5 Ways in Which Home Interior Design Influences Your Mood

Interior Design Influences Your Mood

Coming back to the cosy feel of your home after a tiring day itself is an immediate uplifter of the mood. Adding extra care by prepping up the interiors to enhance this will be the best possible gift you can give yourself. Having a good interior need not be explicitly expensive. It only requires correcting a few elements, Voila! You have the most comfortable space in the whole world; Your Home!

Here are the five ways in which home interior design influences your mood.

Colour Choice

It might come as a surprise to acknowledge that colour can play an important role when it comes to factors that enhance the mood. Even without your realization, colours can give you that breathing space. It is also important to notice that colour preferences should change with the rooms.  

Let’s take a look at how colours define themselves: 

  • Black is always good in moderation. Excessive black ruins the mood and setting. 
  • White is one of the most soothing colours; too much white gives an idea of a sterilised environment like hospitals. 
  • Brown is known for its earthly tone; its overuse could give a dull, sleepy look.
  • Red, as a colour, associates itself with energy, love, and power. Red is a colour with a specific purpose; painting it in any space you desire may not be an ideal choice.
  • Orange is a colour that entangles itself with creativity and liveliness. These resonate typically with a good workspace. It can stimulate its audience to do things of importance.
  • Yellow is a gender-neutral colour. It equates itself with positivity. It is also an ideal choice for a kid’s space.

Soothing Light

A well-lit room attracts natural positivity. It also adds to the beauty of the space. Darkness can evoke a sense of disappointment and sadness in the minds of anyone. One of the main elements when you look to build a home will be the right placement of windows. Placing the windows in spaces most easily accessed by the inhabitant’s home is an ideal choice. If the space lacks natural light, fret not; artificial lighting is not a bad choice. When choosing artificial lights, you need to be sure of the purpose of the light and the room in which you are placing it. Warm lighting can help you calm your nerves, which is always ideal for a bedroom where everyone winds up their day. Bright lights are imposing and loud, which can be used in living rooms or spaces where there is a requirement for the same. This is one of the ways home interior design influences the mood.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy of mixing in the elements of a home to bring peace and harmony. This philosophy can do a great deal to optimise the mood, health, and overall development in a home. Placing every element has to be a calculative move; you can’t place interiors as and where you wish to see them. Every element has its purpose to fulfill; placing them haphazard can restrict them from doing what they were supposed to do. 

Some of the Feng Shui concepts are:

  • Decluttering your home will help you remove unwanted things and thereby increase productivity.
  • Infusing plants into the interiors will help enhance the liveliness of the room. They bring in positivity, air quality, focus, etc.
  • Maximisation of the use of natural light or mimicking natural light by replacing it with a source of artificial lights.
  • Emphasising the height of the room will bring in more space and allow more expansion of the room. 

Use of Space

The congestion of a room can instigate a sense of pressure and stress. If the room is a wider expanse with little to no furniture, it can bring in the feeling of loneliness and sadness. It is necessary and of utmost importance to find a balance between these two scenarios. If you have no choice about the size of the room, innovative ideas have to be incorporated to bring the space into an ideal outlook. Rather than opting to find materials to place on the floor in a small room, opt for methods where you can hang the items. In a large room, go for an approach where the things are not too extravagant but still give the space a fuller look. 


Different homes project different styles and requirements. That is the sole beauty of interior designing. Every home or workspace reflects the ideologies and preferences of the individuals using that space.  Top interior designers in Kochi understand and analyse the same. The client’s wishes and dreams of how they want their space help the designers to create a tailor-made solution. The client’s work, their hobbies, and their needs all come into place when the interiors are taken into consideration. A musician will not require a workspace with oak tables and chairs; a chef will be mostly concerned with how their kitchen space is utilised. Having a clear idea of the client’s needs will help the designer construct something unique and exquisite.

These are the five ways in which home interior design influences your mood. Opting for the right interior designers in Thrissur or Kochi  is all it takes for you to have a home that screams your comfort zone. Consider well!


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