5 Oriental Rugs To Use Rugs In Your Home Decor


If you are in search of a traditional style rugs for your home, an oriental rug is the most appropriate choice. They feature striking patterns in different colours and are known for their durability. 

The comfortable threads are ideal for stepping or sitting, as the natural fibre orientation of these rugs do not cause rashes or other skin conditions. Additionally, an oriental rug is versatile enough to match any home decor or style. 

Turkish, Persian, Kazakh, Pakistani and even Chinese rugs come under the category of oriental rugs. These countries are known to produce the best rugs as they feature higher knot counts and culturally-inspired patterns. 

Incorporate Oriental Rugs In Your Home For Improved Interiors

Whether you are looking to add a rug in your bedroom, living room or hallway, you can opt for a good quality oriental rug. These traditional rugs fit themselves efficiently within different colour themes and interior designs. 

If you are looking for a quality carpet for your home at an affordable rate, find Isfahan rug for sale on Rugs Online. Here are some other oriental rug types which you can decorate in your home.

  • Turkish Rugs:

An Oshak rug is a type of Turkish rug that feature floral designs and light shades that go well with most modern home designs. The soft and durable knots of the rug make it perfect for placement in high traffic areas, such as the hallway or living room. 

Additionally, the dull tones of an Oushak rug help make a room look more spacious. It simultaneously adds a homey feel to the space with its beautiful designs and comfortable surface. 

  • Pakistani Rugs:

The tribal rugs from Pakistan are quite popular in the West. The bright colours and eye-catching designs of these rugs are perfect if you want to add some texture to an otherwise dull space. Unlike other handmade rug, Pakistani rugs contain repeated patterns aligned to generate a homogenous design.

You can place one in your living room to balance the light-toned walls and furniture. You can also set them in the doorway to generate a welcoming aura. They are very durable and will withstand high traffic and shoe scrapes efficiently.

  • Kazakh Rug:

One feature of the Kazakh rug that separates it from other rug types is the distinct colour combinations. If you are tired of the regular rug pattern and want to add something unique in your home, opt for a green or blue Kazakh rug. It will enhance the interiors of your house by adding a touch of colour and texture to the space. Match the striking colours with the theme of your bedroom to create the perfect contrast. 

  • Bokara Rugs:

With floral motifs in reds, greys and beige, a Bokara rug is the ultimate fit for traditional home decor. The designs of these carpets are unique and have a particular oriental feel to them. If your home interior relies on a vintage theme, the most appropriate rug for your space would be a Bokara rug. It can be a much cheaper alternative to Persian rugs for your bedroom or lounge. 

  • Kilim Rugs:

Unlike other rug types, a Kilim rug is a low pile handmade carpet, perfect for contemporary home settings. They are easy to clean and maintain as they do not absorb too much dust and debris. If you want a lightweight rug that is ideal for summer decor, a Kilim rug can be your best pick.

To sum it up, an oriental rug can be a great addition to your house interior. If you are looking for quality handmade carpets in Australia, head over to Rugs Online. Explore our Isfahan carpet prices to find something that matches your budget. 



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