5 Reasons Why You Should List Your Products on Google Shopping

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Online purchases are the modern necessity of modern customers. Because the same online eCommerce market has huge potential for newcomers. Moreover, due to the huge scope, more and more new players are setting up their businesses in the industry. If you are already selling online, you must have heard of Google Shopping. Undoubtedly, Google is the biggest name in online history. Billions of searches take place on Google on daily basis.

Today in this article, we are going to show you the 7 reasons why your online business should be on Google Shopping.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping Feed Integration Module

Google Shopping is an online selling platform related to Google Merchant center. Online sellers that are selling from their websites can list their products on Google. Whenever the searchers enter the keywords into Google, the products will appear in front of them. Likewise, while clicking on the products, the users will be redirected to the admin’s website. Google is generally one of the most trusted sources. When it comes to Google Shopping, online visitors can search, compare, and analyze products as per their needs. Undoubtedly, merchants take advantage just by listing their products on Google Merchants Centre.

Here are some of the reasons why Google Shopping is a must-list platform.


Free Listing:

The Google Merchant Center is offering a free listing to worldwide customers. According to the latest shared reports by Google, merchants from across the globe are invited to list their products on the platform at zero cost. Moreover, if merchants want to promote their products on Google Shopping, they can also take assistance from Google SERP. Furthermore, the products will appear on top of the search list by paying a bit more to the Google SERP center.

High Conversion Rate:

Reports indicate that more than 78% of total online sales start from a Google search. Also, people search for products on Google to find the perfect fit for them.

Furthermore, it is good to have products listed on Google for visitors. Not only does listing enhance the visibility of products, but it also gives a significant boost to conversion chances.

Brand Visibility:

As Google is the most visited platform in the world, Listing products on Google search results not only increases the likelihood of receiving orders but also increases brand visibility.

Thus, Google Shopping is one of the best ways to grow a brand name in this busy eCommerce industry.

100% of your store:

Selling on other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon does not allow the vendors to completely access their shops. However, the admin of the shop remains admin, but the real owner stands out as the marketplace itself.

On Google Shopping, whenever a user clicks on the products, he will be redirected to the online website itself. It makes the ownership clear to the sellers.

Along with free selling, the other option Google offers to merchants for selling online is Google Ads. Online sellers can run their advertisements on the Google search page.

By following this way, merchants can also add enhancements to the customer traffic to their website. There are some of the most compelling reasons for using Google Shopping. Most of you are probably planning to sell on the marketplace. And why not? Who would like to miss a golden opportunity for a free listing on such a huge platform?

Moreover, it is always good to put some of the things on top of the list while selling on Google Shopping. These components not only improve customer traffic but also enhance the brand image.

Excellent quality images:

The first thing that attracts visitors is the product images. However, it’s always good to post the latest and clearest pictures of products on Google Merchant Center.

This factor not only attracts the customers but also helps them have a proper idea about what they are going to purchase.

PinPoint product description:

Along with the images, Google also allows the sellers to add a short product description. It is always good to add a crystal clear product description along with the products. The idea behind the same is to provide more details about the products rather than brands.

Choose the right customer audience:

Picking up the right customer audience is the most important thing in an eCommerce business. The same thing applies to the platform. The Google merchant center allows online sellers to design shipping templates for various countries.

Furthermore, it is always good to do some market research before listing. because it adds a lot more to businesses to choose the right customer audience for their products.

Targeted keywords for SEO:

Everyone knows that Google search appears based on keywords. Thus, it is a must to use targeted keywords for the listed products on Google Merchant Center.

Targeted keywords are what ensure the product’s appearance to the most targeted audience. Likewise, using the researched keywords for product listings always adds more to the brand’s reach.

Occasionally Google Ads:

It sounds inorganic when it comes to running ads on Google. Visitors give preference to the organic results in comparison to the promoted ones.

However, it is a must to run advertisements for various occasions on Google for merchants.  We are saying this because, on the occasions like festivals, customers tend to show more interest in Online Shopping. The same reason enhances brand recognition by using Google Ads occasionally.

How to Sell on Google Shopping?

So, there are two ways of selling on Google Shopping. The first one is visiting the Google Merchant Center and adding products directly. The second one comes to light when it’s for online sellers that sell from their websites. For example, various eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento 2 offer online sellers the ability to have their eCommerce shops without any coding skills.

For such merchants, the Knowband tech team designed Knowband Google Shopping Connectors. Furthermore, by using Knowband Connectors, the merchants will not have to visit the Google Merchant Center to list their products. Moreover, they can manage every required aspect of Google Shopping from their shop back-end.

PrestaShop Google Shopping Connector:

The Knowband PrestaShop Google Shopping Connector Addon is specially tailored for PrestaShop retailers. Online sellers can create their PrestaShop product feed from the Google Shopping Connector Module back-end.

Moreover, not only feed creation but also the vendor can create various shipping templates by adding currencies and countries for them.

Along with all the adorable features The Knowband PrestaShop Google Shopping module provides merchants with the joy of real-time inventory synchronization. It means that every time a product gets out of stock, it will automatically be removed from the Google Shopping Center.

Google Shopping Connector Extension for OpenCart:

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

Like PrestaShop, OpenCart online sellers can also list their products on Google. All it takes is an OpenCart-based eCommerce shop, the Knowband OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension, and a slight touch of perfection.

Google Shopping Integration Module for WooCommerce:


Knowband Google Shopping connectors are now also available for the WooCommerce platform. Vendors using WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform can create and list their feeds on the merchant center with ease.

Google Shopping Integration Module for Magento 2:

Magento 2 Integration Module

Finally, Magento 2 store owners are also eligible to list their Magento 2 store inventory on Google Shopping. The Knowband Marketplace API Connector just requires a Google merchant ID, merchant secret, and redirect URL. Admins can quickly connect their store to Google by entering the code into the general settings tab of the Magento 2 Google Shopping Connector.

Final Words!!

The eCommerce industry is undeniably reaching its pinnacle at the moment. And there is no doubt that in the upcoming years, the growth chances are greater.

Likewise, if you are planning to list, this should be the right time to take advantage of Google’s free listing policy. Moreover, we are also available at [email protected] for queries regarding marketplaces.

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