5 Exciting Halloween Trend Predictions for 2022


5 Exciting Halloween Trend Predictions for 2022

For many of us, Halloween is our favorite holiday. From ensuring there’s plenty of candy on hand for the droves of trick-or-treaters to decorating the house, yard, and ourselves, it’s the main holiday that we go all out on.

Some start planning or even decorating right after Labor Day, or even earlier for the diehard fans, and start counting down the days to the next one as early as November 1st. While the pandemic put the brakes on the traditional festivities the past few years, this year it looks like we can get back to the Halloween fun.

With that in mind, we have a few predictions this year that could give you an advantage going into the season.

1. Quality, Quality, Quality

Getting your money’s worth is a concern many of us have no matter if we’re buying a new car or a meal at Burger King. With the uncertainty of the economy right now, a lot of people are going to be looking for affordable Halloween costumes they can use again and again.

You’re likely to see more multi-use costumes that can be used for the holiday as well as festivals, parades, and cosplay for comic book conventions. The one-and-done options we’ve all used in the past are likely to see decreased sales this year.

2. Going Retro

Whether it’s rewinding to the start of the pandemic and dressing up as the Tiger King, rocking the “big hair” of the 80s, or going as a peace-loving hippy, this year expect to see a lot of retro looks. If you’re attending a party with this theme and you want to be unique, check out this leopard costume from Tipsy Elves.

leopard costume

Speaking of Tipsy Elves Halloween costumes and the retro trend, their Space Ranger or Toy Solider costumes are great retro toy looks.


Space Ranger                                           Toy Solider

3. Matching Couples

This year, we think you’re going to see a lot of couples wearing matching costumes. Whether it’s pairing up the retro toys above or suiting up as matching unicorns, a lot of couples are going to look alike this year. Once again, Tipsy Elves is a great resource because they have tons of unique costumes for couples and they make it super easy to shop together.

4. Matching Families

With kids finally able to head back out for door-to-door candy-hunting adventures, you’re going to see more families in matching outfits too. There are a lot of great options available but our favorite simply has to be this family of piñatas.

family of piñatas

5. Going Animalistic

A lot of people simply love animals and this year you’re going to see a lot of them running around at Halloween parties. While there are likely to be plenty of unicorns and cats, we think you’re going to see more dragons, chickens, and cows, as well as really cute ones like this adorable octopus.

Getting back into the spirit of Halloween is definitely going to be fun. Especially after the un-fun many have had to deal with these past few months. Whether you’re headed off to a costume party or just hanging out at home handing out the candy, we predict that you’re going to see at least a few of the above trends.

The good news is, we found that the folks over at Tipsy Elves are ahead of the game and have completely embraced all of these trends. So, if you’re wanting to join in on the fun this year, head over there and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


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