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Getting the latest fashion trends is always my favorite part about spring and summer. I love that you get to dust off your old wardrobe, get rid of all the boring pieces that have been sitting in your closet for months and can finally replace them with exciting new styles from this seasons’ recent collections from the best designers working today. This year has been a bit more subdued than seasons past which makes it a little bit easier to pull together looks, but if last season was anything to go by we’ll also see a lot of bright colors pop up soon enough! This article will be going through some popular outfits so you can get inspired for the upcoming season. Don’t forget to check out our website tomorrow when we’ll be adding in some new outfits too! .Pop Smoke Merch  have quality of products like shirts sweatshirts and hoodies get fast shipping around the world.

The Casual Look

This look is perfect for a day out with friends, hanging by the pool or just lounging around at home. It’s very low maintenance and you won’t need to fuss too much about your hair. This outfit consists of a blue hoodie which you can complete with some ripped boyfriend jeans and white high top sneakers. Keep your accessories nice and simple so they don’t overshadow any of the pieces in this otherwise very neutral outfit!

I chose to pair mine with this cute lacey black bra underneath my hoodie, but depending on how daring you are feeling that day it could easily be paired with nothing underneath or even another hoodie! I feel like the only thing missing from this casual look is a cute pair of sunglasses and some fashionable shades will complete this laid back outfit. The hoodie is very versatile and ensembles like this can be worn both during the day and at night depending on what you’re doing. for more information visit georgenotfoundofficial.

For the hoodie I suggest keeping your hair simple, especially if it’s wavy or curly; I didn’t make any extra effort for my hair when shooting these pictures because I knew that the hood would hide most of my style choices! However, if you ever want to make your hair look more voluminous try using a round brush when blow drying for an added boost in volume.

Remember not to use too much hairspray so that your locks don’t end up looking too stiff! If you have very short hair, like I do most of the time lately, you may also want to try adding in some curls. Curling your hair is a great way to achieve volume and create an interesting look! You can use any kind of curling iron you’d like but just keep it on the lowest setting for loose waves and remember not to touch your head after you’re done with curling so that they will last longer and look more natural!

If your hoodie is hooded then definitely go bare-faced because there’s nothing worse than having loads of hoodie hair covering up your face! It’s already hard enough finding sunglasses as it is without needing a hood over them as well… I chose some inexpensive Wayfarer style sunglasses from Forever21 which are perfect if you’re on a budget because they don’t cost much at all and the lenses come in all different colors!

Casual Chic

This outfit is perfect for casual days that require something dressier than hoodies but still want to be comfortable. This ensemble consists of a white hoodie, which you can pair with some dark blue jeans and black ballet flats. I chose to wear black tights underneath my pants which makes this outfit look more chic, but it definitely isn’t necessary. However, if you do decide to wear tights then make sure to leave your shoes slightly open so that the fabric doesn’t touch your shoes or become stained by them. For an added classy touch chose to complete this relaxed outfit with a black purse and some chunky jewelry.


HERE I chose to wear my hair down in soft waves and completed the outfit with a pair of large hoop earrings and a bold red lip. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup then just remember to keep your skin clean and moisturized so that your natural glow can shine! Wearing something hooded can quickly become overwhelming if it’s paired with too many layers or accessories but this hoodie is very simple which makes it look great when paired with other pieces such as the ballet flats or even another hoodie underneath!

Sporty Chic

This outfit is perfect for going out on Saturday night, hopefully to meet up with a cute guy ;)! Since hoodies are so casual you should wear this outfit when you have a dinner date or are going to an event where hoodies are not appropriate. I paired my hoodie with some skinny jeans, brown leather boots and black tights.

HERE Once again I went bare faced for this picture because the hood is the main focus! My makeup consisted of black eyeliner to make my eyes look more dramatic and mascara to make them pop.

Over top of this I brushed on some blush to give myself a nice sun kissed glow! When choosing your lip shade for this outfit remember that lighter shades work best because it doesn’t distract from the rest of your outfit. Just like before, I chose another pair of wayfarer Sunglasses from Forever21 that suit this outfit perfectly.

Remember hoodies can be dressed up or down so play around with different pairings and have fun with your look! Hoodies are a very comfortable way to stay warm in the winter, but I find that they’re also fantastic for layering during warmer seasons as well! You can always dress a hoodie up or down depending on whatever you feel like doing for the day, but remember to wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable because if you don’t you’ll end up looking uncomfortable too.


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