5 Warning signs of low testosterone?


5 Warning signs of low testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and it is responsible for the development of primary and secondary sexual characters. During adolescence, many changes come in the male body due to the influence of testosterone. The development of the scrotum and penis are some of the primary sexual changes while facial hair growth and deepening of the voice due to enlargement of the larynx are some of the secondary sexual changes that take place in the human body. A low level of testosterone during puberty or adolescence can lead to impaired and improper development of these characteristics. This can lead to various problems in the future 

Testosterone is produced in both female and male bodies. However, the production in females is very nominal. In males, testosterone is produced primarily in testicles where it also stimulates the production of sperm. Production levels of testosterone are at a peak during early adulthood. This level starts to gradually decrease by about 1 percent in a year from the age of 30. This leads to various after-effects in the male body like decreased levels of libido, decreased bone mass retention, and low sperm count. Some tablets  available in the market like Fildena or other ED tablets which is used to increase testosterone level but you must consult with your family doctors or ED consultant. 

It is seen that in some cases, the levels of testosterone production start to decline before the age of 30. This can be because of the increased stress that we have to handle in our daily life. this drastic decrease can severely impact the sexual and overall health of the man. He can lose a lot of muscle mass and also he might face sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and lost interest in sex. It can also make the man infertile by decreasing the production of sperm. 

Some of the common symptoms of low testosterone levels are discussed below. 

  • Erection problems

There can be many causes behind erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels are one of them. During an erection, testosterone sends a stimulus to the penile muscles to increase the production of nitric oxide, which is a very potent muscle relaxant molecule. This starts a sequence of reactions that are essential for a hard erection. some of the factors that can be decreasing your testosterone levels and killing your erections are listed below.

  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • An unhealthy diet containing a high amount of fats.
  • Anxiety of stress
  1. Hair loss

The male pattern baldness in men is a natural process and it is a part of aging. This type of age-related hair loss can also be seen in women. Apart from that, low levels of testosterone can also cause hair loss before the usual age. According to some studies, the use of testosterone implants in females promoted the growth of hairs and prevented hair loss. 

  • Reduced bone mass

Testosterone hormone is responsible for the production of bone tissues and it also helps in maintaining the bone volume. A decrease in the production levels of testosterone can lead to reduced bone volume. This can make the bones more prone to fractures. 

  1. Reduced semen production. 

The liquid that comes out during ejaculation is major consists of semen. Its function is to facilitate the movement of sperm towards the unfertilized egg. Testosterone regulates the production of semen. Thus, reduced levels of semen can be an indication of low production levels of testosterone in the body. this can also make the man unfertile. 

  • Reduced sex drive.

Testosterone levels have a great impact on libido and a reduction in its production can reduce the desire of a man to have sex. If this decrease in sexual drive is happening with age, it is not a matter of concern as it is a natural process. however; decreased libido before the usual age can be an indication of low testosterone levels in the body. 

  • Increased body fat.

Reduced levels of testosterone production are linked with an increase in the tendency of the body to store fat. In some cases, it can cause the deposition of fat at the chest part which can later become the problem of gynecomastia or the enlargement of the breast in men. 

  • Reduced muscle mass.

Testosterone is a very essential hormone for keeping the body in an anabolic state. It promotes the development of muscles and increases. Reduction in the levels of testosterone can lead to loss of muscle mass. However, some studies suggest that decreased testosterone levels do not affect the strength and functioning of muscles. 

 If you are facing the above symptoms and want to restore the testosterone levels to normal, you can either try eating testosterone increase food or you can use testosterone increase tablets like Cenforce 150.

What is Cenforce 150?

It is a medicine used in the treatment of men suffering from sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction or impotence. it is used for its ability to inhibit the enzyme called PDE type 5. Cenforce contains a very potent drug called sildenafil citrate which is also found in the famous blue pill i.e. Viagra. 

How to increase testosterone by using cenforce 150

Cenforce 150 takes only about 30 minutes to 1 hour to get dissolved in the bloodstream and show its effect on the election process. it can help you to perform better in bed and stay hard for a longer time. It can also boost the production of testosterone in our body and help you to gain back your lost sex drive. 

Cenforce 150 is a tested and proven medicine with no major side effects in therapeutic doses. It is a well-established product in the market that is helping several men around the world to fulfill their sexual desires and get freedom from erection problems during intercourse. 

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