3 Underrated K-Pop Groups You Need To Listen to!

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K-pop has long been the underdog of society but started to emerge as a popular name in the past few years. Did you know that almost 100 groups debut and try to be successful in South Korea every year? A very small ratio of those are actually successful, but this shows the significant popularity K-Pop has gained. 

Keeping Up With K-Pop

Let’s face it, we all love K-Pop. It’s new, it’s interesting and it’s something different. With so many groups on the rise looking to make their name in the world of K-Pop, it is easy to miss a few of them. It is just so extremely hard to keep up. 

Regardless of the competition, there are a few names that have still been able to make it to the top of the list. Some of them are BTS, BLACKPINK and Stray Kids and we think you already know them, and probably loove them! Check out our online K-pop store for cool and trendy K-Pop merch for your favorite K-Pop groups and create an impression!

However, there are a few less known groups as well, which perform equally well but are not renowned or popular enough. We believe these underrated groups deserve some recognition and this blog is going to be all about them and their greatness!

Recognizing The Under Dogs Of The K-Pop World!


The group’s name is in all capitals, following the trend of most K-Pop groups. This is a South Korean girl group and was created in 2014. If you are a die hard K-Pop fan, you have probably heard the song “Mr. Ambiguous”, which was their first song together as a group and gained a lot of acclaim and recognition. Not to mention, it was quite a hit among the fans. 

Since then, they have released a lot of other cool songs as well. We love the amazing songs they released and their uniqueness and chemistry tends to give an overall positive energy that all K-Pop fans will surely enjoy!

We urge you to give this band a chance. Mr. Ambiguous was quite refreshing and nice, but the other songs are not far behind either.

  • SF9

As the name implies, this is a band that consists of 9 boys and was created after they won the famous reality show “Dance Or Band”. A few of them have been part of dramas and you might easily recognize Chani in Sky Castle or Rowoon in About Time. However, they have less acclaim in the K-Pop world than they deserve. 

This boy band debuted with the song “Feeling Sensation”, and we don’t know about you, but we absolutely love it! This K-Pop group is highly skilled and have released some cool songs that are definitely worth your while. 

Not just that, this boy band is highly skilled and possesses some amazing dance moves that would thrill you. SF9 has released a total of 4 albums and we will definitely advise you to listen to them. Trust us, you will be hooked!

  • G-IDLE

This is a comparatively newer group that debuted in 2018 and is a girl group consisting of 6 members. Even though they are relatively new, the music they make will make you feel like they have been performing since ages. 

Their music is very melodic and extremely captivating, and you will be singing it in your head long after you have listened to it. Additionally, they write and compose a lot of their songs themselves. How much talent do these girls even have?

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