5 Reasons Why Students are Thriving during Remote Learning

remote learning

In the midst of the pandemic, remote learning came to the rescue and people adopted online learning as their first choice of getting educated. Although after almost two and a half years some of the students are now returning back to school. Teachers and parents have understood the benefits and importance of remote learning during the period of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The last three to four years have dramatically changed the everyday life of people. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people had to adapt to the remote working model. Before 2019, a lot of things were being done and conducted in person but that changed after CVOID-19 came into the picture.

An important aspect of people’s daily life that has gone through significant changes was education. When the governments of countries all over the world decided to shut down schools. Teachers, parents and children were left wondering how things are going to work out from now on. 

In this article, we will discuss the inherent benefits of remote learning and online virtual school that we came across during the experimental phase (when COVID-19 was at its peak).

Online learning platforms make education convenient for all


It enables teachers to deliver lessons effectively by including several online resources available on the internet. Teachers can include multimedia content like videos, PDFs, and podcasts in their lesson plans. They can become efficient educators by extending their lesson plans beyond traditional textbooks.

Using the online platform, teachers can share educational materials with students. They can be prepared for the lesson ahead of time. Moreover, the online lessons can be recorded so that they are available for students to watch again if they have any doubts.

Increased accessibility

It has made quality education accessible to more students. Traditionally, students from rural areas or those having personal issues at home had to miss school. Now they can access good quality resources of schooling from anywhere, without any barriers. They are no longer bound to physical classrooms; they can learn anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the online classes can be recorded and archived for future reference so that the students can access the learning materials at any time. Students can watch the videos at their convenience and ask doubts to their teachers.

Reduced cost

Online learning helps reduce the financial burden on the parents. It is more affordable than traditional schools as the major chunk of infrastructure costs are cut down. Though there might be costs involved in hiring good faculty and implementing advanced technology, the share of these is usually not that high as compared to the costs of physical infrastructure. Parents can also save the time and money spent on transportation. Additionally, online learning helps in building paperless environments since all the course materials are available online; this makes it environment-friendly. Though there are books and workbooks provided in many courses, the extent of dependency on paper material is reduced.

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning means that students can learn at their own pace without worrying about catching up with the rest of the class. Online learning allows students to achieve their targets and arrange a schedule to meet their individual needs. Students can make better progress as they learn efficiently and learn the concepts thoroughly. Additionally, students need not miss out on their extracurricular activities. They can pursue hobbies and do extracurricular activities using the time they save on transportation.

Suits students with a variety of learning styles

Every student has a different learning style so their learning journey differs. Some students are visual learners, while some are audio learners. Similarly, some students can thrive in the classroom and feel comfortable with large groups, while some students prefer studying on their own and feel distracted by others. Online education offers a personalized learning environment suited to the needs of every student.  

Regular assessments

Online learning allows teachers to conduct regular assessments, which can help students be more focused on learning outcomes rather than just attending lectures. Traditional schools conduct mostly end-of-term exams, and by the time students get the results, it is too late to rectify the errors or work on the weaknesses. With regular assessments conducted in online classes, teachers and parents get a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of children, allowing them to work on the same.

More control over your entire learning process

Through the remote learning process, you can have more control over your entire learning process in comparison to the traditional learning method where educators are always in charge of what you are studying and learning. Moreover, you can get access to the study materials without needing to commute or be present in person.

Traditional learning is also very much reliant upon one specific location which is not the case if you opt for online learning. You can also enjoy the whole learning process when as a student your engagement, interest and motivation are at their best. Online learning can provide personalised and quality education to students.

Advantage of convenience

Accessibility or convenience of students (and their parents) is a major factor nowadays.  Moreover, the concept of convenience is beyond physical location. With the help of remote learning, students these days can learn at any given time and situation regardless of their current physical location. 

This is a particular remote learning benefit that was not at all available before. In case a student is differently-abled or asymptomatic, remote learning can give them better scope and accessibility. 

Students can learn and study at their own speed

Although the traditional education system works in an average manner, it lacks a lot when it comes to developing and reaching out to individual students. Not to mention, it cannot assess the true potential of each and every student.

In remote learning, students can study at their own speed and there is external pressure involved. They do not need to surf through another topic before finishing the previous one. A student keeps on pondering over a specific subject or chapter until he or she can get a complete grasp over it. Online virtual schools, such as 21K School, makes sure that their students have been able to understand what they are studying before they begin studying another topic or subject.

Flexibility of time

All of us must have heard that ‘time is of the essence’. It is also true when it comes to education. Instead of choosing the traditional learning model, you can opt for online learning in order to attain a flexible schedule.

A lot of students appear from a comparatively weak socioeconomic background. He or she has to work in order to support and finance their own studies. With the help of remote learning, these students can continue working while studying at their own pace.

Remotely accessed resources

In a world where the rapid development of technology has made a lot of things digitally accessible. It is only fair that educational resources and study materials can also be accessed online. And, remote learning has made this possible. With remote learning, students do not need to be dependent on physical resources or study materials.

Moreover, the study materials can be regularly fact-checked and updated according to the new developments. You will receive the most accurate learning with the help of online learning all the time.

Nowadays, parents demand all the above-mentioned benefits while enrolling their children in classes but you will only receive the following benefits through online virtual school and remote learning. 21K School is one of the best online edtech platforms that can provide your children with the inherent benefits of remote learning

Notably, 21K school is the first online virtual school in the country that offers transparent educational services regardless of the student’s location. Students can remain at home and enjoy their online classes with the help of trained professional educators.


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