(4 Free Ways) Fix “Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem” Error


In this article, we have talked about the different solutions to repair “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error. If your computer is displaying this warning message, you should get conscious of the fact that your hard disk is failing.

Your computer may get corrupted or unbootable. Therefore, you may fail to access your data such as photos, videos, music, etc.

Continue reading this article to find some solutions and fix the error “Windows detected a hard disk problem”.

Different Causes of Hard Disk Problems- Why Do These Problems Occur?

Before we know about the solutions of the “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error, we should know the causes which create the hard disk problems. Here are some causes are given below:

  • When hard disk/ drive fails.
  • If your system errors such as registry errors etc occur.
  • When a logical or mechanical error happens.
  • Due to the file system gets corrupted or damaged.
  • When bad sectors occur in your hard disk partition
  • Because of virus attacks your computer.
  • When false operation or human error occurs.

If any one of these mentioned issues occurs to your hard disk on your computer, Windows will detect the issue and display the error message “Windows detected a hard disk problem”.

Solutions To Fix “Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem” Error

Solution #1: Use The System File Checker To Fix The Hard Disk Error.

Windows provides some basic tools to its users to get rid of the errors. E.g.: the system file checker, this tool simply helps the users to verify the system file status and resolve different serious issues effortlessly. Follow the steps given below to use the Windows system file checker.

Step 1: Click on the “start” option and type “CMD” in the search bar and click the enter button.

Step 2: Type “SFC/scannow” and click the enter button.

sfc scannow

This process will scan all the protected system files and substitute all those corrupted files with a backup copy. After the process gets completed, once more your hard disk will work effortlessly.

Solution #2: Run CHKDSK To Fix The Hard Disk Problem

CHKDSK is an inbuilt tool in your computer systems. It verifies the file system integrity of a volume and tries to fix the logical errors of the file system. To run “CHKDSK” and fix the issues of your hard disk, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Press “Win + R” to open Run, then type “CMD” and press the “enter” to open a command prompt.


Step 2: Type “CHKDSK C: /f /r /x” and press the “enter” option.

Step 3: Type “CHKDSK” and press the “enter” button. The CHKDSK starts working

The main function of CHKDSK tool is for inspection and repairing the errors of the file system of different formats. Thus, if the “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error is caused by the file system error, then it will quickly fix the issue after running the CHKDSK.

But, there’s always a risk of losing all the data while performing CHKDSK. During this process, the entire file allocation table will be modified. Therefore, it’s recommended to back up the data before trying the command.

Solution #3: Search For Bad Sectors

If there’s no problem found in your system or different file formats, then you need to check the working condition of your hard drive. Bad sectors may happen to your hard drive and it may cause a threat to your data security.

There are many applications of recovery tool and backup software which includes the function to find the bad sector and fix the issue. These are all third-party tools, you have to download any one of the applications and install it first.

After installation, launch the program and you can view hard drives and partitions displayed on the screen with all the possible information. Click on menu item “disk” and click on “repair bad sectors”

The process of checking bad sectors might take some time if the drive scanned has a large capacity. After the process gets completes, it will display the report of all the bad sector conditions.

Bad sector repairing damages the data stored in the hard disk. Therefore, you need to back up all the data before you start the process of repairing it.

Solution #4: Contact Hard Disk Support Or Find A Professional Repair Center

If the above solutions don’t work, in this case, you have to contact the hard drive repair center or contact the support team. Disk repairing needs special tools and machines and some damaged disks cannot be repaired. The support team can help you out by giving you some solutions.

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How To Disable The Error Warning If There’s No Error In Your Hard Disk?

The error message gets displayed on your computer when your hard disk has problems and reminds you to backup the data. But there are some cases when your hard drive has no problem but windows just displays the error message. This message can be very annoying, to disable the feature follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Click on “start” and get to the “run” window and type “gpedit.MSC”


Step 2: Click on the “ok” option and hit the “enter” key, a new window will get displayed where you can find disk diagnostics: Administrative templates> system> Troubleshooting and diagnostics> disk diagnostics.

Step 3: Click the “disk diagnostic: configure execution level” on the right and the configuration message will be displayed. Modify the execution level to Disable and click “apply” and “ok”. Then restart the computer.

Now you can see the issue resolved. These steps only stop the error message to get displayed on your computer, it can’t fix the hard disk error or system error. So, make sure that your hard disk is in good health condition.

Backup After An Error Appears

As we said before, hard disk problems may result in a huge loss of important data such as the installed programs, documents, photos, movies, songs, emails, and other personal information. Thus, it is highly recommended to create a backup if such an error gets displayed on your computer.

You can easily backup the data from one disk to another disk. Simply you can use the copy and paste operation to backup the data.


In this article, we discussed the best solutions to get rid of “Windows detected hard disk problem” error. If this error occurs to your computer, you don’t have to get scared, just follow the above steps and fix the problems.


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