5 Ways To Improve eCommerce Sales By Leveraging Call Center Software

eCommerce Call Center Software

The pandemic has led to the rapid growth of eCommerce business, with a booming user penetration of 54.1% in 2022, which is expected to increase to 62.5% by 2026. With online shopping becoming mainstream given the convenience it offers e-commerce industry continues to be a highly-competitive space.

E-commerce businesses realize that good products alone aren’t enough to make them stand out. It’s also important to focus on customer service to attract and retain customers.  According to PwC, 65% of consumers believe that a positive customer experience is more influential than great advertising. In an effort to deliver a positive customer experience, e-commerce businesses are leveraging the potential of call center phone systems.

Call center management software serves as a cost-effective tool that enables businesses to provide premium customer support. With a plethora of advanced features, call center software is a smart investment for an e-commerce business  desirous of boosting its revenue and profitability. In this blog, we will unbox the different features of call center management software and look at how it can transform your business.

Role of a Call Center Management Software in E-Commerce Business

The sole aim of an e-commerce call center software is to streamline communication between the business and its potential customers or existing customers. It serves as a unit of establishing and nurturing customer relationships by providing assistance before or after sales. It empowers the agents to serve customers with the answers they are looking for.

A call center system provides customer support on product-related queries or complaints, post-sales issues, payment queries, order tracking, etc. It is also used for executing marketing outreach campaigns. While a call center executes these business operations, a call center software optimizes the whole process.

5 Benefits of Call Center Software 

Call center software can be used to monitor the performance of the agents, provide them with guidance, and track their work. The software also helps in tracking customer service interactions and provides a dashboard for agents to report their progress. From defining metrics to enhancing functionality, call center software plays a key role in running an e-commerce business smoothly. Here are some advantages that every eCommerce business can leverage by investing in call center software.

1) Build Credibility and Brand Loyalty

There are billions of e-commerce brands in the market and millions of fraudsters misusing the concept of e-commerce. Why should customers trust your brand? How do they know that your brand does not fall into a deceitful category? A call center system helps you establish the credibility of your business while the software aids the experience your customers receive. 96% of customers have admitted that customer experience is an influencing factor in building brand loyalty. call center management software works behind the scenes to deliver a positive customer experience so your business earns trust and builds brand loyalty.

2) Speeds up Call Resolution

A call center software optimizes the call flow and utilizes the automatic call distribution (ACD) feature to direct the calls promptly. Setting up a call routing strategy also enables e-commerce businesses to provide improved customer support. As a result, the calls are directed to available agents for prompt response to customer queries, issues, or concerns. It accelerates resolution and improves the first call resolution rate (FCR). (FCR is an important metric for evaluating call center performance)

3) Boosts Agent Productivity

Integrating business tools, such as CRM, calendar, etc., into your call center management software creates a unified and easy-to-handle platform. It eliminates the hassle of managing multiple platforms, which otherwise complicates the calling and scheduling process. The agents can access customer information to leverage it for communicating effectively. Moreover, it eases the process of scheduling follow-up calls in case of callbacks or appointment bookings. Agents can perform better when they are empowered with the right information through call center software.

4) Accelerate Conversions

Elevating customer service quality through call center phone systems helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experience. When customers are satisfied with both the product and customer support, they are more likely to purchase from the brand again and again. It also sets out the word of mouth marketing leading to multiple referrals. Call center software unlocks a butterfly effect for conversions.

5) Enhances Customer Service Experience

Call center management software provides greater convenience and accessibility to customers. It not only helps businesses to serve customers during after-office hours but also tailors the experience based on analytics. With the help of advanced features like voicemail, call back option, etc., a business can significantly reduce call drop-offs and ensure every caller is attended. All these factors add up to delivering an impressive experience for customers.

5 ways of improving eCommerce customer service

Leveraging some features of call center software, an e-commerce business can successfully optimize its call center phone systems to drive business efficiency.

1) Personalizing Customer Experience

By coupling CRM with call center data analytics, a business can execute customer profiling to understand customers’ preferences, attitudes, and dislikes deeply. When such customer profiles are provided to agents before they pick up the call, it empowers them to start and lead a personalized conversation.

2) Implementing Self-Service Capabilities

81% of customers prefer self-service before contacting a live agent. Therefore, businesses must work on enhancing their self-service capabilities. IVR systems and conversational AI chatbots are common features available along with call center management software (either included in the package or as an add-on feature).

3) Administering Skill-Based Routing

Skill-based routing assures greater customer satisfaction, eliminating time and effort wasted on multiple call transfers. It enables quicker resolution by directing the calls to agents who have matching skills.

4) Adapting an Omnichannel Strategy

The omnichannel strategy uses multiple communication channels to deliver a unified, consistent, engaging customer experience. Companies can use different communication channels such as email, chat, phone, social media, etc. to communicate with their customers and provide them with the information they need. Integrating multiple communication channels gives customers the freedom to choose their preferred channel for contacting a business. It also prevents customers from repeating their issues when switching channels or devices.

5) Leveraging Data Analytics for Decision-Making

Data analytics has become a vital tool for businesses to make informed decisions. Data analytics provides actionable insights that can be used for making strategic decisions like determining an agent’s training requirements or better understanding a product/service. Businesses can use speech analytics to make data-driven decisions for closing sales calls.

Strengthen your eCommerce business with a call center software

The biggest challenge eCommerce businesses face right now is maintaining the trust and loyalty of customers given how quickly eCommerce is expanding. And if your e-commerce business strategy does not put customer service at the forefront, there will always be a large discrepancy between what customers want and what you actually deliver. To meet customers’ expectations and retain them, e-commerce companies must elevate their game in terms of customer care.

Call center software serves as the backbone of your e-commerce customer service and is an important tool to humanize your brand. It is essential to realize its significance and utilize it as a competitive edge. Modern call center software like HoduCC is one of the best call center software that caters to the communication needs of every business. Learn more about HoduCC and how it helps eCommerce businesses thrive.

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