5 reasons why you should not choose cheaper engagement rings

hidden halo engagement rings

Engagement and wedding ceremonies are all about budget planning. You need to arrange your finances accordingly to be able to spend fairly well for these major milestone events in life. Cost-cutting in event management and venue planning is essential, what you really should spend on though is your engagement ring. Sentimentally speaking, the ring signifies the union of two people and is a symbol of lasting love. And practically speaking, similar to the lasting love, the ring should last as well. For these reasons, it is a terrible idea to go for cheaper engagement rings, no matter how tempting they look to your pocket. Here’s why cheaper engagement rings are a strict no-no.

  1. Not long-lasting

Cheaper rings imply low quality and may not last long. Engagement rings are meant to be worn on a daily basis and come in contact with various elements and rough usage too as times. They need to be sturdy and resistant; qualities that are seldom found in low quality, cheap priced rings.

  1. Low quality stones

The price cutting naturally means that the stones used are also going to be low quality. Don’t be fooled by their sparkling appearance because low quality stones look quite good too. But in the end, if the ring hold sentimental value for you, the value and quality of the stones will matter as well. It is not a good idea to compromise on standard when it comes to daily wear jewellery. The hidden halo engagement rings with low quality stones barely last a year as the stones are likely to fall off.

  1. Thin, flimsy ring body

To stay within the budget, jewellery makers often make a thinner and frail body for the ring for cost cutting. If you intend to wear the ring for daily use, a thinner band is more likely to lose its shape, bend and even break after too much of wear and tear. You will end up spending more on getting it repaired frequently than you probably will when you buy it. Cheap rings have no guarantee at all and you will have to be super cautious with them the whole time, which is hardly worth the effort and money that you’ll be paying for it.

  1. Allergic reactions

Cheap rings have a mix of metals and alloys. They have low carat gold and is often mixed with nickel and aluminium. Many people complain of skin allergies and rashes after having worn the ring for a few days. The mix of metals may not necessary be a good one and may also leave green traces on the finger which can cause bacterial infections.

  1. Fake diamonds

Cheap rings might have fake diamonds instead of real ones. In fact no stones might be used at all. There are rings available at cheap price that use shiny clusters of metals to give an impression of a stone when in reality, there isn’t any. It can be seen upon really close observation, but honestly, why would you want that as an engagement ring an anyway?

The engagement ring holds a lot of value and is meant to be worn daily. A good engagement ring does not have to be exorbitantly priced, however watching out for cheap imitations will save you the regret later on. There are some amazing options at reasonable prices for lab grown diamond engagement rings that are ethical and similar to natural diamonds as well.

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