5 Five Best Agatha Christie Books to Read in Lifetime

Best Agatha Christie Books

Are you looking for reading the best Agatha Christie books?

Agatha Christie is more than a famous mystery writer, she is the best-selling novelist of all time, selling more than 2 billion copies and a big fan that lasted long after her death. But if you decide you want to see what Christie has to offer, a collection of more than 60 novels and 14 stories, getting it can be a difficult task.

We have collected basic information about her writing, the best books by Agatha Christie. If you have not read them in freshman year, you can read them now.

best Agatha christie books

The Best Agatha Christie Books

If you only want to participate in Christie’s works, Agatha Christie’s best book is the most popular Young Adult book with the most lasting cultural impact. They are full of witty and final episodes, memorable, have become part of literary classics.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

This book is my personal favorite. Only the third novel by Poirot is a skillful use of narratives and focus. Writers of the British Crime Society named it the best crime novel ever.

Enter without spoiler if possible.

The Murder on Orient Express

In addition to its classic plot, the book features an exotic and typical set of luxury trains. Poirot was returning to London, he met a passenger who believed his life was in danger and tried to hire Poirot to protect him, but Poirot refused.

Find out the passengers in the first class of cars is responsible.

Then There were None

This book by Agatha Christie is famous for its story, in which one of the characters of the island is selected one by one. You may have seen alternative versions of different titles; there are multiple titles, but more than one is also terrible insensitive to race.

These titles come from the central poem, which is an important plot device that you can find “Indians” or “soldiers”, depending on the version you read.

Five Little Pigs

This uses a Rochgate style approach, Poirot investigates an unresolved case where the five suspects have written their own version of the event.

Actually, I have a twist here, but I missed the second one. There are many rewards.

Death on the Nile

This novel by Agatha Christie, which also has a popular film adaptation in the 70s, took place on a luxury cruise in Egypt, where an heir too beautiful, too rich and too perfect to meet the target of other intrigues passengers.

The Mysterious Affairs at Style

The book is Christie’s first novel, and we present his most popular detective, Hercules Poirot.

Many will think that this is the best place to start, a good introduction to the author and her most famous detective. She began to be strong and foot.

Best Agatha Christie Books

Now you have the best Agatha Christie books if you want to read. These are the five best of the best any writer can provide.

Do read them.


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