4 Factors that Influence Solar Panels for Home Cost


With great strides being made in energy technology, solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as a reliable and efficient energy system for the home. Combined with government subsidies for solar energy, many people are now seriously considering making the switch to solar panels for their home energy needs.

Of course, any change in how things are done, especially with something as vital as electricity, comes with a lot of questions and concerns. One of the chief concerns many people have pertains to what the solar panels for home cost is. This is, naturally, an important concern to see whether making the change will be viable for you financially. Let’s discuss a number of factors that influence solar panels for home cost. 

  1. The Technology Used by Solar Panels

Solar panels for home costs are different for different types of technologies. They work on three different types of technology:

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels: These solar panels use single silicon crystals in their cells and provide moderate efficiency. 
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels: These are the lowest costing solar panels for home in the market today. They can be a good fit for many home energy needs and are quite cost-effective. 
  • Mono PERC PV Panels: These are highly efficient in low light conditions. PERC basically stands for Passivated Emitter & Rear Cell. They are generated by adding a passivated layer in the back of the solar cells.

  2. The Solar Inverter

To understand the basics, the main function of solar inverters is to convert the energy collected by the panels into a form that can be used as electricity in your home for your appliances. There are two types of solar inverters: string inverters and micro-inverters.

Consequently, the solar inverter is an integral component of any solar energy system and greatly influences solar panels for home costs. That is to say, if solar panels are the brawn of your solar system, solar inverters are the brain. So, in case you already own a solar inverter or have a solar system installed, it’ll be a deciding factor for your future purchase of solar panels. At the same time, if you opt for upgrading or switching to more efficient panels, the backwards compatibility between them has to be kept in mind, ultimately influencing pricing.

Manufacturers like Luminous offer high-quality solar inverters with long life cycles to provide uninterrupted electricity to your home while significantly reducing solar panels for home costs. 

3. The Structures Used to Mount Solar Panels

Solar panels cannot simply be placed on a roof by themselves; they must be installed on specially designed mounting structures based on the kind of surface they are being installed on. Cement roofs – also known as RCC roofs – require galvanised steel mounting, while aluminium mounting is commonly used for metal rooftops. 

The quality of your mounting structures is essential to consider while estimating solar panels for home costs. They need to be able to withstand intense weather events like storms and cyclones, depending on where you live, and should also be able to withstand high temperatures. The mounting you use should ideally also be tall enough to receive sunshine, especially if your home is surrounded by other buildings.

4. Value Added Services for Solar Panels for The Home

Other than solar panels for home costs themselves, you might also want to include the cost of services such as the installation and contracts for servicing and maintenance. Solar solution providers like Luminous, for instance, offer excellent warranties with their solar energy systems. This is an essential factor to consider simply due to the magnitude of your investment.

Solar panels for home costs have rapidly decreased in the last few years; however, they still remain important and large investments for most people who choose to get one for themselves. It’s important, therefore, to partner with reputed companies with high-quality offerings like Luminous for your solar energy needs.





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