5 Educational Technology Trends for 2022

5 Educational Technology Trends for 2021

Technology has transformed our lives and has brought us from Stone Age to the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Technology has gained superiority in every field of our life. Thanks to this technology that is helping us to continue the learning process even in this critical pandemic situation.

From time to time the educational field has been shaped up to its best with the inclusion of technology. This has increased the standards of educational level and has given students an edge to explore. Initially online classes seem to be boring to students and they keep on asking others to take my classes for me. However, you can remove their boredom with some magic! Read this blog and include these five technology trends in your educational system for giving your students a fascinating learning environment.

5 Educational Technology Trends for 2021 

Build an interesting and valuable learning environment for your students by including the updating your learning system with the five educational technology trends discussed below;

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet of things is a very popular term that is widely used everywhere. The term simply means the involvement of the Internet in things. Now how it is changing education? Let’s See!

In the traditional way of learning, the use of blackboards, chalk, desk, chairs, textbooks, etc. was very common. However, the integration of technology is changing this traditional way of teaching towards e-learning. E-learning which is also known as online learning is a mode of education in which students are taught through the Internet. This means that you can now deliver the lectures to your students who are sitting in their homes through the computer and Internet.

Now you don’t need to be physically present to conduct lectures. You can now teach your students at your place to hundreds of students at the same time. This virtual model of learning has brought convenience for both the students and the teachers. Now you can easily teach and learn anything on the internet with your smartphone or computer. Additionally, you can connect to thousands of online books, documents, journals, and other online study material.

Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever heard the term AI? You must have from the mouths of scientists in the creation of robots and different machines. Well, Artificial intelligence is the fifth intelligence that is not only used in the robotics world or in the manufacturing of computers but has also stepped into the educational system.

Artificial intelligence has improved the learning system by giving students an edge to learn more effectively. It has also transformed the testing and grading elements of the system. Using artificial intelligence such automated algorithms are created that check the tests and exams (conducted by the students) automatically. This leads to fair assessment methods and delivers the correct grades to the students without any mistakes. This also saves time as the manual procedure of testing is quite lengthy. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence is also helpful in checking plagiarism in the work. To detect and rectify the grammatical errors in the work which you can easily do from online plagiarism and grammar tools.

Movia Robotics is so smart that it helps to know teachers what problems students are facing especially with autism during their classes and even provides the solutions to rectify them. They have introduced an NAO robot that has improved the education ecosystem. Thus, artificial intelligence in education is easing the work of both students and teachers.

Virtual Learning and Augmented Reality

Another popular trend that is greatly used for learning and teaching purpose is Augmented and Virtual reality. You must have seen VR headsets used for gaming purpose but now it is also used in the field of education. Using virtual reality, you can now teach students in a much better way by allowing them to learn through visuals and 3D models.

Those phenomena of Physics and Chemistry that are difficult to understand can now be easily learned by watching happening those experiments through this technology. Similarly, the use of VR headsets is beneficial for the impaired people. For example, you can easily teach a blind person by allowing him to explore the world using AR and VR technology. In short, this technology is a way to eliminate barriers and is an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow in a much better way.

Thus, if you want to help your students in understanding concepts that are difficult to imagine then VR and AR are a good start for them. This will make learning flexible for all the students especially for those with sensory, physical, or mental incapacities.


Since the breakout of the coronavirus, online learning is effective throughout the world. However, this has caused students lazy because of the boring learning atmosphere. This boring learning can be made exciting for the students with the help of gamification. Learning done through playing games is known as Gamification.

The main advantage of gamification in the learning process is that it builds the interest of students and teaches them something meaningful in play. The inclusion of games in learning process has made students to comprehend things perfectly and quickly. Even this method is now widely used in taking IQ examinations as well. It is one of the best ways to make your memory sharp and also helps in enhancing the cognitive skills. The games included are mostly based on numbers, patterns, shapes, Puzzles  and tricky questions that sharpen your mind. Thus, this method should necessarily be added as a learning method.

Big Data

The number of students pursuing an online education is increasing day by day because of its numerous advantages. The biggest advantage that is compelling many students to opt for e-learning is its flexibility which is you can easily learn at your own pace and time. To provide customized education to all the students at their own time and pace is a big task. Don’t worry for Big Data Management software will do it for you.

Using these Big Data management software will help you to handle all the data. Information of your students and will manage their learning effectively without any interruptions.

These are the five most popular educational trends that are rolling in the industry rapidly. We recommend you follow these educational technology trends and make learning valuable and interesting for students. You can change your students’ opinion of asking others to take my classes for me to independent learning by developing their interest with the help of technology. So what are you waiting for? Make your learning system TECH SAVVY:)


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