5 Tips to Choose the Best Wall Clocks for Your Home and for Your Daily Life

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Homeowners aim for their houses to be beautiful, comfortable and functional all at the same time. Pretty sure, you want yours to embody the short expression, “Home sweet home!” Right? Right. Aside from making sure that the whole house is constructed in high quality from top to bottom, from start to finish, adding accessories to polish its value is another important key. And by ‘accessories’, we don’t only intend to mean home decors, like picture frames, wall art and ceiling designs. We also want to highlight the relevance of wall clocks.

Wall clocks are a must to tell the time at home, without the use of mobile gadgets, particularly cell phones. With an accessible wall clock in a room often used by inhabitants of a house, there’s convenience and ease when you want to quickly know what time it is. While that is the sole role of clocks, many homeowners pay great attention to their types, styles and other features too. Others just pick up and purchase any clock, but others consider it an important decision to make because their wall clocks will affect their home design (and also their peace of mind.) 

You are reading this right now because you are about to buy a new wall clock or are looking for the perfect match for your home’s interiors. Whatever your reason is, expect to learn and be enlightened. Here are 5 tips to choose the best wall clocks for your home and for your daily life!

1 – The wall clock’s size depends on its second purpose for you.

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Admit it or not, clocks are not just for telling time; it also has other purposes. Whatever those purposes are, remember that they are also the basis for choosing the size of your wall clocks. 

If you would like it to be a grand home decor in your living room, something that turns heads and catches attention, it surely needs to be quite big and easy to notice. On other hand, if you want it as a soft and subtle creative addition to your bedroom, you may want it sized just right, not stealing the scene from your wallpaper. 

2 – Ideally, small clocks for small rooms. Big clocks for big rooms.

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The size of the clock relies on what else you want it to do, particularly related to your home design, however, you must also highly consider the size of the rooms where you will put them. Ideally, small wall clocks suit small rooms. Big wall clocks match big rooms.

Since a small living room will not have a very wide space for people to stand from while looking at the time, a small wall clock will suffice. You may be sitting down anywhere and still see the time clearly. Whereas a large dining room will require a large wall clock, so that even when you are standing quite far away from it, the time is still readable for you.

Generally, thinking about the size of the wall clocks relative to the size of the rooms is for your own convenience. That’s why this must not be forgotten when purchasing a clock for your home.

3 – Select hour symbols designed suitably with your overall home design. 

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Not everyone cares about this as long as their wall clocks tell the right time, but many also do, and this actually has something to do about the vibe of your home interiors. 

For your wall clocks, select those with hour symbols designed suitably with your overall home design. There are clocks with Roman numerals, with numbers spelled out, with icons or with only plain lines or dots, referring to the numbers of the clock. 

Is there a theme you are following for your home design? What mood are you trying to exude through it? Traditional? Modern? Industrial? Mediterranean? Minimalistic? Find the wall clock that perfectly clicks with that motif.

4 – Wood, metal or plastic? Consider the room’s theme.


The theme of the room where you will place the clock, or the home design you generally have, will tell you which material you should go for in terms of choosing these gadgets. Some are made of wood, metal or plastic among many others. Take into account the aura and atmosphere you wish your home interior design to radiate. Blend the clock’s material to that, together with its colors and look.  

Wood greatly fits rustic home designs. Metal wall clocks agree with industrial overtones. Plastic wall clocks are affordable, and they could typically match with any interior design, but when opting for plastic, be careful not to let it ruin the theme because of its extreme flexibility. 

5 – Choose the type of clock which you’re most comfortable reading.

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Last but not the least, even when you are voting for the most fabulous and most visually appealing wall clocks, do not set aside comfort. Choose the type of clock which you are most comfortable reading. Say you are running late for work or school and want to quickly check the time, your wall clock must be user-friendly for someone who is panicking or quite slow in reading time. 

Which type of clock gives you peace of mind? Do you want the time to be straightforwardly displayed in front of your eyes? Or do you want hands pointing them out instead, so that you will get the feeling that there’s a lot of time left or not. Although it might seem unnecessary for some, some actually need such a consideration for their own comfort and inner peace.



If you are THAT homeowner who ascertains that everything in the house is in harmony with all the other elements in it, and that everything is working properly as it should, wall clocks are important to you too! Although these gadgets don’t actually seem to have a golden place in the purchasing decisions of people, they are for some. 

Because there are so many kinds, styles and brands of wall clocks, there are so many to choose from! Remember the tips written above before you buy yours for you to grab the best wall clocks for your comfort and delight. 

The clock is ticking, and the time is running, so don’t waste your time and money on poor-quality wall clocks! Get the best one that will serve you well, make you happy and your daily life running smoothly! 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for GetdGet, an international mobile online shopping site based in Sydney, Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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