message via word-of-mouth, Facebook, Google Adwords, or even print media. Hence, when you decide your domain name with such an approach, you can still utilize keywords, but not so much. However, when you pk domain, don’t miss out on your primary keywords.

Keyword Choice

When you have decided your approach regarding your domain, the next step is to get the best suitable keywords. The first and foremost step towards that is to know your company and the products & services it offers in detail. For this, you have to leave yourself for a while and consider your target audience’s avatar. Only then can you identify the pinpoints and certain terms your potential customers can be driven with.

Furthermore, you may utilize some top-notch keyword planners to get the trending keywords along with the number of search queries and related keywords. When you decide your domain name, you must pick the most relevant keywords with the highest search number. However, it would help if you did not overuse it. Otherwise, it won’t make any good impact.

Domain extension

Deciding for your domain name is pivotal to your website, but domain extension also plays a significant role. Well, the decision of your domain extension entirely depends upon your target audience. For example, if your operation is limited to some area, you can choose ccTLDs such as a cheap pk domain. ccTLDs various benefits to the localized businesses especially concerning the rankings on Google and building customer’s trust.

On the other hand, you may also choose generic gTLDs such as the .com domain. However, you may face some issues with these domain extensions, such as availability and high prices. Lastly, if you try to be a bit fancy about the extensions when you decide your domain, mostly, it does not work. It is either too costly for a budding business to afford, or it may be not easy to remember. Hence, experimenting with that is highly discouraged at this point.

New vs. old domain

Like anything, Google also has to deal with malpractice, such as spam and advertising. Therefore, Google discriminates among the good and bad websites concerning their domain age to address such issues. Indeed, this creates an opportunity for you to take advantage of the metric.

For instance, if you already own a 10-year-old domain, you can easily leverage the fact. However, if you did not buy your domain in time, you can buy a cheap pk domain already used. If you are wary enough of your choice, it proves to be a good and workable strategy, especially for emerging businesses. However, when you decide your domain, you have to be careful in this regard. Never go for any domain before you check its history. You can find various tools online that will tell you about the domain age and its history.

Price and rights for domain

If you are considering to register pk domain for your website, here is good news; a cheap pk domain is easily available. However, more than the price of the domain, your registrar’s reputation must be your greater concern. Furthermore, you must ensure that you get registered as the domain owner. Otherwise, you will be on the verge of having some shady experience online such as losing ownership of the domain you have worked so hard for. Indeed, you won’t want that.

Therefore, it is always best to conduct detailed and proper research for the registrar even before you decide your domain name. It must be well-reputed such as Navicosoft. Investigate the documentation properly because carelessness regarding specific terms may cost you heavily. Hence, finding your desired domain name available is not enough, but you must also check its suitability from a legal perspective.


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