5 Fascinating Facts About Bracelets

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Jewelry, especially for women, is considered to be the best creation of art. Be it necklaces, earrings, rings, or gold flexible bangle bracelet every piece of jewelry remarks a magnificent essence in its creation. Somehow, the one piece of the jewelry collection which sometimes becomes ignorable is the Bracelets. So, it becomes evident for us to dive down into its artistic beauties and discover some unknown facts. 

Bracelets are viewed in a variety of ways by modern people, with some believing that they are linked with the wealthy and elite. Another set of people may value them as collectibles and beauty accessories. Others, more pessimistically, regard bracelets as just ornaments with no real value, even dismissing them as mere hand decorations. 

No matter what most believe, we do know, however, that even the most modest of bracelets come with a rich and insightful history. They have been with us from the very start, even though they probably looked vastly different back then. There are records of ancient civilization adorning them, trading them and we have even seen the Pharaoh of Egypt and other people of importance buried with them. So it’s clear that bracelets are more than simply a basic adornment.

Firstly, What Are Bracelets?

Bracelets are a piece of ornament worn around the wrist. It comes in a variety of categories. They range from gaudy and loud to fine and delicate. People often wear them as a fashion statement or an accessory to complement and complete a specific look.

Beneath the reason of wearing it for the sake of accessorizing, it also sometimes constitutes some significant meaning for the wearer. Unlike an earring or bangles, bracelets often symbolize a relationship to someone. And, wrap up in personal intentions and notable meaning generating high values to the wearer. Bracelets with meaning are the preferable choice. A bracelet with an engraved name on it or a bracelet with a personalized stone holds more value than even the costliest of the jewelry in someone’s closet.

Given the beauteous nature of this extraordinary piece of jewelry, let’s dive down and learn five fascinating facts about bracelets.

1. What Is the Origin Story?

We all love a good origin story, be it a story about a crime-fighting superhero, a legendary figure of history, or a simple adornment. However, there is no way to know the exact origin of a bracelet. Generations before people used pretty flowers and grass blades as embellishment. They could have easily tied a vine or grass around their wrist for decoration. And there is no way to not call it a bracelet. Although, the meaning of the word does have an origin. The English word “bracelet” comes from the Greek word “bachile” which simply means “arm.”

2. Change in Meaning

We have previously established that bracelets hold significant meaning either to the wearer or in general. But, their meaning was not always the same and like many other things, it has changed and evolved throughout history. Even though there is no exact way to trace their origin, it is already proved that people used to wear them even before civilizations. But, their meaning and purpose of wearing it were vastly different. 

Previously, people didn’t wear, say, a gold flexible bangle bracelet for the sake of looking stylish or hip. In fact, people wore them to protect themself from both visible and invisible enemies. Those bracelets were made from teeth or bones of animals held together with animal hide, other miscellaneous materials or bracelets string. They worked as a talisman for the wearer. But, with time the meaning grew. Even though in some cultures they are still used as ornaments to ward off evil, now they are mostly used for fashion and style purposes.

diamond bracelet

3. Reflected Wealth and Status

Now anyone can wear a bracelet. They have become economical for people to buy and enjoy. But this was not the case before. People wore them to show their status and wealth in society. It highlighted their importance and rank. Mostly, royalties could afford such embellishments. Back in Europe, around the middle ages court ladies wore them with pride and dignity to flaunt their affluence. And just so you know, just like today even men of wealth were seen wearing bold and intricate bracelets. It is one of the extravagant pieces of ornament that helped them elevate their position in the community and show off their affluent wealth.

4. What is the Most High-Priced Bracelet?

When I say the most expensive bracelet, you are probably thinking of some royal British lady with a bejewelled ornament skillfully embracing her wrist. Right? Well, you are not wrong. Wallis Simpson, wife of the Duke of Windsor owned the most costly bracelet. Cartier made this striking piece of jewelry in 1952. It takes the form of a panther with a sleek onyx and diamond body and glowing emerald for eyes. The bracelet was sold for 4.5 million pounds sterling (almost $6 million US dollars) after its owner, the Duchess passed away in the 1980s. Historically it’s also one of the most important bracelets as King Edward VIII gave it to her during their marriage ceremony.

5. The Oldest Bracelet in the World

Only recently we discovered the world’s oldest bracelet. It was found in the Denisova cave of Russia. The cave is in the Bashelaksky Range of the Altai mountains. New findings suggest it could be more than 65,000 years old. Made of chlorite with the help of drill-like tools, it resembles ancient craftsmanship and mysticism. Also, it possesses the stunning ability to reflect the sun’s rays in broad daylight and casts a rich shade of green when placed beside the fire at night. Research also says that it’s delicate and was probably only worn by an affluent woman or child during special occasions significant to their culture.

There is so much history behind this mere piece of jewelry and it is astounding that we still have so much more to find. Till then keep up with the ever-evolving trends and keep on rocking a bracelet or similar items like a pyramid flexible bangle bracelet or a gold flexible bangle bracelet.



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