5 Tips for Getting Better at Playing Team Sports


5 Tips for Getting Better at Playing Team Sports

Have you recently joined a team sport? Are team activities in general something new to you? Joining a team offers all kinds of physical and mental health benefits, so it’s a smart move to make. But when you’re new to the team, it can feel like you’re the odd person out, and perhaps you don’t have the skills that others may have. If that sounds familiar, here are five tips for getting better at playing team sports so that you can feel like a valuable member of the squad.

Practice Makes Perfect – There Is No Way Around It

The first tip is one you probably already know and it’s also the most important tip. Practice makes perfect. Yes, it’s that simple. The more you practice, the more you push yourself and your skills, and the better you’ll be in the team sport. This means you need to schedule time for practicing and don’t make excuses. After practicing consistently for a few weeks, it will start to be a habit and you won’t even think about it much.

Invest In High-Quality Equipment for Practicing at Home

When practicing at home, there’s a good chance you’ll be on your own, or at most have a buddy or a family member with you. For that reason, you may need to invest in specific practice equipment to make the training worthwhile. Those who play baseball will often invest in a pitching machine that allows them to work on their swing and their batting skills at home. If you are OK with baseballs and with softballs, make sure the machine accommodates both. Baseball is just one example, as there are many other sports you can purchase practice equipment for that can be used at home.

Don’t Skip Games or Practices

If you’re just playing in a house league team sport, it may be tempting to skip practices and games; after all, it’s just for fun. However, your team is counting on you, and you have a responsibility to them. If you become unreliable, you’re not going to be given as much playtime and the team probably won’t welcome you in the way you had hoped.

Ask for Help from the Coach or Teammates

Asking for help can be one of the best things you do in terms of improving your skills. Even with plenty of practice and determination, you may still need some feedback and one-on-one help. It’s amazing what a session with your coach can produce, as they can open your eyes to specific issues you have and how you can remedy them. Asking for help should be a positive experience, not a negative one.

Attend Professional Games – Get a Taste for the Real Thing

Perhaps you’ve chosen to play a sport that is new to you, and it’s wonderful that you’re expanding your horizons. While you’ll learn a lot by playing with the team, it can also be a good idea to catch a few professional games. Sure, you’re not going to suddenly end up playing like a pro, but it will give you an idea of how the pace and feel of the game would be at a professional level.

At the very least it will help you to appreciate the game, maybe learn some new lingo and moves, and fill you with inspiration to play your best.

All of these tips are designed to help you become the best player possible in the team sport of your choosing. Remember, it takes a lot of practice, determination and effort to improve your skills, but it will happen.


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