5 Expert Advices for Cooling Down the Loft

cooling down the air conditioning

Do you have loft spaces? Then only you know how difficult it to cooling down the loft in contrast to other corners of the home! Loft always adjoins high open ceiling of living of lower floor. Mostly, a small low railing distinguishes the areas. It equips full heighted glass panels with tiny window openings, it will become warm.

While loft air conditioning is there to cool down the space, you need to pay heed to other factors as well. It includes time for window opening, proper ventilation and window treatment you install. The other factors you should consider to cool down the loft are here in this blog. Don’t miss out to read.

  1. Check placement of AC unit

Planning for air conditioners for loft? No doubt it is the instant solution to the problem. But AC consumes lots of power entailing huge electricity bills if used 24/7. You must install it at the right place facing towards bed, dining table, sofa, reading desk or office desk for maximising the cold air.

It is really helpful if air con is close to ceiling. It will cool down the air above. Don’t place the unit below window so that it has to work hard for cooling down the air. You must remember the concept cold air sinks and hot air rises.

Despite of having AC unit you can make use of stand or ceiling fans for keeping the space cool by circulating the air effectively.

  1. Utilise your fans to its most

Identical to that of AC units, you can make most of use of the electric fans. Interestingly, both stand and wall fans are tiltable towards ceiling for pushing up the cold air. Get cool air into the room by placing the fan before open window at night.

However, don’t ever do this by mistake during the day. In case, there is an additional fan point it towards window for pushing out the hot air from the room.

On another flip, ceiling fans operate in both directions. Ensure that it blows the air down. You can test the fan’s function by standing under it directly. Otherwise, you need to change its setting as it will circulate the warm air within the room.

  1. Open the windows considering the time

Allow the room to have plenty of fresh air in the early morning, before sun heat begins. Also keep the windows open at night as air becomes cool by then. During the hot time of the day it is better to keep the windows completely closed. It will keep the loft cool to some extent.

  1. Select ideal window treatment

Full glass panels and high loft ceilings go hand-in-hand. Considering this, sun rays can directly pass through it causing heating up the room. Only proper window treatment can resist the heat outside if you keep them closed.

Therefore, it is ideal to go with sun shade roller blinds, full curtains and Roman shades. Using lining or blackout fabric of the curtains and Roman shades can keep the heat out of the room.

Even you should go for this option for customised shades and curtains as well. Various sun shade percentages are available for roller blinds. So, you must choose the highest one with great quality. Paint the windows to act them as heat resistance. But make sure to check if building management allows it or not.

  1. Put walls

You need to compromise in order to keep the space cool with open layout. There is nothing to worry about as walls will not be there around loft perimeter. Of course, it relies on feel and look you desire to have.

The common option is to build walls on 2 ends and at the corner of the room. Keep a narrow space of 60-80mm to have plenty of space in middle. By this way you can overlook both high ceiling and staircase in living room.

Additional tips to cool down the loft space

  • Always deal with lightweight materials such as fibre cement board or plywood for partition walls. You can opt for decorative panels too which are easily available locally.
  • Install ceiling-to-floor curtains within the new walls to keep the air from AC into the room. You have to customise the room on the basis of remaining opening width and length.
  • Get thin flexible rod to ensure the aestheticism of the room. Just draw the curtain from the sides to sit and enjoy open loft space.

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