5 Things That Cause Loss of Emotional Intimacy in Men


Everything was going smoothly until the fire went off. Cause Loss of Emotional Intimacy in Men There was a time when you two could not tolerate the electricity coursing through your veins if you merely looked at each other. You were completely in agreement on everything. Your chemistry would light up the room whenever you were with people. But fast forward to the present, and you notice that your phone isn’t ringing as much. What went wrong?

1: There isn’t any physical appeal.

Our bodies adapt to our changing lifestyles. Some spouses don’t think this is a big concern, while others believe it is. Talk to your partner and solve the problem without being defensive. Ask him what you felt most attractive about my body or my intelligence? a wife asked her husband. “I saw you strolling across the beach,” the husband said. You were quite attractive. I fell in love with your intelligence after getting to know you. At the beach, I didn’t see your intellect.” I believe it is reasonable to assume that there must be some physical attractiveness to keep people interested.

2: Lacking in spontaneity

Acceptance is crucial in a relationship. Flexibility allows both of you to make errors and transform them into supporting, encouraging, and enjoyable experiences. If your partner fails to decorate a room, for example, instead of whining about how bad it looks, offer to help. Pitch in and spray paint, then splatter each other with even more outrageous colors. This spontaneous wit shows your lover that nothing is a big issue. I know that there may be a lot of mess to be cleaned up. You can finish it by doing it faster. Play cooperatively. Being spontaneous might add some flavor to a situation. You must be adjustable too so that your partner is free to make mistakes. You and your partner both should be flexible.

3:  Chronic anxiety

In reaction to stress, the human body produces the hormone cortisol. Depression and mental disorders are caused by chronic stress. People who are stressed become fatigued and irritable. You can’t sense emotional closeness if you’re depressed. The good news is that stress is something that can be controlled. Determine the source of stress in your life and address it immediately. Try to do exercises, listening to music, reading or any other outdoor activities you want. Do something that relaxes you. Make sure not to overindulge in mind-altering drugs like alcohol when relaxing. They may cause health problem rather than emotional closeness.

4:  Health issues

Everyone has bad days now and again, but when you have serious health issues like diabetes, lupus, cancer, heart disease, or high blood pressure, it’s far worse. Your marriage may suffer as a result of the stress. Keeping up with frequent doctor appointments, taking medications as prescribed, and monitoring your health may all add up to a lot of work. It will be very painful to watch your partner struggle after lots of these painful situations. The good news is that many love couples are able to cope with their partner’s sickness and maintain a happy love marriage. It is recommended that professional aid be sought in these circumstances since untreated health problems might lead to a loss of emotional closeness.

5: Disagreements

Too many fights and conflicts rip the fabric of the marriage institution. Allow yourself to “let go.” There will be occasions when a pair cannot agree on anything. Simply agree to disagree and move on to the next item on your list. Because you are married and share your life, there will always be something else. Words can be said in the heat of an argument that can never be taken back. It’s realistic to assume that a lack of emotional intimacy in a marriage is caused by a loss of physical attractiveness, a lack of spontaneous fun, chronic stress, health issues, and other factors. There is bound to be tension between husband and wife, for any such problem you can contact on our page dailyastrologyservices, your time will be completely removed.


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