5 SEO Blunders that Your Online Business is committing


Internet has expanded vastly over the years and so has the opportunities. With the use of Search Engine Optimization, you can promote your business in a proper fashion to capture the attention of the customers or audience in this competitive market. However, most websites have several SEO blunders that prove to be a hindrance for the ultimate goal of the business. So here are 5 SEO blunders that most business websites commit.

Links are bought instead of earning

Most websites do not have a proper amount of important links that help them to improve the performance of their SEO. Instead, the links are bought from any SEO company that is available. Obviously, this is done to cover the loss. However, these companies provide links that are not trustworthy and can be tracked down by spiders, which in turn drops the rank and decreases the value of the website. In extreme cases, the website gets penalized as well. They also affect the online visibility of the website.

Duplicate content from other websites are used

Unique content must be used at all costs. However, lot of websites have the practice for utilizing the content from other websites. Such sites have bots that search and copy content from other relevant sites and insert that content in their own and present it as unique. To catch such fraudulent practices, various algorithms and search engines are created that catch such duplicate content. When caught, heavy penalties are levied to the websites as well as rankings are dropped. So, using unique content is a must for the websites.

Too much loading time for the website

Improving the loading time for the websites is necessary as it helps in improving the conversations with customers as well, making them more acquainted and engaged. Most websites struggle hard to engage heir visitors. A span of 2 seconds is considered the ideal loading time for any website. However, reports show that 5-6 seconds is the average loading time for websites worldwide. Such long time results in the customers losing their interest. So website owners must take steps to minimise their loading time as much as possible.

Website compatibility on multiple devices not offered

Online searches are mostly done in mobile screens. As a result, various websites are customized to run only in mobile operating systems rather than on desktops, laptops or tablets. This decreases the SEO rankings. Optimization of websites to run in any platform will make the website more accessible as well.

Same content is offered in different platforms

If the same content is offered in different platforms including exact format of pictures and videos, then it would affect the content accessibility, loading time and online visibility, which in turn will affect the rankings as well. So, it is important to generate specific content for different platforms. Reputed Adelaide SEO service agencies provide such conversions of content on different platforms that enhance customer engagement.

So, these are five common blunders that business websites commit. Hence, steps should be taken to avoid these mistakes and implement correct SEO techniques.


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