5 Types of T-Shirts and How to Wear them Fashionably

Types of T-Shirts and How to Wear them Fashionably
Types of T-Shirts and How to Wear them Fashionably

Nowadays, a t-shirts can be seen in every man’s closet. Alongside socks and underwear, it’s the most worn item of clothing.

We put them on undercoats, dress shirts and blazers from our beds at the pool, and we even wear them while we sleep. You’re probably wearing one of them right now.

Then why are t-shirts worthy of discussion? It’s simply a shirt with nothing much to talk about. But this straightforward but versatile wardrobe for men has a history, which is it’s worn by everyone from rock stars to your typical man.

This comprehensive t-shirt guide will discuss 5 different kinds of t-shirts, the best ways to wear them, and how the t-shirt will fit.

As usual, we should begin by introducing an overview of the background.

History Of The T-Shirt

Like other essentials for men, the simple white tee has been around for 100 years in the past. Like other clothes items, the tee has its roots within its place in the U.S. military.

The t-shirt today was originally designed in the form of an undergarment. The late 1800s saw it was reborn as a single piece known as”the Union suit. Then, at the beginning of 1900 in the early 1900s, in the early 1900s, the U.S. Navy began issuing T-shirts for undergarments. Finally, after World War II, veterans started wearing t-shirts as casual clothes for everyday use.

We also owe Hollywood for the popularity of the basic white tee. In the 1950s, following Marlon Brando donned it during the movie A Streetcar Named Desire, the t-shirt was fashionable to wear as a stand-alone item.

The basic t-shirt of today is an essential item in the wardrobe of a man. Alongside dark wash denim and a Navy blue jacket, this t-shirt is among my top three fashion essentials for men.

Types Of T-Shirts & Rocking Them With Style

T-shirts are so popular that they’re often ignored. It is why I decided to show five different styles in this t-shirt style guide to demonstrate how chic and versatile they can be.

  • The Crew Neck

The crew neck tee is distinguished by its circular, rounded neckline. It’s the most popular style of t-shirt, and all wear it. However, the best fit is for guys with narrow or long faces and sloping shoulders. The reason is that an oversized collar helps bring balance to a narrow face and also creates an illusion of rounded shoulders to make you appear larger.

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Crewneck & Denim

The iconic crewneck is a classic. Styled by men such as James Dean, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Adam Levine, the crewneck is the style to wear. It’s likely seen your most embarrassing and best moments.

Since the t-shirt tends to be casual, I paired the crew neck with chambray and denim. Both of which are casual fabrics. The white t-shirt looks well layered with blues and denim. Casual white shoes complement the casual vibe of these outfits.

  • The V-Neck

The second shirt from Gentleman Within’s definitive t-shirt collection is the V-neck. Its function is that its fabric isn’t evident when wearing a shirt over it. While it’s not uncommon for men to wear crewnecks with an unbuttoned shirt, I believe it’s distracting to look at any visible fabric beneath. It is why I prefer v-necks with a buttoned dress shirt or no shirt in the first place.

V-necks are flatter men with round faces as well as larger upper bodies. Shorter men can benefit from a v neck as it naturally increases the length of the neck, giving the illusion of length and height. It also aids in creating an appearance of slimming for larger men.

V-Neck & Jacket

If you’ve ever seen Pulp Fiction, then you already know that Bruce Willis’ character rocks a bomber jacket made of suede over the white of a crewneck.

Since brown and navy are classic colours, I wore a mix of blue and brown with a few pops of white in the shoes and shirt. I liked the blue and brown accent colours of the shoes mirror the brown and navy chinos and jackets.

If you feel that the jackets look too formal for this style, keep in mind that a tan blazer with patch pockets is casual. A Brown suede jacket is a great jacket to dress up or down. In this situation, both styles are stylish and casual simultaneously.

  • The Scoop Neck

It’s not an important feature in the world of T-shirts. There aren’t many people who wear them as they’re not easy to decide what to wear them with. The broad neckline defines the shirt’s style.

It’s a great fit for men with a defined chest. However, it’s also best worn with a looser fitting since the fabric is loose and breathable and is perfect for spring and summer.

Scoop Neck & Washes

I’ve never worn an oversized scoop neck t-shirt up until recently. I’ve heard of Ribbed Tee along with the buzz that surrounds their T-shirts. I love the casual feel of this slub-cotton scoop neck, particularly with the pocket design.

It’s airy and light, it’s a little long, but I could cut it down. The long line t-shirt is popular in the world of streetwear, and, in all honesty, when you consider the scoop neck, the length doesn’t bother me too much.

  • The Henley (Y-Neck)

Henleys are ideal for guys who have well-defined chests. The muscular men look fantastic in them. It’s like a crew neck and V-neck mixture that works. However, the henley doesn’t just emphasize the muscular shape. It is elegant in its design and more stylish than the standard V-neck or crewneck.

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Henley & Vest

Henleys tend to be more rugged, and that’s why I was thinking that a pair of brown leather boots with a burnished finish would aid in settling the overall look. Since it’s getting warmer, I’m all for lighter wash jeans just as much as I am a fan of deep wash denim. To give a more rugged appearance, I pulled out the lighter vest. It’s stylish, functional, and simple to keep.

  • The Graphic T-Shirt

The final part of this T-shirt tutorial with the most graphic t-shirt is polarizing. Graphic designs distinguish the ever-popular graphic tee in photos or typography, typically printed on the back of the shirt.

The graphic t-shirt gets some snark from the menswear world. However, they’re not all so bad. The secret to great graphic t-shirts is the subtleness. Make sure the design is clean, minimal or virtually invisibly. Then, all you need to do is rock it without layering anything over the top and let the graphic shine.

Graphic Tee & White Out

I decided to keep it basic with the graphic tee style. It is one of the top graphic t-shirts of all time. I’ve used it hundreds of times over the last 8 years. It’s made from Pima cotton. If you’re unfamiliar with the fabric, it feels elegant and durable.

You’ll be able to tell how subtle the image is. It is the way I like to wear graphic t-shirts these times. However, the minimalist design is still visually appealing. I liked the white jeans. They were a good match with the green colour and the simple Casio watch and casual sneakers.

How A T-Shirt Should Fit

When it comes to fitting the t-shirt, it is quite easy. First, check that it is well-fitting; fit is the word. Not covered in paint, not sloppy and not oversized, but well-fitted. The neckline shouldn’t be restricting your neck, and the material shouldn’t be limiting your body, as that’s the opposite of what an undershirt needs to be designed to fit. Be aware that a fitted fabric is acceptable but not too loose in the chest or stomach.

Wrapping Up

Like the navy blazer or darker wash jeans, the classic tee is a must-have for menswear. In this article, we’ve covered five types of t-shirts and the various options for wearing them, how they should look and what to wear.


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