5 Temporary Home Improvements for Luxury Apartments


Luxury apartments, while featuring nice amenities, can sometimes lack a personality when you first move in. It might be challenging to adapt a rental to fit your taste and add the final touches to make the place feel at home. Many leases have clauses prohibiting any long-term improvements or substantial renovations, and some even forbid minor “damages.”

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Nevertheless, whether you want to stay there for a year or ten, there is something to be said about the sensation of returning home to a place that seems like your own and one that makes you feel at “home” when you walk into the door. Due to modern innovations, there are many home improvements that are rental-friendly, and low-cost. 


This article will walk you through some short-term home improvement ideas for luxurious apartments. Keep reading to learn helpful tips and tricks.

Light It Up

According to interior experts, each room should have at least four light sources. Consider using objects like lamps or strings of lights to generate various lighting effects in addition to the overhead lighting provided in most rooms. Including mirrors and other reflecting surfaces enhances a room’s brightness.


Do you want to add multiple colors to your room? Try using smart bulbs. They are more energy efficient, can be remotely controlled by apps, and the colors can be customized to fit your mood. Other unusual light source ideas are candles if your apartment doesn’t prohibit them. 


Consider the reasons for each room’s utilization before selecting the appropriate lighting. For example, you may add a table lamp to the area next to your bed for late-night reading. Or, place a tall lamp next to your couch in the living room. You want to make sure each space has adequate lighting and matches your intended aesthetic. 

Get Some Plants

Adding plants and flowers to your luxury apartments is an excellent way to make them more lively. Besides their beautiful touch, they also help purify the air and remove pollutants. You can also go beyond your living rooms. Some plants are tiny and can fit in bathrooms, and would thrive in the microclimate of a damp environment. Although any plant will look lovely in a white pot, be a little daring and add some color and texture with various pot styles.


Besides adding oxygen and nature to your home, plants can also add a sense of calm to your environment. Some people even put dried eucalyptus in the shower. When steamed, it helps with nasal congestion and inflammation. Other plants/flowers like lavender or Aloe Vera have health benefits, that can help you year round. 


Some apartments like the Stafford luxury apartments have enough space to accommodate your plants and flowers perfectly. If you are worried about having to constantly water plants, opt for succulents. With the right pot, it can fit any aesthetic and is easy to care for.

Textiles Make Luxury Apartments Pop 

The most straightforward, quickest approach to personalize luxury apartments after adding plants must be with fabrics. Use colorful towels in an all-white bathroom, scatter some cushions and a big throw, wrap a chair in sheepskin, and find a quirky upholstered stool. Moreover, there are many fabric options you can pick from. 


It’s difficult to paint rental spaces, so with a plain wall adding in patterns through other means will help fill the space. Besides blankets, you can add patterned pillows, furniture, or even shower curtains for the bathroom. Always match the pattern to your current wall color and aesthetic inclinations. 

Install a Backsplash Made of Removable Tile

Make your kitchen more renter-friendly by installing a peel-and-stick tile backsplash. They are simple to install but look fantastic. When choosing a style or color for your kitchen, go based on the cabinet colors and style of the kitchen. You don’t want to have it clash with existing furniture. 


It’s not as simple as pulling them off; many businesses employ strong glue to make their stickers “permanent.” Some people might bring some paint and even drywall. The tiled backsplash appearance may be worthwhile if you’re willing to repaint and do some filling; just read reviews of the various tiles you’re contemplating to see how well they performed for previous renters.


The use of marble contact paper offers a more readily removed alternative while still producing a stunning backsplash. You may easily remove it when you move out, and your backsplash will appear marble. When choosing marble, go with light colors to add space and make rooms feel less cramped. 

Display Some Art in Your Luxury Apartment 

You may personalize walls by adding some art. Group several frames together, then fill them with affordable DIY art or cherished mementos to create a gallery wall. When filling blank walls, it helps to group images by theme. For example, one area of your house can be dedicated to travel. Another room can be based around nature or pop culture. It depends on your interests, and what fits the space. 


You may create your art by buying blank canvases at a reputable craft store. Paint by numbers is a popular option for DIYing your own painting. You know the art on your wall came from your own hard work. They come in a variety of styles, and some places can even custom design options for you. Additionally, you may get some paper and print-out drawings from your computer; Canva is an excellent free program for making your vector graphics.


Use Command picture-hanging strips to hang your work if you’re concerned about making too many holes in your walls. They come in different sizes to support varied weights and are very simple to peel off the wall. Make sure the frames you get are light enough to not fall on the floor and break.

Hang Curtains

A room instantly seems cozier once curtains are hung. You may select from varieties of textures and shades to customize the appearance and feel of a space, but you can also change the type and amount of natural light that enters the space. While thick drapes in the bedroom allow you to rest on those sunny summer mornings, sheers in the living area could let gentle light gently brighten the social space.


There is another practical aspect to curtains. In the bedroom, blackout curtains can make it easier to rest, if your window faces where the sun rises. Additionally, certain curtains will make it easier to retain heat, or keep out hot weather. Depending on where you live.

Bottom Line

Renting apartments has regulations that will restrict you from making longer-lasting modifications that would genuinely make your house seem like your own. Fortunately, you can still change many things to improve your room and give it a homey feel while pleasing your landlord. 

The benefit of renting and moving around is you don’t have to stick to one design style forever. You have the opportunity to try out multiple temporary aesthetics, and see what pleases you. 


Gone are the days of boring and empty white apartments, without any personality. So experiment with one or more of these ideas to add fun to your home because having a house that feels like a home is crucial regardless of whether you own it or rent it.


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