5 Beautiful Tips On Decorating Your Space With Wall Art

Wall Art

Decorating your space is one of the exciting and stressful jobs. But to lower down your stress, it’s highly recommended to check out Singapore art galleries online instead of checking them offline. 

We believe art is a lifelong investment that makes your home or office space look good. 

For decorating your space, you can buy art in Singapore as well as check them online. Well, for decorating your space with wall art, we have the topmost trends and tips for you. Let’s walk through the following tips. 

First, we will talk about the latest trends you can follow to decorate your space. 

Latest Trends To Decorate Your Wall 

Large Scale Wall Art 

Those days are gone when people used to choose small wall art for the home. Now the trend is heading towards an oversized photograph or painting. Moreover, it seeks attention and sets a class in your space (home, restaurant, or office). Suppose you have a minimalist room. Go ahead with white and black photos. Also, you can add color to a vibrant abstract art piece. 

Hang Different Art In One Space 

The gallery wall adds grace to your home. You can combine and display a collection of photos or art to hang on a wall. Choose a single frame or any other board to bring all artwork or pictures together. 

Furthermore, if you have a small space, we have an idea! You can extend the frame to the top of the ceiling to create an illusion of ample space. 

Do you have any doubts? You can take more ideas from any  Singapore art gallery

Choose An Accent Wall

For displaying art on a wall, you can DIY. For instance, to create an accent wall, try to apply bold and bright paint. Also, you can bring patterns with stenciling, decorative paint techniques, and wallpaper.  

Believe it or not, the accent wall has a more significant impact in a small room or other space. 

Now let’s hop on to the collection of wall art you can use for decorating a space. 

Top 5 Wall Art For Decorating Your Space 

  • Keep moving  
  • Musician 
  • Dream wings II 
  • The creative joy of living 
  • Self-portrait 1

 Let’s have a deep dive into the famous work of the Singapore art gallery. 

  • Keep Moving Wall Art

Keep Moving is an overwhelming work on the transient nature. It shows people moving from country to country and city to city. In this art, the artist depicts this as a constant issue. Moreover, this artwork defines people spending time chasing their dreams and living their lives. Keep moving art is done on acrylic, crayons, and charcoal on paper. Also, you can check this beautiful piece in a Singapore art gallery.

  •  Musician 

The yellow color has a lot of religious importance in many people’s lives. No matter which nation it is, music is an integral part of every celebration. This artwork explores the components of music.

Further, in this artwork a lady is playing a musical instrument. So, the artist depicted women as having the same importance as men have in society. 

But if you want such a piece, you can buy art from famous art galleries of Singapore. 

  • Dream Wings II

The artwork dream wings II defines people’s aspirations. It inspires us to do brave things. It has many shapes and colors as metaphors make us ponder about the possibilities of inaction or action. 

Moreover, it is the work of Kodanda Roa that defines the condition of society. Well, it’s also an exploration of experiences and situations which keep shaping humanity. 

  •  The Creative Joy Of Living II

The “Creative Joy of Living II” defines the nature of our surroundings and its importance. Also, it explains how often we look at the heart and capture its beauty in our minds. 

Here in this art piece, the artist is recapturing the importance of nature. It is made up of Kodanda Rao. Moreover, it fundamentally deals with many people, their conditions, and the environment. It makes us shape humanity and experience an exploration of situations.

  •  Self-Portrait 1

Self-portrait 1 is a work on paper. Moreover, the artist is exploring expressionist ideology. The colors are controlled and subdued in a tiny space. However, this art is still very open and expressive. 

Furthermore, the artist is Federico. He is an emotional painter who tries to capture emotions in every art piece. 

If you want to buy this painting, you can check it over the Singapore art galleries.

Important Tip

There is a suggestion for you: understand the meaning of painting before you buy art in Singapore. A foolproof tip for you is, always check out the meaning of a painting.

Also, you might be aware that wall art or painting is one of the most natural ways to show your personality or character. Therefore you should pick a wall art with the utmost care, as it will show your image to visitors. 

Your wall decoration could be an adumbration of your character. For instance, a music lover can buy a Musician painting from a Singapore art gallery

Although, if you are decorating a home or office, consider the budget to buy wall art.  

Also, it’s highly recommended first to see your budget then buy art in Singapore. If you want to make your space unique with wall art, think out of the box. Mostly unique things can catch the customer’s attention.  

 Final words

Before you buy art in Singapore, remember one thing: find the dimensions of your space. Don’t stuff your wall with several paintings. First, you need to verify the length, breadth, and height of the wall you want to decorate.

Well, we hope this article might clear your vision. Now you might be able to choose the right Singapore art gallery as per your requirements. Well, these points will make you encourage your loved ones to show some interest in art.

Do you have any questions or doubts regarding the best artworks? If so, please tell us. 

We are open to your queries. Thank you for reading!


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