5 Things To Do With Your Unwanted Modular Exhibit System


Nowadays, all exhibitors and exhibition organizers are putting some effort to go green. They are trying to reduce their carbon footprints. When we want to be eco-friendly, then there are three important things that we need to consider- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
When you cannot use your modular display systems again, then you should rethink and dispose of your exhibition stand components and accessories. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various important things that

we should consider before disposing of the modular exhibit display system.

1. Assess Value of Exhibition Stand

Before starting the disposing process, you should evaluate the value of your modular exhibition stand. You should know what is the actual cost of your trade booth display system.

Once you identified the optimum cost of your exhibition stand, then you should decide what you want to do with your old modular exhibit system- sell, recycle, donate, or trash it.

2. Sell Your Exhibition Stand

You can sell your old or unwanted exhibition stand to get rid of it. Moreover, by selling your unwanted exhibition stand, you can earn money. Read and implement the following points to sell your exhibition stand as soon as possible and also at a good price.

The best way to sell your exhibition stand such as modular display systems UK at a good price is good documentation. You should find out all the good features of your exhibit system and note them as well. Click some good photographs of your booth to show them to the potential buyers.

After that, you should compile important documents to show them to the trade booth buyers. Then compile documentation showing a full inventory of the exhibit properties.

Ongoing Costs

The exhibition stand buyers are usually concerned with the maintenance cost of trade show displays. Therefore, you should also make an outline of these expenses such as transportation cost, installation-and-dismantle invoices, etc. The potential buyers will also ask you about the name of exhibit designer and constructer, age of your exhibition stand, how many times it was used, etc.


It is one important factor that will be considered by all potential buyers. You should set the right price for your old and used modular exhibition stand. The cost of taking out your exhibition stand from the warehouse to show it to the potential buyer should be managed by the seller of the booth.

It is recommended that you should not set the price of your exhibition stand very high, otherwise, the potential buyer will not show their interest in your booth.

3. Recycle Your Exhibition Stand

If your old modular exhibition stands in such a condition that it cannot be repaired, then you should recycle it. Recycling is based on the material used for the construction of your modular display units. Recycling will not just help you to dispose of unwanted exhibition stand but also let you use most accessories and components again after recycling.

All exhibitors should go green and recycle most items to reduce clutter and waste. Nowadays, most exhibitors are using a high amount of recyclable items to reduce their carbon footprints. Recyclable elements are aluminum, cardboard, booth carpet, etc.

If your organization does not follow the recycling program for the exhibition stand, then you can take the help of the environmental management department. They will recycle most components of your trade booth.

4. Donate You Modular Trade Booth

If you fail to sell your old exhibition stand, then there is another option i.e. donate your modular exhibition stand. You can donate your old modular trade booth to the local charity, nonprofit organization, a newbie in the exhibition industry, etc. This is not just a good deed but you can deduct tax by showing donation items on the list.

If you want to find a non-profit organization, then go online and search for them. You can contact them through e-mail or contact number.

You should also mention that you want to give this old exhibition stand to a non-profit organization or a newbie in the exhibition industry. You should prefer to give it to the nonprofit organization to get a deduction in your taxes.

5. Toss Your Modular Booth

When you fail to sell, donate or recycle your exhibition stand, then you should rethink and bring innovative ideas on the table. Recall old saying that trash can be reused. So, it is time to use your mind to use the exhibition stand trash as treasure.

First of all, disintegrated your booth and separate out all accessories and elements. Now, start tossing reusable items. This way you can reduce the maximum amount of waste ad go green. Also, you will get some items from your exhibition stands that are reusable.


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