5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Private Detective Agencies


When it comes to private detective agencies, misconceptions fly thick and fast. False notions of various types exist about sleuths and their modus operandi. While some of those beliefs may have traces of truth to them, but most are outright false and must never be believed.

And anyone still begs to differ should clearly know how detective agencies work as ethically and with as much professionalism as any other company in any other industry. Most of them are not only duly licensed but also registered with the government of India and file their IT, GST & TDS return as regularly as any other entity from any other industry.

In fact, there is nothing illegal about either them or the type of work they do and this industry is as much legitimate as any other. That’s why you should never allow those misconceptions to stop you from benefiting from the expertise of top sleuths of India.

Here are top 5 misconceptions people have about private detective agencies –

Misconception 1 – It’s not legal to hire a private detective agency

This misconception tops the list when it comes to hiring private detective agencies and you must never believe this. In fact, it’s very much legal to hire them as the law of India permits anyone anywhere across the country to hire a private detective agency and benefit from their expertise. You needn’t worry at all as the government collects taxes from these agencies and give them legal permission to do their job. And most importantly, a good marriage detective agency is not only always registered with the Government of India but also falls under the preview of the Central Excise.

Misconception 2 – Private detectives are not licensed

This misconception also floats around on a regularly basis but you don’t have to buy into it ever. After all, private detectives or agencies are very much licensed to operate and offer services to customers across the country.  They are registered with the Government of India, also with the Central Excise and in fact, some top ones are also registered as an MSME under the title of “Private Investigation Services. With such a reliable and full-proof registration system in place, how can one believe that these agencies are not licensed? So, you needn’t bother about anything when it comes to approaching matrimonial detectives for investigation purpose.

Misconception 3 – Investigation done by private detective is not supported with evidence  

This is another misconception that some people have as the reality is entirely different because any investigation done of these agencies is always fully backed up with evidence. In fact, some of these detective agencies are truly world-class and they use cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated equipment to gather evidence in any circumstance. You can always trust matrimonial investigation services to provide you proper evidence with your case and actually, you can use the same in the court of law. But yes, evidence –based investigation is costlier than the ones where only information is sought as it involves more effort and more resources for agencies.

Misconception 4 – The evidence gathered by private detective agencies is not admissible in the court of law

This is another misconception arising out due to lack of proper knowledge on the subject because the truth is entirely different. In fact, any evidence gathered by these agencies can be presented in the court of law for any type of case. Evidence is evidence and the court will never object about its source or origin unless it is gathered in an unlawful manner or obtained using illegal ways. You can clearly imagine the role played by detective agencies when it comes to helping solve cases in the court.

Misconception 5 – A private detective agency can be made a witness in the court of law

No, you can never make either a detective or agency a witness in the court of law. Similarly, never ever will either a detective or an agency will provide testimony in the court as it’s against the rules of their profession. Their roles starts and ends with gathering information and evidence and giving it to their clients and after that, it’s  up to the client to whether use the evidence in the court or not.


You can clearly see how hiring a detective for pre matrimonial investigation is full of fallacies and false notions but you not trust any of them and care for only good results.


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