5 Self-Care Tips for Working Moms in Quarantine

Quarantine Self-Care

Being a working mom in quarantine can be a taxing situation. It can really put a strain on your mental and emotional wellness. You’ll have to find time to balance practicing self-care while you’re stuck in the house trying to raise a family and make a living. The following are five self-care tips just for you working moms in quarantine:

Escape From Time to Time

You’re going to need to escape from time to time so that you don’t go stir crazy. You might not be able to physically escape if you’re in quarantine, but you can find ways to get a mental escape anyway. For example, you can take a half-hour break from your work and put some headphones over your ears. Listen to some of your favorite music if it makes you happy. Get engulfed in a movie for 30 minutes. You’ll find that you feel refreshed after you take a break. It’s not healthy to work for too many hours in a row without taking a break. Therefore, you’ll need to take this advice. Try to take some sort of break no later than two hours after you start working on a project.

Surround Yourself With Empowering Messages

Maintaining a positive mental health balance is mostly about what you feed your mind. That being said, you’ll need to fill your mind with enriching materials that help you stay positive. You’ll want to grab texts that empower you and make you feel strong, healthy, and safe. For example, you can find a good women empowerment blog to read or watch some TV with strong positive female characters. Maybe you want to read a book with positive affirmations. Perhaps simply writing small notes of self-encouragement and putting these on your mirror or around your workspace can help you. Anything will do as long as the content is positive for your mind, body, and soul.

Get Quality Time With the Kids

It can be challenging to balance the time that you have with the kids and the time you have to work. It’s especially hard if you’re a single working mom in quarantine trying to survive. You might sometimes feel like you’re sacrificing the time with the kids to earn money to pay the bills. Children don’t understand parental obligations, and they often feel jilted because of that. You can work around that by creating a schedule that will help you manage your time better. For example, you can take two hours out of your day in the early afternoon to do a fun activity with your kids. Maybe you can shut down the computer and take the time to play a board game or video game with them. Perhaps, you can all watch a movie together. It’s possible to make it work in everyone’s favor. 24 hours isn’t a very long time, but it’s all you have to work with.


Exercise is excellent for your mental health as it balances some of the key brain chemicals that affect happiness. Just 20 minutes of exercise can get your heart rate up enough to start changing your chemicals and make you feel better. Your serotonin levels will rise, and that will most likely give you a feeling of wellness. Endorphins will start bouncing around, as well, and they will make you feel no pain.


It might be a little difficult getting to the gym if you’re in quarantine. However, you can still use your creativity to think of other ways to get the exercise you need. You have the perfect setup if you have an upstairs area in your home. You can use the stairs to do some stair-stepping activities. Stair-stepping is a great way to get your heart moving the way you want it to.


You can also meditate during the day to help improve your mental health while you’re in quarantine. We suggest using a completely different part of your home to meditate than the one you use to do your work. Moving around will help you to feel less restricted and cramped. Try going into a quiet room in your home and closing your eyes to think about something lovely. Think about a peaceful place for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised how much doing that activity can improve your day.

Improve Your Mental Health Now

It can be really difficult to get your daily dose of motivation while in quarantine. Try this shortlist of activities to strengthen your mental health and practice self-care during the quarantine. You’ll start to feel better as time progresses and everything will feel a bit easier to handle. 


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