5 Things to Think At the Time of Constructing a Swimming Pool in Abu Dhabi

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Factors to Consider While Planning a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool construction in UAE or elsewhere is a complex and expensive process. It needs lots of considerations right at the planning stage.  Though you will hire a professional company, a little homework will help. After all, you are creating a place to relax and chill for your family. This post attempts at helping you plan your pool in a better way.

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Swimming is a prevalent exercise and recreation in hot climates. As you consider different factors of pool construction, you can also save expenses. Clever planning helps in preventing loopholes and corrections at a later stage. Your investment in pool installment is a huge one and it is worth reading these few points.

Points to Ponder Before Residential Swimming Pool Installation

Residential pools are different compared to commercial swimming pools in many ways. A pool at home is created to fulfill the unique needs of the family. Listed are some points to ponder before you hire pool design companies in UAE.

1. Identify your Unique Needs

Much depends upon how you are going to use your pool. Are you going to use it only for exercise to stay physically fit? Or do you want a pool with a great poolside to use for gatherings? Identify the types and extents of uses of your future pool. Do you want a permanent fixture or a temporary pool?

2. Budget

Think about your possible outlay before you plan a pool. Generally, families in UAE love a permanent in-ground pool due to the hot climate most of the time. The major drawback of the in-ground pool is the huge initial investment. If you need a pool with a small investment, go for an above-ground pool. In-ground pools are permanent fixtures in your space. Above-ground pools are ready structures erected at your ground.

Most of the residential pools in Abu Dhabi are built for recreation and a few moments of workout. They are also a place to have a fun time with family.

3. Space and Size

Bespoke swimming pool designs give you a pool with the shape and size you need. Varieties of pools like a rectangular shape or a circular can be created to meet your needs. The professional pool designers ensure optimum space utilization. It all depends on how much space you want to be occupied by your pool. It can get more creative and aesthetic by creating pond-like structures and other water features.  Hence it is important to map out the exact space you want to reserve for your pool and poolside.

4. Water Features

The modern swimming pools are more than just a pool. They are adding great beauty to your home. sometimes they give a lovely poolside to enjoy quality time with your family. If you have abundant space, your poolside can be a venue for your parties and celebrations. Moder pool architecture also focuses on adding elegant water features like fountains, water curtains, digital curtains, and waterfalls. You can be as aesthetic as possible with your pools.

5. Type of Pool

As you plan to build a pool, try to learn the different types of pools. They are mainly categorized by the design, water level, and the place where it is planned. Here are different pool designs to help you determine which one you would like to have. Any good swimming pool company in Abu Dhabi will consult you on types of pools so that you can choose the best for you.

  1. Outdoor pools
  2. Indoor pools
  3. Inground pools
  4. Above ground pools
  5. Infinity pools
  6. Lap pools
  7. Endless pools
  8. Natural pools

Natural pools are generally replicating natural water bodies like waterfalls and ponds. Hence they do not have precise geometric shapes. They may have rocks features and boulders for a natural resort-like look. Different types of pools have different budgetary needs. Infinity pools are high-end pools requiring a huge budget.

The most popular family pools are inground pools. They are permanently fixed in your ground. They are costlier compared to above-ground pools. Above-ground pools are the most budget-friendly pools. A ready structure is placed in your premises without any construction hassles. However, inground pool design is a popular family swimming pool in Abu Dhabi. If you plan in advance considering the above points, you can get the best pool fulfilling all your needs.

The Arabian Pools company operates a separate maintenance division that undertakes annual maintenance contracts for all types of swimming pools, fountains, and fish ponds. We offer a full service which covers literally everything. Cleaning, chemical balancing pump and filter maintenance, and service checks on all equipment including auto cleaners, lighting, and auto-chemical feeders.

Arabian Pools is one of the best Swimming Pool Installations companies in UAE. It has many years experience of in pool building and construction. This company is involved in the construction of commercial, semi-commercial, and residential swimming pools as well as the renovation and repair of existing pools. At Arabian Pools, our way of working is rather different as compared to other dealers because we don’t bother for money, but we bother for client approval. Manufacturing a fountain is not an easy task because it needs so much technical knowledge and specifications. We have the finest and highly experienced technical experts who really know what they have to do.

We are working hard to provide you with an excellent amount of resources in the form of various other kinds’ services in the field that will completely transform you with superb perfection. We can install fountains in gardens, pools, commercial places, special events and in mountains. You can easily find garden fountain dealers, floating fountain dealers online at Oases Water Care. The fountains installed by us are highly creative, attractive, and nice.


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