5 Reasons Why Women Are Wearing Box Braids Hairstyle

Silver box braids
Silver box braids

You can’t go wrong with the iconic protective hairstyle known for its box-shaped parting box braids. Box braids are famous for their signature square-shaped boxes on the scalp worn with extensions to thicken the braids while allowing your natural hair to grow beneath the extension. This traditional braided hairstyle is popular among women who want to give their natural hair a break and allow it to grow.

Women choose this time-consuming hairstyle that takes hours for various reasons, and we will look at the top five reasons women choose box braids today.

1. Low maintenance

Box braids on shoulder-length hair
Box braids on shoulder-length hair

Box braids require little to no upkeep. With a few touch-ups here and there, this hairstyle is ideal for women who are always on the go but don’t want to sacrifice fashion. For up to 4–6 weeks, this low-maintenance hairstyle will save you time on hairstyling.

2. Long-Lasting

Top bun box braids
Top bun box braids

As previously stated, many prefer a hairstyle that only needs to be installed once and can last for several weeks. According to hair experts, Box braids should only be worn for up to 6 weeks at a time because they can stifle hair growth. When the roots of your hair separate for weeks at a time, it is more prone to twisting and tangling.

Wearing your box braids for weeks can also make it difficult to control the frizz. For a polished and immaculate appearance, use a headband or cover your hair with a silk scarf at night.

3. Protective hairstyle

Metallic colored box braids
Metallic colored box braids

Box braids enclose your natural hair beneath the extensions, protecting it from everyday hair damage such as heat styling, pollution, and product buildup. To keep your braids hydrated and healthy, you should moisturize them regularly. Dry hair is more likely to break than hydrated hair.

4. Growing your natural hair

Knotless box braids
Knotless box braids

Who doesn’t want to let their natural hair grow while wearing a long box braids hairstyle with hair extensions? It’s a win-win hair solution because you can let your natural hair grow while rocking a long hairstyle.

Sometimes the best way to grow your natural hair is to leave it alone. Instead of constantly touching your hair, you are transferring bacteria from your hand to your hair and scalp, which can slow down the growth process. The box braids hairstyle protects your natural hair while allowing you to run your hands through the braids.

5. Versatility

Box braids on short hair
Box braids on long hair

Because box braids are braided individually into square-shaped sections, they provide you with various styling options. You can wear your braided hair in a top bun, ponytail, and various other hairstyles just as you would your natural hair. You can rock your box braids in short hair, long hair, or shoulder-length hair in all hair colors. When it comes to styling, box braids provide limitless options.


Of course, there are numerous reasons why women choose box braids, and the five listed above are just a few of them. Don’t forget to get the best hair extension for your natural wavy hair now that you know how great box braids are. Look through Indique’s human hair extensions and wigs collection to find the most natural-looking box braids. Save on Indique’s SEA Collection. Shop all bundles, wigs, and closures with code SEA30 for a limited time.


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