5 Best Instagram Video Marketing Strategies You Should Know


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for individuals and online businesses. Video content on Instagram has grown in recent years, and more and more businesses are looking to create promotional films that fulfill their goals. From video feeds to IGTV and the newly introduced featured Instagram reel, there are many ways to leverage video on Instagram to reach your target audience with Instagram video marketing strategies.

In the dynamics of modern social media platforms, simply having an Instagram presence will not be enough if you want to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition. So, if you’re looking for a powerful marketing strategy, you’re in luck because, in this post, we’ve compiled 5! These strategies can help you strengthen your Instagram presence and help you up to your social media game. Let’s start.

Top 5 Instagram Video Marketing Strategies

1. Learn About Your Audience As Much As You Can

In order to update your Instagram marketing plan, it is important to monitor the latest trends. Our methods are often based on assumptions about our target audience, so any insight into what they want and how they benefit from the platform is more than welcome.

According to one study, 73% of respondents use Instagram. A deeper examination of the demographics shows that almost all GenZs are on Instagram (95%), with millennials following closely (86%).

Also, it’s still important to note that Instagram isn’t just for younger users as 69% baby boomers and 66% GenX are also present on the site. That’s why it’s essential to make constructive assumptions based on audience-supported insights about the types of content and ads that perform best for your services when developing an Instagram marketing plan.

2. Covering a lot of things through Posts

Your Instagram Instagram video content can come in many forms and themes. There are plenty of opportunities to explore, from short films on Stories to more extensive videos on IGTV.

Video feeds remained the top destination for people to watch videos (91%) while stories garnered speed (83%). IGTV may be the last resort (44%), but it’s still a big percentage, especially if you want to upload a large video that’s longer than a minute.

The type of video you ultimately choose will depend on your business goals and target audience. However, it’s still important to experiment with different concepts to see which one works best for your account. For example, tutorials on how to use a B2C brand don’t always have to be used.

This may be an exciting method of testing fresh ideas to find out your followers’ likes. There are many online tools that help you to create online videos, and you use them to create amazing Instagram videos. Particularly interesting are the types of businesses Instagram users love to follow. Food and beverage companies dominate, with 40% of people following them, while travel (33%) and music (29%) follow.

If your brand operates in this sector and strives to stand out, you must have an edge. But you can also compete more, which implies that innovation and commitment are far more important.

3. Make sure your brand is easy to find

If you want new followers on Instagram, then your brand should be easy to find. A study found that 26% of Instagram users track a brand new page at least once a month via the Explore section of the app. One excellent method to benefit from this technique is to continue producing engaging content that will be deemed relevant to place your content in the explore section of your audience’s Instagram profile. The algorithm analyzes a person’s interests and the type of account they follow to display related material.

In addition, 18% of Instagram users follow new Instagram accounts via hashtags at least once a month. This is a fantastic testament to the importance of using Instagram hashtags. You don’t need to add 50 unrelated hashtags to your post, and make sure you take the time to search for the most important hashtags to help you reach new people who might be following your account.

4. Explore New Horizons to Generate Engagement

It can be difficult to maintain or improve your relationship with your current followers. Instagram is one of the most committed social media platforms and it is important to include an engagement plan with your prospects.

Instagram’s algorithm takes care of your commitments and decides whether your latest posts show up in the majority of your followers. It would be best if you made sure the posts you post are interesting enough to get engagement (likes, comments).

Fortunately, videos can help you increase your engagement rate. You can start engaging in video chat, but you can also master Instagram stories to increase your business prospects. There are many methods to increase your engagement using polls, questions, quizzes, and user-generated content (UGC) in stories. All you need is imagination to test new concepts that put your fans at the center of your plans.

5. Always Emphasize CTA

Instagram is no longer just about awareness and engagement. It is believed that 31 percent of users buy after watching a video ad directly from Instagram. Increasing Instagram sales and conversions is one of the most popular business goals.

Instagram has facilitated successful capitalization through clickable video ads to simplify shopping.


Just having a presence on Instagram is not enough to grab the attention of your target audience and publicize your products. First of all, remember that many options are available to your potential customers, which is why it is important that you offer them what they want. In other words, creating Instagram videos is critical to the success of social media marketing. With this simple video marketing strategy for Instagram, you can increase brand awareness, commitment, and sales without spending a fortune.

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