5 Places To Get Deals On Cute Cats

cute cats

Cats are one of the most popular animal pets in the world and for a good reason. They’re cute, cuddly, and incredibly intelligent. In fact, they’re so popular that there are plenty of places where you can get deals on cute cats. Here are five of the best.


Looking for a place to get deals on cute cats? Amazon is definitely one option to consider. Not only do they have a wide variety of items, but they also frequently run promotions that can save you money.

One example of a recent promotion was the 50% off select pet food items sale that ran from January 26th to February 1st. This sale included brands such as Science Diet, Purina, and Iams. You could also use Amazon Prime for free two-day shipping on qualifying pet products.

If you’re looking to buy something specific, check the product’s search results, as Amazon often has deals on specific items. For example, the Graco Safari Travel System with Car Seat sold on Amazon for $139.99 after being marked down from $219.99.

Pet Co

Petco is the go-to destination for cat lovers searching for great deals on adoptable cats and kittens. Whether you’re looking to add a new friend to your family or find a new feline member for your existing one, Petco has you covered.

Adopting from a shelter may cost less than buying a cat from a pet store, but those cats may have health concerns. Adopting from a reputable breeder is the best option if you’re looking for an animal companion that will be around for years.

You can also find great deals on specific breeds of cats at Petco. Siamese and Burmese cats are popular with pet owners because they’re very friendly and affectionate. The Bengal breed is another good choice because it’s known to be intelligent and playful.

cute cats


Cats are always popular, and there are many places to get deals on cute cats. Here are five favorites:

1. The Cat House On the Green: This popular pet store offers discounts on adoptable cats daily. Check their website or Facebook page for the latest deal.

2. Petco: Similar to The Cat House On the Green, Petco offers discounts on adoptable cats daily. Just check their website for the latest information.

3. bigcatsrescue.org: This organization has a wide variety of adoptable cats, and they often have special deals that you can find on their website or Facebook page.

4. Purrrfect Pals Rescue & Sanctuary: This sanctuary has a wide variety of adoptable cats, including some that are available at discounted rates due to requiring rescue or being fostered out before they were ready to be adopted out permanently. You can also find information about upcoming events and fundraisers here as well!

5. Last Minute Cattery: This cattery has just started accepting online adopts in addition to traditional adoptions, so you can find some great deals here too!


Looking for a way to spoil your new feline friend without breaking the bank? Here are some deals on cute cats! 

1. Rover offers 50% off select items when you buy two or more. This includes both new and pre-owned cats. 

2. Pet Smart has a special deal where you can get 2 adoptable cats for only $10. This excludes packaged animals, but includes food that cats eat and toys. 

3. Adopt-A-Kitten is having its second annual weeklong sale, where all adoptable kittens will be half-price during the event. This runs from March 21st to March 27th. 

4. The SPCA of Tampa Bay has a special promotion where you can adopt an animal for only $5 if you bring in a canned cat food item or a bag of kitty litter. These deals are only available at their East Hills shelter, so stop by!


Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, and for a good reason. They provide companionship, entertainment, and a whole lot more. Consider adopting a cat if you want to add a new pet to your family. However, other options might be right if you can’t commit to taking on a furry friend full-time. Check out our list of 5 places where you can get deals on cute cats!



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