5 Things About Returning Products Purchased Online By Individuals

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5 Things About Returning Products Purchased Online By Individuals


Few of those who buy online are aware of the rights of consumers, ensured by law. The information part of the online buyer is an important aspect of the diebesten program. Here are five things you should know about returning a purchased product online.

 1. Products purchased from any online store can be returned within 14 calendar days

The term derives from entering the physical possession of the product. This 14-day period can be extended to one year and the store is liable to a fine if it has not published the information regarding the right of withdrawal. It should be noted that there are some exceptions to return, for example, if that product has been customized or if it is food or consumables.

2. A product can be returned without an explanation from the buyer

In other words, the store may ask you what the reason is, but you are not required to answer: “You have the right to withdraw from this contract, without specifying the reasons”. All you have to do is fill out a withdrawal form (which the site is obliged to publish on the site) and send it by whatever method you want or make an unequivocal statement, in another way, to express yourself the desire to withdraw from the contract.

3. The store may suggest another product, but the customer is not obliged to accept this variant

If you want to return the product and receive the money-back, the store cannot force you to choose another product from its store. This can only be an agreement between you and the store, not provided by law. Pay attention to return shipping costs! You are responsible for these costs and they will not be reimbursed to you. However, if, by the nature of the product, you cannot make the return by post, the store/courier must come and take it from your home at your expense.

4. If you bought online but you have lifted the order from the store, the right of withdrawal of 14 calendar days applies

The order was completed online (the contract was concluded without the physical presence in the same place of the seller and the buyer), even if the payment is made in the store (or at the point of work of the store), so you will also have 14 calendar days available for return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

5. You are not required to return it in the original packaging

Instead, all accessories with which the product was originally delivered must be returned. Any trace of wear and tear on them will reduce the value of the product, so you will not be able to recover all the money paid. Therefore, it is advisable not to overuse the product and then try to return it. You check it or prove it, and if you are not satisfied, call as soon as possible the right of withdrawal.


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