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Are Car Rentals Beneficial For You? Or Are They A Scam?

People really love using car rentals. This is why they exist in such a huge capacity in where ever you are in the world. Their popularity is of such credibility that it has been proven by business journals and studies that more people nowadays prefer to use them. Then to take the public transport when they are traveling for work or holiday commitment.

But even after such glorifying reviews, there are still a bunch of people who consider car rentals to be a scam. In the blog, we have discussed the elephant in the room by answering the decades’ burning question. Are car rental beneficial for you? Or are they a scam?

And in order to be fair to the argument of both of the sides. We are going to present the case for both of them by first mentioning to you the reasons we think they are beneficial for you. Followed by the counterargument of why they can also be sometimes considered as a scam. And in the end, we wil wrap it up with our personal opinion on the topic.

Reasons Car Rentals Are Beneficial For You

So without further ado, let us jump right into the first side of the argument that is why people and we believe. That car rentals can be beneficial for you so you can understand why people have been using them for such a long time. And the following are the reasons for it:

  • They Provide You All Of The Latest Cars

In the lifetime of a person, one could own only a certain amount of cars whereas the variety available nowadays is tremendous. So if you want to try them all then car rentals are the perfect place to give them a go. They not only let you drive all of them but can even help you make decisions regarding which brand is your favorite and why along with which is not and why.

  • Their Convenience Is Unrivaled

The single biggest reason why we and the general public believe that car rentals are more beneficial than anything else. Is that the convenience they provide you in the 21st century is simply unrivaled. Want to book a car for 2 weeks? You can! Certain and specific car? Yup, that is possible as well, this is what makes them such an in-demand commodity.

  • Easy To Acquire & Use

Car rental was always easy to acquire and use as even in the days gone by. All you had to do to hire one was to go to their office, fill out relevant paperwork and the car was yours to use as you pleased. But it is the advancement of technology, modern age that has made this one of the core reasons why they are beneficial for you as their acquirement is easier, cheaper than ever.

Reasons Car Rentals Are A Scam

Now to present the other side of the discussion we are going to highlight some of the most common grievances. People had with car rentals due to which they are often labeled as scams. And the following are the core reasons according to us:

  • They Can Run You Quite A Bill

Car rentals can provide you with all of the latest cars, models, for however long you want, etc. But the dark truth to this convenience is that they can run you a hefty bill as well. And often in their marketing, they hide these costs to make people believe they are getting a great deal which at the end of the transaction can cause quite a few arguments, leading people to consider them scams.

  • A Rental Never Feels Own

When it is your own vehicle you know it inside out whereas this is not the case with a rental. They have their own set of specific requirements which you need to fulfill like special fuel, brake oil, etc. If you want to get the best performance out of them and this also crosses people.

  • Sneaky Charges Are Taxes Are Ever Present

It is a surprise to no one that at a modern car rental you are offered customer service of the finest quality. But as it often turns out they all come at a cost. As car rentals are often criticized for hiding and adding sneaky charges and taxes on the final bill which they have not disclosed earlier. Resulting in customers’ displeasure and calling them scam.

Pros & Cons They Serve You

Now that we have presented the argument for both sides regarding the debate. Before we tell you our opinion about them. We would now also like to highlight some of the additional pros and cons they serve you so that you can easily make your opinion about them without any worry.

Pros Of Car Rentals

  • You Get To Try A Variety Of Cars That You Usually Won’t
  • They Can Be Accessed & Discarded Swiftly
  • Can Easily Find Them On Any And Every Budget

Cons Of Car Rentals

  • They Are Quite Stringent With Their Issuance Timings
  • Accidental Insurance Is Extra
  • You Can Run Quite A Bill Due To Their Hidden Charges


After presenting both sides of the debate in the end we would like to highlight to you our personal thoughts about them. According to us, Car rental is extremely beneficial and not a scam at all. Because even if you nitpick even then their cons are very minimal when compared to the pros they offer.

This is why car rentals are a huge thumbs up from our side and if you are looking for the finest car rental offers Dubai in the UAE. Then you are in luck because this is a country where the best of the best car rental exist and you can very easily find a top-quality one for you.

In the end, we would like to know what are your thoughts about the matter? Let us know in the comments section. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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