3 Fun Places to Visit in Louisiana


Whether you are looking to try something new or just want to spend some quality time outdoors, then Louisiana might be your ideal tourism destination. Louisiana is a fantastic state to visit with friends, family, or as a solo trip! Besides being a location packed with ideal terrain for a range of fun activities and delicious places to eat. This article will explore three of Louisianna’s top destinations for visitors. If you are trying to get the full Louisiana experience, visiting just one of these places may not be enough. Consider trying to fit at least two of these locations into your next trip to the state! Suppose you are planning to visit Louisiana on your next vacation, here are some fun places you should consider visiting.

1. Baton Rouge

We started by mentioning how there are many places and things to do in Louisiana. Maybe you have heard people say that New Orleans is currently the best place to visit in Louisiana, but they have their reasons, and we don’t intend to dispute whatever they believe to be true. New Orleans is, of course, a fantastic destination for parties and fun. If you ever have an opportunity to visit New Orleans, the cultural center of Louisianna, we highly recommend visiting. 


But, we are here to tell you what you may not already know. We want to let you know that Baton Rouge is a place that you must not fail to set feet on during your trip to Louisiana. Baton Rouge is a beautiful city to visit with plenty of activities and attractions for families and individuals or parties. This is the historic capital of the state and has a lot of things you might want to set your eyes on.


LSU or Louisiana State University is one of the major attractions in the city. You will notice that the 100-year old campus is the epitome of beauty. This complex is a gem within the city, boasting architecture from the early twentieth century. Some of the things that make the LSU campus stand out are Indian Mounts, sports stadiums, several lakes, the Greek amphitheater, etc. If you’re considering living in Louisianna, studying at LSU is a great way to make a start in the state.


These attractions together form one huge reason to spend a day or two at Louisiana State University. Note that the Art Deco Louisiana Capital is a structure to behold, but according to some tourists, the Old State Capital that was constructed in the 19th century is even more attractive to the eye.


There is plenty more to do in Baton Rouge, including many attractions and fun places to visit. It is a college city at heart, so there are countless bars and clubs for all your partying needs. If you’re visiting with family, check out the local museums and art galleries in the city. No matter who you are traveling with, there are plenty of opportunities to try out Louisianna’s famous cajun cuisine. Restaurants of all sorts are located in this city, making it a fantastic destination for foodies as well!

2. Oak Alley Plantation

Have you ever been to the banks of the Mississippi river? When you get there, you should be able to encounter the Oak Valley Plantation. This is where everyone who loves Mother Nature meets whenever they come to Louisiana. The plantation is historic and exciting to visit since it dates back to the 19th century. This beautiful location is popular for weddings, parties, events, picnics, and just curious visitors looking for a beautiful afternoon. 

The plantation is named after the older Oak Valley. Besides the beautiful valley, you will be attracted by the tall trees that stand tall and form a canopy at the top that will awe you. The big open fields of oak trees will leave you stunned and wanting to take Instagram pictures right away!

Just like many other plantations that date back to the same period, the Oak Valley was involved in the sugar business, and it is worth noting that it primarily relied on slave labor. This implies that there is a lot to learn when you get there. You can explore how the plantation system worked in Louisianna and the South in general. Though this history may be difficult for some to stomach the more deadly details of, it is still important to learn about. Louisianna has as much dirty history as any other city in the world. It is good to take the opportunity to learn about plantation history while you are visiting Louisianna. 


There is a range of restaurants in the Oak Valley Plantation, and because of that visitors can go to the place and spend a night or two without any problem. There are even places to stay on and near the plantation that will offer you a beautiful and relaxing stay. You will enjoy a plethora of meals, both local and exotic. It is possible to have a great time even if you are on a fixed budget since the cost of living in Louisiana is fairly affordable. The Oak Valley Plantation option is particularly perfect for anyone wanting a relaxing getaway somewhere beautiful. Transport yourself back in time and enjoy living on this old plantation for a romantic weekend. 


3. Toledo Bend Camping

While there is a long list of fun things you can do in Louisiana, your visit is not complete unless you try Toledo bend camping. An ideal campsite is peaceful and is parked with a lot of recreational activities for you and your loved ones. Thankfully, that is the kind of experience you will get when you try camping in Louisiana.


There are many spaces for anyone looking to spend a night or two in camps and have enough fun with the people they cherish. You can always book a campsite online and have a spot reserved for you. You can also rent cabins or stay at any of the luxury resorts in the area. Toledo Bend offered a wide range of activities and locations for you to stay. If you are interested in pitching your tent or sleeping under the stars, there are plenty of opportunities. If you prefer to stay in and only go out during the day to hike or explore, you can stay at a resort or a cabin with full amenities. Once you have been given the go-ahead, you are free to show up with your camping fundamentals and pitch up a tent.


Most visitors fear camping in other states due to the lack of adequate security, but that is not something to worry about when you choose Louisiana. When it comes to giving you the best experience, security must be a top priority, and you can confirm that fact by sharing it with individuals who have tried camping at Toledo bend before. Just be sure to follow all of the safety guidelines that the park rangers may tell you before you enter Toledo Bend. It is important, for example, that you keep your food locked up. Keeping food and trash locked away during the day and stored properly will help keep wildlife at bay. 

There are many amazing activities that you and your family can enjoy at Toledo Bend. Whether you’re traveling with your family or friends, everyone will enjoy swimming at the Toledo Bend Reservoir. You can rent boats to go out on the water with, or you can rent fishing gear as well from nearby shops. If you’re more into adventures, you can even rent water skis or jet skis for out on the water. 


For those who like to get out in nature, Toledo Bend also offers a variety of hiking options and opportunities to explore the nearby swamplands. Louisiana is widely known for its swamps and wetland flora and fauna. Rent a riverboat or take a tour of the swamps on your visit! You are very likely to see an alligator on your way through the bogs. If you aren’t interested in spending too much time near alligators, we recommend doing any of the many other activities Toledo Bend has to offer. On the border to Texas, there are plenty of things to do and see here that will keep you busy all day. 

Closing Thoughts

Are you planning to visit Louisiana on your next vacation? Then that is a great decision. You can visit the places suggested in this guide and even add more to your list once you get there. If you’re traveling with your family, there are plenty of children-friendly activities such as museums or swimming. When traveling with friends, you may prefer to check out the bars and nightlife that these cities have to offer! If you’re traveling alone, you have a great many options to choose from, from boating to city exploring. If you have any questions about fun places to visit in Louisiana, you can always let us know in the comments. Otherwise, use the tips shared to organize your trip and make it as phenomenal as possible.


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