5 Solid Off-Page SEO Strategies To Use In 2021

Off- and on-page SEO

5 Solid Off-Page SEO Strategies To Use In 2021

Solid on-page SEO tactics are a necessity for every commercial website in order to rank well and even get noticed by Google. In fact, off-page SEO is just as important, if not more, in order to beat out the competition. As 2021 is gearing up for success, here are five off-page strategies you should involve in your SEO campaign:

  1. Check out how successful the backlinks used by your competitors are.

Build a backlink profile on your direct competitors to get an idea of how well they incorporate backlinks into their websites. There are quite a few effortless tools such as Moz and Ahrefs that can give you the data you need to determine whether you’re behind or ahead of your competition. This is always the single most important first step you can take in order to establish sound off-page SEO.

  1. Go through your site and eliminate any 404 error codes or fix missing pages.

Broken links are the downfall of any great website, and it should remain your aim to eliminate any and all 404 error pages. Your visitors should never once encounter such a page! Having even one page pop up provides a poor viewer experience and your website will get penalized by Google for the oversight. Any websites that become a potential for poor user experience will rank low in search results.

  1. Have a strategy for internal linking on your website.

Most website owners make the mistake of forgetting the importance of a backlinking strategy. If this is also an afterthought on your website, even if the content is solid and helpful, Google won’t rank your website well. It is a good rule of thumb to have a webpage with at least three solid relevant backlinks.

Google needs a method for understanding the pages on your site, and categorical backlinking helps offer context it can analyze. If Google gains a better understanding of your pages, it will undeniably rank your site higher. Plus, whether others choose to and how they link to your site are directly impacted by backlinking, which is why this off-page SEO advice is gold!

  1. Figure out your on-page SEO before progressing off-page.

Off- and on-page SEO go hand-in-hand, which is why you can never have the success of one without the other. Check out your on-page SEO and consider whether it has the ability to do its job well. If it’s working, you can progress off-page, but not without knowing first! Choosing to overlook both types of SEO will mean that neither is optimized for the other, and that once again is noticed aptly by Google and penalized.

Here are some of the things you should look to evaluate:

-Do you publish content regularly?

-Are you using relevant keywords and updating META tag descriptions?

-Is some of your content duplicated? If so, has it been removed?

-Does your site load its pages quickly?

-Is your website mobile-friendly?

  1. Consider all the ways that you can partake in link-building.

Unlike on-page SEO, off-page is significantly harder because you have no control over it. When you find something wrong with your website, you can update it accordingly, but with off-page tactics, that’s simply not the case.

When you’re looking to build links to your website, here are some great opportunities to consider:

-Social media posts and guest blogging

-PPC or pay-per-click advertising

-Local citations

It is important to employ the use of more than one link-building strategy. Though you may not have the time or resources to guest blog regularly, do what you can as it will make a difference!

It’s Time To Improve Your Off-Site SEO Tactics

You may have hit on-page SEO out of the park, but you’re only seeing half the success if you haven’t considered off-page SEO as important. It is responsible for helping your website rank higher and better in search results through the help of backlinks, link-building, and technical optimization. Understandably, you may not have the time or the energy to hone these skills, in which case, consider outsourcing to a professional digital marketing firm!


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