3 Strategies for Optimizing Food Services Supply Chain Operations


3 Strategies for Optimizing Food Services Supply Chain Operations

In 2022 and subsequent years, consumers are becoming more concerned about how food and drinks arrive at their tables. The food services supply chain operations involve several steps, most of which raise serious concerns. On the bright side, optimizing food services supply chain operations with products such as RSC boxes increases consumer satisfaction and increases business productivity.

Factors affecting the food and beverages logistical firms include:

  • Seasonal demands.
  • Evolving consumer tastes.
  • Limited shelf life.
  • Shipping delays.

Unfortunately, as a major concern, shipping delays increase the risk of food spoilage and contamination. Read further to understand some of the most effective strategies for increasing operational efficiency in the food and beverage industry.

The Logistical Excellence in a More Flexible F&B Industry

F&B logistic firms and experts are becoming increasingly concerned about operational efficiency to eliminate different challenges. However, since some market conditions can be hard to control, logistic experts and firms are seeking alternative ways to find solutions that bypass these obstacles. Such solutions include:

Optimizing Food Services by Increasing Digital Visibility

The end-to-end supply chain involving the entire integrated process requires attention to detail at every step. Manual end-to-end supply chain management exposes the process to human error and operation inefficiencies.

Digitization and automation form the foundation of an efficient and successful supply chain. Leveraging inventory management software is an effective tool in effective inventory management.  Inventory management software provides a real-time accurate depiction of your products/inventory at any given minute.

Moreover, a highly reliable and customized inventory management software solution provides early warnings about factors likely to affect your supply chain. These early warnings allow you to make proper adjustments in different aspects of your inventory management, like ordering, distribution, etc.

Furthermore, the pros of an effective solution from a reliable software tracking platform include but are not limited to:

  • Buying when costs are lower.
  • Avoiding surplus and shortage-related setbacks. These software solutions allow forecasting based on supply changes.
  • Reducing orders before demand drops.

Most food and beverage logistics experts ignore such platforms, thus misplacing their blame when they experience sudden shifts in demand or huge surpluses. The ideal inventory management software helps optimize food services supply chain operations with little to no human intervention.

Preservation of Freshness and Shelf Life

Preserving freshness and extending shelf life as long as possible is also an effective strategy for optimizing food services supply chain operations. Spoilage and food contamination result in reduced food quality and safety. They also impact a business’ bottom line.

Spoilage accounts for about 21% of $300 billion in food waste annually in the U.S. and Europe. Food contamination costs your business its inventory and reputation. You can lose loyal consumers if your product is low quality and is spoiled as a result of unoptimized food preservation.

Therefore, mitigating the risks of contamination and spoilage helps reduce business costs and increase your profit margins. Mitigating such risks requires complete inventory visibility to guarantee that your storage and shipping strategies keep your inventory fresh.

You can also preserve freshness and shelf life by using just-in-time shipping and other similar strategies such as RSC boxes. Additionally, you must store your inventory in optimal conditions while paying extra attention to temperature, labeling, food placement, and high-risk foods.

Physical Operation Optimized

Optimizing your physical operation is integral to your food services supply chain business. With proper organization, you can quickly discover where each item is in the supply chain. You can achieve in-house traceability using QR codes as part of a comprehensive inventory tracking system.

However, tagging is useless without a proper inventory setup. Businesses tend to lose a lot of money in warehouses when it is hard to find anything. Unfortunately, inventory that you can’t find easily becomes the one you can’t use.

Besides ensuring inventory safety, your space should also leverage container solutions that use the space effectively. As such, you may have to install sturdy containers like corrugated plastic RSC boxes, which can save you time and money. Additionally, you will also require an inventory system that integrates your partners, client systems, and suppliers to guarantee efficiency maximization.

Custom Solutions and Systems Can Boost Freshness and Preservation

Ensuring product freshness and preservation is important to safeguard your bottom line. It also keeps the end consumer satisfied with your products while protecting your reputation. Optimizing food services supply chain operations requires implementing solutions that safeguard your product in the supply chain.

Setting up an effective inventory tracking system can be challenging but necessary. Setting up the system from scratch can be easier for some businesses than rebuilding an existing one. Reassessing your business’ inventory management from your supply chain strategy down to the last container can be hectic. Unfortunately, implementing changes, like retraining your staff, replacing your container system, and retiring your legacy system in place of a new one, can make the entire process more challenging.

However, with demand and supply fluctuations, fulfillment worker shortages, and geopolitical instability favoring shortages, F&B logistic experts face an array of challenges locking fool-proof solutions in the long term. On the bright side, working with industry experts helps your business to set up an effective operation to help you save time and money while safeguarding your products’ quality.

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