5 Ways to Make Your Soap Boxes More Brand able!

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When you’re selling soap, it’s more than just the product that matters – it’s also about how you present your soap to customers.

Soap boxes are one of the most commonly used marketing tools in the bath and body industry, but many businesses overlook the importance of making them appealing and brand able.

Here are five ways to make your soap boxes more brand able to get people interested in your products – and stay interested once they’ve bought them!

1.   Use your soap boxes to stand out!

As an entrepreneur and businessperson, you need all of your soap boxes to stand out. If they don’t, you’ll struggle to build brand recognition and trust among your customers.

The more distinctive your packages look, sound and feel, the easier it will be for consumers to remember where they purchased a product and who they purchased it from.

Follow these tips on how to get your soapboxes noticed

  • Design every aspect of your packaging with branding in mind: When designing packaging, think about what colors you want to use, what logos and images would best represent your company, and which fonts will attract attention.
  • By creating cohesive designs across all of your different packaging materials, you can better associate yourself with a particular style or genre while making it easy for customers to find products they love again later on down the road.
  • Use consistent colors across as many materials as possible so that no matter where someone sees one of your products—whether online or in-store—they can easily recognize others in that line.
  • Also, keep some space open at the top of each package so that people can read information about what’s inside without having to remove anything else from their shopping cart or bag first.

2.   Include your logo on all soap boxes!

It’s not just important for your logo to be visible on all your products; it’s vital.

If you run a quality business, people will want to buy from you, and they won’t have an excuse not to because they can see exactly who they are doing business with by looking at your soapboxes. It makes it clear that there is a physical person behind your brand.

Furthermore, if people start seeing a lot of your soaps in different places, they will associate them with you. People might even think of those soapboxes as your soaps.

That kind of recognition goes a long way in getting new customers—and keeping old ones.

If you have a product line, consider adding unique features to each soapbox (like your logo) or using special colors that represent your brand or product line. When done correctly, such branding can pay off tremendously!

3.   Create custom soap box shapes!

Custom soap boxes are a great way to capture attention and help you stand out from competitors.

By producing custom-shaped soaps, you can put your brand in front of consumers while they are in a positive mindset and bombarded with information (i.e., while at work).

Make sure that these shapes fit well with your brand and are large enough for you to print on them so that customers can read what is written about your business or product when they hold them up!

If a consumer has had good experiences with one of your products, even if it’s something as small as soap, they will be more likely to remember it later.

4.   Design gorgeous custom packaging

The most obvious reason you need your custom packaging is that no one will know who you are or what you’re selling without it.

This is especially true in retail. Think about it – if someone stumbles upon a bar of soap sitting on a shelf at Target, they probably won’t notice it unless it stands out from everything else.

Do they know that bar of soap has your brand name on it? How much do they know about your company, and what sets you apart from other brands? Are you even visible at all?

Without any branding or recognizable qualities (more on that below), we tend to dismiss things quickly…and never give them another thought.

Having an eye-catching design for your custom packaging is so important.

It gives customers something to talk about, remember and come back for again and again.

And when people like what they see, it makes them more likely to try something new!

5.   Add customized stickers and labels!

If you’re looking for a way to brand your soap boxes, personalized stickers and labels are a great idea.

You can pick a fun font, add some custom flair, or go with something easier to read.

What kind of stickers and labels will depend on what you’re using them for; if they’re just for decoration, you might opt for something thin and transparent so it won’t be in the way people put their fingers in.

If they serve a functional purpose (like washing instructions), you may want more heft.

A personalized touch goes a long way.

Let OXO Packaging make it happen whether you want one box or many.

When you go to Custom Soap Boxes, you’ll see that we can create custom-made soap packaging perfect for any business and event with free graphic design and delivery.


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