5 Things to Consider When Looking for a House to Rent

Looking for a House to Rent

Hunting for a house to rent can be hectic, and you might be tempted to settle down for the first seemingly good option you come across. Before you sign the lease agreement, do thorough due diligence on the property, landlord, or real estate agent, and the terms and policies of the house renting for tenants. Also, you need to make sure the rented house suits your needs and budget. 

Below are the top 5 things to think about when renting a house. 

What’s the Cost?

Cost is one of the main factors to consider when renting a house. It determines whether you can afford to rent the house or not. When you plan your budget for renting a home, think about all the costs involved. Aside from the monthly rent, there are other expenses in renting a house.

Some are one-off payments when moving into the house, e.g., application fees, background check fees, security deposit, and moving costs. Others are recurring, for example, rent, insurance, pest control fees, parking, waste, and utilities. There might be hidden costs such as HOA fees and repairs. 

Landlord or Real Estate Agent 

Home renting apps and websites are one of the most convenient places to find a house for rent. Though the listings provide many details about the property, they do not indicate what to expect when dealing with your landlord or property manager. 

An amicable relationship with the landlord or real estate agent will ensure you have a peaceful lease period on your home rental. 

Check consumer reviews on review websites for the rental service, renting app, or real estate agent to establish their reputation. For example, Streetlane Homes reviews on Pissedconsumer.com indicate numerous complaints regarding poor customer service, false advertising, poor property management, and many more. 

Apart from checking online reviews, pay attention to your interaction with the landlord or agent during the prospecting process. For instance, when checking out houses for rent, pay attention to the landlord’s or real estate agent’s customer service. If it is poor from the get-go, you can bet it will only worsen once you move into the house. 

Your Lifestyle Needs 

You want to rent a house that suits your lifestyle and needs in terms of space, features, design, etc. For example, ensure that the property allows home improvement or pets and has reasonable policies. A kitchen fitted with essential appliances is essential if you love to cook. You can make a list of features you want in a house and counter-check them with prospective home rentals.

Your lifestyle needs also determine the most appropriate type of property to rent. Common options include apartments, townhouses, single-family homes, etc. 

Location of the House 

Map out what your life would look like to determine if the location of a given house would be ideal for you. How close is it to your workplace? Consider its proximity to various amenities such as stores, entertainment places, parks, trails, roads, hospitals, schools, churches, etc. Also, investigate the security in the neighborhood and neighborhood policies. 

Application and Approval Process 

A lot goes on before signing a rental agreement. The landlord or real estate agent has to do their due diligence to ascertain that you are a good fit for them. They do a background check and credit screening on you. They also do a reference check with your previous landlord and agent. 

You will have to provide proof of income, social security number, contact information, and landlord references in your application. Find out the application process for prospective landlords and establish if you can provide all the information and documentation they require to approve your tenancy.

Don’t rush to deposit on one of the cheap houses for rent you have come across. Take time to establish if it is a good fit for you as per your lifestyle, budget, and needs. 

When applying for a house you like, provide all the required information and documents to increase your chances of approval. Carefully assess all the costs involved and whether you can afford them. Settle in a location close to amenities that are crucial to you.


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