5 Things To Consider Before You Play Games And Win Prizes


Life can be so much fun, more significantly when you can play online games and win prizes. There are a lot of individuals who appreciate this, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t? While having fun, online games allow you to win iPhone, win MacBook, a car, a bike, or maybe win holiday package.

However, there are several stigmas and notions attached to online games where you can win prizes. You might be cautious about playing a certain game online considering the risks or the fear of failure. If you have a clear idea about the rights and wrongs of online gaming, you can cross the barriers and win amazing prizes.

First, log in to your account and select the game for which you require a ticket. Play your game with full engagement after acquiring your ticket. And if your assessment is close to the game’s solution, you’ll win the prize!

It may appear to be quite regular to simply purchase a ticket for your game and begin playing it. However, if you are serious about the game, you should proceed with caution to hit the jackpot you have always desired.

Here are the Top 5 things you should keep in mind while you play games and win prizes.

1. Choosing an untrustworthy payment method

A specific payment method is required to receive your cash out of your winnings from an online game. If you mistakenly choose an unsecured payment method then there are many risks that you may expose to internet scammers and fraudsters. As a precaution, utilize a secure payment method such as MasterCard, or PayPal to safeguard your financial transactions. Scammers cannot hack these payment channels because they are designed with highly encrypted technologies.

2. Huge deposits

For newcomers, depositing a large sum of money on an online game is not a smart choice. You have the option of playing large at these online games, but you must first ensure that these games are legal and will provide you with a fair online gaming experience.

It’s not a wise option to deposit a large sum of money right away, especially if you’ve never played this game before.

3. Legitimate App/Website

One of the most important things you must keep in mind while playing any online game is to check whether the application or their website is legal or not. And for that there are multiple ways to check. Some of it are mentioned below : 

  1. Examine the address bar and URL with care.
  2. Analyse the contact page.
  3. Explore the social media presence of the company.
  4. Confirm the domain name again.
  5. Check the domain age.
  6. Review the website privacy policy.
  7. Perform a virus scan.
  8. Use Google safe browser transparency report to validate the site.

And let me tell you about the consequences you may face if you are not going through their website or application for the safety check. If the game, you are playing is illegal and still, you are playing it then it will be considered as a criminal act, and it is against the code of conduct. If you are found guilty then you can get up to three years in jail and will have to pay 10 Lakh as your fine amount. Additionally, if there are more charges against you then the copyright owner can sue you as well which can result in legal fees and damages that you must pay. 

With that, your account can be restricted, or you may get a permanent suspension as well. Plus, you may lose every access to play those games again.

4. Taxation Rules

Any time you play an online game and make money out of it, you are obliged to pay taxes related to it. All profits from online games are taxed at a rate of 30% excluding cess under Section 115BB of the Income Tax Act, which is a provision for income received through online gaming and falls under the category of ‘Income From Other Sources’ when filing IT reports.

Federal taxes are withheld at a flat rate of 24 percent of your wins are reported on a Form W-2G. The withholding rate is also 24 percent if you didn’t give the payer your tax ID number.

There will be a TDS applicable on your prize money if it exceeds Rs. 10000. Tax needs to be deducted at the source by the gaming company that pays the winner. When filing your IT returns, you will be required to reveal your winnings on which TDS has been waived

Well, apart from these considerations, other factors may affect your gaming score and chance of winning. Your mood, passion towards the game, your analytical insights, and much more.

5. Failing to read the terms and conditions of the online games

The terms and conditions of online gaming are detailed in the game’s terms and conditions. One of the most typical blunders made by players is failing to read the terms and conditions of the game they are playing. Reading the terms and conditions will give you the proper knowledge about the games and will assist you in making the best decision possible.

Below are the add-ons that you must maintain to play games and win prizes.

Social Engineering

There are many people who may fool you into installing software in your phone which will allow them to control your phone or your internet activity. For example, they will lead you to some dishonest or false websites that offers fraud patches or game downloads which includes viruses. So, all you need to do is install for and secure software in your computers.

Identity Theft

If a bad individual can acquire information about you through games and other sources, they may be able to use it to open accounts in your name, resell it, or gain access to your current financial accounts. More than a thousand gamers in South Korea had their identities stolen as a result of online gaming called “Lineage.” Without their knowledge, game accounts were made in their names. People were rumored to be trying to make money by selling virtual weapons and abilities in the game. For prevention, freeze your credit, collect daily mails, check credit card and bank statements and install antivirus software.


Making assumptions may not always work in online gaming. If you assumed something worked the best yesterday, it doesn’t guarantee that it would work the same way today. So, if you’re thinking about presuming something in a game that’s already going on, don’t do it. Rather than strive for perfection. It will do marvels for you that you have not even considered. There will be no way for you to lose this game if you identify and select the proper position and are 100 percent confident in it.

Giving up too soon

In any online game, giving up is not the best option. You may win or lose but you should not consider abandoning the game. Persistence is the key to success for you in any online game you are playing, and it always comes with a reward. It may appear slightly challenging in the beginning but with enough practice, you can master it just like everyone else. So just don’t give up on your desire of winning things.


While playing these online games, you should not be thinking about rushing into an ongoing game. It is unquestionably the worst decision that anyone can make while playing these online games. You must make all of your major decisions at the appropriate time. However, you may find yourself sad and depressed as a result of your poor decision. So, You should take significant time to make your decision.

Being an inconsistent player

There are so many prizes available that you can aspire to win in any competition which occurs on a weekly or monthly basis. And you must be consistent in your participation in all of the online games to achieve this. This is one of the ways to win prizes in online gaming. When you are consistent in not only playing games but also in your daily life, you get more confidence and develop good problem-solving skills. You should never pass up an opportunity to play your favourite game; simply put your sights on winning.

Well, you should never play too much or too little, and the game time should be evenly distributed. Many people play online games without looking at their watches, and as a result, they develop health problems because of their constant device use. So, Just make sure you participate at least once in every weekly competition as this is the most advisable way given by experts.


One thing to remember is that you should always maintain a calm demeanor while playing these games. Things will spiral out of your control the instant you lose your cool. It’s not a good idea to play with people who have bad tempers. Losing a game might certainly make you furious, but this should not be the basis for your gaming strategy. So, leave your enraged mood before entering any online games.

Entering in any game without any strategy

If you want to win at online gaming, you’ll need to plan some effective methods ahead of time. Before the game, you should have all your strategies planned so that when the actual game starts you can execute the methods. Planning will offer you the ability to select how to effectively take advantage of the opportunities you have. As a result, they can help you attain your objectives more effectively.

Take Away

So, what are you waiting for? Play games for a chance to win MacBook or win iPhone with your intellect. Chase for Dream is one such game where you need to choose your dream prize to play first and keep in mind that you can buy up to 75 tickets in a single game. With more tickets, you have a better chance of winning the reward of your dreams.


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