5 Tips for Keeping the Office Nice and Clean


We all like working, and living, in a nice and clean environment. Having our workspace be spotless and tidy is an extension of our work ethic and the companies as well. It goes beyond the simple aesthetic and hygiene standards. Imagine walking into someone’s home and, it’s completely filthy. With all kinds of gross and unimaginable dirty horrors just lying around everywhere. Would you want to visit that home again? The same logic applies to any business. A clean, tidy and organized business stands for the same quality of products and services that it provides. And to achieve such a feat, it takes a lot less than most people think. All it takes is to start with the right mindset.

It’s easy to let yourself go as the days go by. “I’ll do it tomorrow” is the biggest lie we tell and, we are well aware of it. From the dishes to dirt in God knows what area, the list continues to rise the more you look into it. Working from a mess only damages your performance and leaves a bad impression of you.

Making the best out of any situation by adapting and self-improvement is a sign of a healthy mind. Every situation is an opportunity for growth and advancement. With a bit of work and dedication, you will transform not only change your home office but you alongside it. We wish you all the best!

1. Organization is key

As it is with anything in business, or life, proper organization is key, and half the battle. If you and your co-workers just barge into this endeavor and start all cleaning separately and going everywhere they please, you will all only make more work down the road. Getting in each other’s way and needlessly doing double work in some areas is not efficient. By making a list of room and things that need to be done, or using an app, the whole process becomes that much streamlined and smoother. Saving time and energy before you even start working can make the whole process done smooth and clean.

2. Start from the top

When cleaning any space, always start from the highest point. Top of the shelf, ceiling fans, AC units etc. and then work downwards. The reason behind this is simple. Dust falls and, it only makes sense to not do the same work twice. Start cleaning from the top floors and work towards the bottom ones as well. Or if you have single floor space, then start from the back and work towards the entrance, to avoid dragging dirt and dust around.

3. Consider a helping hand

It’s important to know that you are not alone in this. When you put it all down on paper and factor in the time, money and manpower, you can see it all quickly add up. Costs of all the hassle of doing it yourself can be substantial and, there is also an added factor of the quality of the job.

Reliable, affordable and professional cleaning services have trained staff employed with years of experience under their belts as well. With plenty of packages to choose from and the option to adapt to the needs and schedule of your workplace, they can be a helping hand when it comes to tackling this project. There is no need to spread yourself thin and try to accomplish it all when there are solutions out there that will do the job for you.

4. Tools of the trade

Doing anything requires to mean for it, as common-sense dictates. Having old, worn out, cheap or inappropriate tools and means for cleaning only makes the whole process much worse, needlessly complicated and inefficient. Dated cleaning items only make you put in more elbow grease and time into doing what can be done in a fraction of the time with proper cleaning appliances. Old brooms and mops only help spread germs and dirt around and, anything but microfiber cloths make dusting a chore instead of a breeze. A bit of short-term investment in eco-friendly and quality products produces long term savings and increases efficiency.

5. A few final tips and tricks

These are just some of the areas that, from our experience, often get overlooked and left neglected. AC as mentioned above need to be clean from top to bottom but also from the inside. Their filters gather all sorts of nasty germs, dust and whatnot else and, if left and unwashed for a prolonged period, they only help spread them around the office. All it takes is to take out the filters and clean them up so your AC can function at maximum capacity.

Front entrance mats and carpets should always have top priority. You only get one chance to make a first impression and, these can see a lot of traffic on them. And with such, plenty of dirt and stand can appear and gather. If they are branded mats and rugs, then it’s all the more important to keep them clean. The last one is to ask your employees to keep their garbage cans clean at all times. With their simple help and assistance, no trash will be left to overflow.

Having a clean and organized workspace is what will make you more productive and efficient in your job. Clean office space also shows your clients that you can take care of your space and work environment. The fact that you like to work from a clean and organized space tells your clients and staff a lot about you.

Simply by avoiding these couple of mistakes you can have a perfectly clean office all the time. It really doesn’t take much time or effort to keep things clean and organized and in that way show your clients and staff that you very much care about the environment you all work in.

Doing any or all that we mentioned is an excellent start to a clean and fresh tomorrow. Your business should be like your home and, that means clean and tidy. In such an environment, it’s easy to strive and work efficiently because all participants well just like at home. Also, it’s a pleasant sight for any of your visiting clients and a clear first sign of worthwhile future cooperation.


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