There is one sure shot way to avoid a hangover, which is to not drink heavily the night before. But as we are creatures who love to party, hangovers could be big brothers. But what actually is a hangover and why does it get so nasty?

Paracetamol; pills, and hangover drinks often are damaging to the liver when coupled with drinking.Bytox is a 100% organic stick-on patch meant for the surface of the skin. Simply stick to this hangover patch before drinking for a worry-free night out. This hangover patch is an easy-to-use patch for a more productive morning.

What Is A Hangover? 

Everyone has experienced that horrible moment when we wake up with an extremely dry mouth and a head that feels like a drum is being bashed inside it. The frenzy of the previous night seems a nightmare and you are already pledging to not drink ever again, as you tussle with the hangover. As individuals react differently to alcohol, there is no definite amount that you have to drink to cause a hangover; nevertheless, the heavier you drink the worse it will get. These effects are the results of the alcohol dehydrating us which in turn affect our bodies’ systems. Alcohol also makes the brain bulge causing a terrible headache as it returns to its normal size.

hangover patches

Bytox Hangover Patch

Hey, have you heard of the Bytox Hangover Patch? It is an amazing alternative to hangover pills and drinks that often just remedy the horrible hangover feeling. What if I told you there was a way to prevent you from even getting there? You read that right, we want you to have your drinks but without the negative effect of a hangover! Bytox Hangover Patch is made from 100% natural ingredients which help balance the depleted vitamins and nutrients from hard drinks consumption. You can check the full list of all the organic and natural ingredients on our site or see all the amazing feedback from other users!. These bytox hangover patches are now available in Singapore.


Hangover Remedies

Hangover Patches-The best hangover remedy SG in a natural way is intaking recovery patches that you can buy; and which you stick on your body before you take drinks and wear for up to 24 hours. These patches work like nicotine patches or diet patches; in that substances are absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream. These patches or recovery patches as they are called have scores of natural ingredients such as magnesium, vitamin C, milk thistle, and prickly pear, all meant to limit the effects of alcohol on the body and enable you to recover faster.

Caffeine & Aspirin-The latest study undertaken by scientists in Philadelphia at the Thomas Jefferson University seems to indicate that caffeine and painkillers will be effective when it comes to dealing with a hangover. The study included inducing headaches in rats using small amounts of ethanol; the rats were then administered caffeine and anti-inflammatories, which seemed to block the chemical acetate found in alcohol; and gradually relieve their symptoms.

Get A few vitamins

Your body seems truly utilize a few vitamins right presently. The most straightforward way is to drink orange juice for sound measurements of vitamin C. One little ponder found proves that zinc and B vitamins may diminish the seriousness of headaches as well. In case you’ve got a multivitamin within the house; this can be likely a great time to require that.

Eat Something

Food could appear just like the final thing you need, but it can offer assistance. It oughtn’t to be much of anything that will make you debilitatedAttempt to eat mineral- and protein-rich nourishmentindeed in the event that you do not feel like it. Begin with something insipid; like a bit of bread or many saltines or pretzels. The carbs will offer assistance directing your blood sugar, facilitating the shakes and dizziness.

On the off chance that remains down; attempt something with a small more substance like a bit of natural product (bananas are amazing) or a smoothie. In Singapore; drinking pickle juice could be a well-known cure.

Attemptbacon and Eggs

It’s not fair to your creative ability that a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich mystically makes you’re feeling superior. Both bacon and eggs contain an amino corrosive called cysteine, which researchers have found may decrease the sum of acetaldehyde within the body—one of the byproducts of liquor metabolization which may contribute to a few of your headache indications. If you’re a veggie-lover, broccoli moreover contains tall sums of cysteine, so that small superfood might offer assistance to kick you out of headache mode.

The Best Solution or Hangover Remedy

The best solution or hangover remedy is to know your limits and drink accordingly. However; an effective hangover remedy sg, if things do get out of hand, is recovery patches. These are recommended by scientists and medical practitioners as an answer to hangover problems that allow the body to recover faster. Overall; the best is to take limited quantities of alcohol and keep yourself hydrated by taking enough water and fluids.Bytox presents an easy stick-on hangover patch to avoid your hangover naturally. This 100% organic patch is a revolutionary solution to the age-old hangover pills that is easy to use and fuss-free simply stick the Bytox hangover patch before your first drink and enjoy a worry-free time with your friends. Bytox hangover patches are available to order at our online store, try today!


Consuming hangover pills and drinks to get over a hangover is typically the go-to solution in Singapore and many countries alike. What if there was a better solution? One that doesn’t need to be metabolized by the body or taken multiple times (even at an intoxicated stage)? One that you don’t have to worry about taking at the right time;  Bytox Hangover Patch is the modern-day solution to the hangover problem. It is an all-natural stick-on hangover patch that is simply applied before drinking!. Each patch is preventive of a hangover by supplying vital nutrients and vitamins depleted from the body from drinking.


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