5 Effective YouTube Promotion Services

5 Effective YouTube Promotion Services
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Blogger outreach is a video promotion strategy that you may not have considered.

Consider this scenario: five popular bloggers, each with 20,000 subscribers, feature your YouTube video in their blogs. Then, if 5% of each blog’s audience watches your YouTube video, you’ll get 5000 views practically immediately!

Now apply this approach to the hundreds of well-known blogs, each with thousands of readers. Blogger outreach is a terrific approach to get the word out about your YouTube promotion services out to influencers with large followings.

Here are five successful tactics for attracting the attention of well-known bloggers.

  1. Determine your blogger outreach objectives.

Beginning with the end in mind is a good way to go. Set measurable targets for how many bloggers you’ll contact, how many videos you’ll showcase, and so on. Determine what you want to achieve so you can work toward your objectives.

Here are some examples of goals you could set:

Expand your YouTube channel’s brand visibility to five more platforms.

Increase channel engagement by 20% on a monthly basis.

Make three new leads.

Develop close bonds with five bloggers.

Drive traffic to your channel from the blog’s followers.

  1. Find out who the relevant bloggers are


Bloggers adore showcasing their content-creating pals. You must be the type of person who the writer can relate to in order to get your videos included on a prominent blog.

This is why you should look for bloggers whose material is similar to yours. If you make makeup tutorials, for example, befriending a beauty blogger will benefit your channel more in the long run than befriending a parenting blogger.


To figure out which bloggers are the best fit for your channel, follow these steps.

Step 1: Make a list of well-known blogs in your niche.

Here’s how to identify well-known blogs in your field.

Do a Google search to find out more.

Determine which bloggers subscribe to your YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

Join a blog network, a discussion board, or a forum.

On Twitter and Facebook, look for related hashtags.

Attend seminars and conventions for bloggers.

Step 2: Look at the content that the bloggers post.

Take a look at the blogs you included in your spreadsheet. Make a list of the types of external content and third-party postings they distribute.

Step 3: Create content on related subjects.

You should generate material on related topics now that you know what kind of content these bloggers enjoy sharing. Your next video, on the other hand, must be exceptional in order to capture the attention of the bloggers. Every day, hundreds of tweets, messages, and emails are sent to them. Make sure your content stands out from the crowd.

  1. Establish positive ties with bloggers.

Having positive relationships with the bloggers with whom you collaborate will increase the likelihood of them sharing your videos. If you’re pushy or confrontational, no blogger will be interested in your video, no matter how good it is. willing to share your information

To build solid relationships with the bloggers you work with, follow these guidelines:

Emails should be respectful.

To begin a friendship with a blogger, send an email to them. Tell them you enjoyed one of their posts. Add to a social media conversation they’re having. Mention how frequently you share their content with your social media following.

Make a valuable offer

Making bloggers an offr that coincides with your own aims is the best way to stand apart. For example, you may write a guest post, provide expert advice, include bloggers in your YouTube videos, or use a call to action to send traffic to the bloggers’ postings.

  1. Make contact

In the blogger outreach process, this is the most crucial phase.

To write the best email pitch, follow these guidelines:

Create a memorable email subject line to ensure that your message stands out.

To make the pitch seem more personal, address the recipient by name.

Begin your email with a complimentary remark.

Get to to the point about what you’re looking for.

Keep your pitch brief and straightforward.

Professional email etiquette should be followed.

After a week, follow up.

  1. Evaluate the performance of your blogger outreach

It’s critical to track the return on investment of every marketing initiative, including blogger outreach

Here are the metrics you should track if your films are featured on a blog:

Check for an increase in the amount of comments left on your videos.

Views: Expect a constant growth in the number of views on YouTube.

Check to see if the number of shares has suddenly increased.

Following your video’s appearance on famous blogs, keep track of any increased inquiries and sales.

Measure the success of your blogger outreach to analyse how your video performed and figure out what works best for your films.

In order to promote your YouTube video, you’ll need to reach out to bloggers. Building a strong blogger network can help you achieve your promotion goals.


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