5 Benefits of Entrepreneurship Education to Students

5 Benefits of Entrepreneurship Education to Students
5 Benefits of Entrepreneurship Education to Students

Entrepreneurship – “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
– Steve Jobs, Co-founder, CEO, Chairman Apple Inc.

Behind the success of famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson, there is an ambitious, hardworking, and motivated person. The greatest achievements of such personalities have shaped the world to the next level, bringing more opportunities for the upcoming generations.

What is Entrepreneurship Education?

Entrepreneurship education is facing huge demand because it is one brilliant way that contributes to economic growth and generates multiple job perspectives. Thus, entrepreneurship education focuses on the development of skills that helps students build exceptional approach in this world’s rapidly changing scenario. With entrepreneurship education, you can learn crucial skills, such as:

  • Collaborate and work with a team
  • Learn to speak in public and prepare an effective presentation
  • Collection and analyse data
  • Usage of social media as an advocacy tool
  • Solve real, complex problems with no definitive answer
  • Built curiosity and creativity for an innovative approach

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Entrepreneurship education is not just limited to students from science, technology and business background. Students from arts, humanities, design, music, etc., can also discover their creative skills in solving real-world problems.

5 Benefits of Entrepreneurship Education in School Curriculum

Here are the top five reasons how entrepreneurship education in school can help students build skills and prepare for future opportunities.

  1. Entrepreneurship to prepare students for uncertain future

We live in an unpredictable world and the arrival of a global pandemic has completely changed our way of thinking. Technology transformation is revolving and changing our lives at each second. With such instances, today’s generation has an uncertain future, full of challenges associated with global, social and environmental issues.

Thus, there is a complete change in the current job scenario, as per World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs survey –

  • Half of today’s work activities may be automated by 2055, generating completely new roles, responsibilities, and challenges for the future workforce.
  • Eighty-five percent of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented.
  • 50% of US workers will be freelancing. Given the current pace of growth, the Freelancers Union predicts that over half of US workers will be freelancing by 2027.

Entrepreneurship-focused activities can empower students with crucial life skills and navigate them towards the uncertain future. With this, they can establish themselves in a promising professional life.

  1. Entrepreneurship for creativity, leadership & collaboration

With entrepreneurial education comes creativity, leadership, innovation and collaboration of skills. However, standardised testing in educational institutions can bring opportunities for students to innovate and collaborate with others. These methodologies will create a path for teamwork and help them to identify leadership among the team. Thus, collaboration and teamwork will make students conscious and encourage them to think critically, develop effective communication skills, ideas and personality development.

Good leadership and teamwork learned at this stage will benefit you in building a lucrative start-up. Thus, it helps you develop a way to trust, collaborate, communicate and cooperate in groups.

  1. Entrepreneurship for confidence and critical thinking

Traditional classroom lessons,like not to fail, face every challenge perfectly, cannot be implied practically. But the ideas and skills that students get from entrepreneurship education can help them gain confidence as they learn to identify problems and explore solutions which can lead to a positive road for the future. Moreover, it encourages the growth of mindset and seek objectives to handle projects in the real world. With these students can learn multiple ways to collect and analyse data for risk calculation. Thus, entrepreneurship education boosts confidence in students with growth in mindset, by encouraging skills that constantly change with time and effort.

  1. Entrepreneurship to find purpose

The traditional approaches of learning stick to importance or its relevance in the later stage of life. But entrepreneurial education helps students to focus on the value of interest. With these students can cross-question- “How can I benefit others with my time, education and resources?” With in-depth interest, skills and positive intention, they can create something that delivers value to others. Thus, a strong approach in the learning process offers flexibility and freedom to find purpose. By establishing purpose in your entrepreneurial education, you can benefit from-

  • Purpose helps you persevere when the inevitable challenges of business or life
  • Working with a purpose aid in all stages of decision-making.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn to align projects with purpose, with a viable career path.
  • Develop a clear focus and plan of action in further course, saving time and money.

Angela Duckworth, researcher and professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, states,“The single most important factor in a person’s long-term success is passion and sustained persistence.”

  1. Entrepreneurship to make real impact on the world

According to Online Schools Centre, “41 percent of middle and high school students plan to start their own businesses and 45 percent say that they will invent something world changing.”

A real entrepreneur is an individual who very well knows to undertake risk in a business venture. Thus, an entrepreneur has a firm dedication to solving problems, catering to needs, ease pain points through their products or services. With entrepreneurial education, students are willing to move towards their future with a positive change in the world scenario. Whatever your reason for the start-up of the venture is, there is still a way for many opportunities.

Are you ready for new opportunities and challenges?

With the advancement in technology, the world is changing rapidly, the future lies in the hands of innovators and leaders. Before anything, the global educational scenario must be changed and adapted accordingly. With entrepreneurship education, students can become self-employed and create employment opportunities for others. Additionally, you can withstand challenges and bring real changes in the diverse working environment. Good Luck!

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