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For the manufacturing and packaging industry, automation has impacted industries with reduction in production time, reduced wastage, improved system performance and process control.

Whether you are filling liquids, solids or powders, whether your product is being filled in bottles, cans or flexible pouches, manual filling methods are no longer viable as they result in low production outputs and losses through spillage. Automation is crucial to completing processing in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Automation in the packaging process creates many benefits for the packaging company. In automating the filling process, a company can expect to improve the packaging operation in a number of ways.

The main advantages include:

Reliability and consistency

Automatic filling machines will allow for a repeatable, reliable and consistent fill with each cycle, whether that fill is based on a level, volume, weight or other measurement. Automatic filler eliminates uncertainty from the process.

Higher speed

This is the most obvious benefit of using automatic packaging machines! From thin, free-flowing products like water or some powders to highly viscous products such as jelly or pastes, automatic fillers use power conveyors and multiple filling heads to fill more containers per cycle. So production runs faster – and constantly.

Simple controls

Modern filling machines come equipped with a PLC and easy-to-operate touch screen interface. Operators can quickly and easily set up indexing times, pump speeds, fill times and other parameters for the process. The ‘recipe’ is recorded by the PLC so it can be easily recalled in the future.


Automatic filling machines can usually be set up to handle a range of products and container shapes and sizes. For companies that package multiple products, the right packaging machine filling machine offers ease of changeovers with simple adjustments so that down time is minimized and production maximized.

Future ready

Automatic packaging machines should be purchased with the future in mind. It should be upgradeable – offer potential to grow capacity, add more filling heads and be compatible with other fillers so different types of products may be packed on the same machine.

Machines can be called as the mechanical friends of humans.

In today’s world, our most of the work is done by them; we take the help of these in our home as well as in our office. These are also used in place of humans in some places as the human being cannot do that work or the humans will take a long time to complete that work

According to the work, they vary from each other like if we want to transport a product from one place to another; packaging machine can be used for these purposes and are available from Packaging Machine Suppliers. Some of these are used by the industries. This is used for packing, shrink, strapping, wrapping items such as machine parts, small products etc. These ensure the safety, security, reliability of products. These machines are available from our list of Packaging Machine Manufacturers.

It deals with the packaging, wrapping of products which prevents the product from damaging when transported from one place to another. These also help to shrink the size of the product so that it can be transported easily.

The filling is an essential component in the process of manufacturing to promote quality and efficiency of the products. Different fillers are required for various products. Based on their degree of automation, these fillers are classified in a different manner. They could be categorized as automatic, semi-automatic and fully packaging machines. And they could also be liquid, gas, paste and powder fillers.

Liquid fillers are categorized into ordinary, pressure, and vacuum filling machines. The ordinary liquid fillers work by gravity. In this, the liquid is filled due to its weight into particular bottles. However, it is necessary to meet special requirements to maintain the viscosity and gas bearing of the fluids. Examples- milk bottles and grape wine etc.

The vacuum fillers require the atmospheric pressure to be greater than the pressure of the bottles. Liquids such as syrup, oil, and wine, etc. have high viscosity and require this type of filling.

Increase Your Production Speed with Liquid Filling Machines:

Flow Meter filling machine

These machines are the most efficient filling machines available in the industry. In this machine, the modern Exact Mass technology adapts to changes in viscosity and fills liquid to precise weight requirements.

Gravity filling machine

This is ideal for liquids that do not change viscosity when the temperature of the product changes. Gravity fillers use simple time-based controls to fill low viscosity liquid products. Unlike the overflow filler, gravity machines do not use a re-supply, or re-circulation, system and do not require specialized nozzles.

Overflow filling machine

These machines fill liquid regardless of variations in the container. These machines are capable of dispensing different types of liquids required to be filled to a level in a bottle. It is the ideal machine for products that are packaged in clear containers. However, the machine will be limited by the viscosity of the product. Overflow fillers work well with thin to medium viscosity products and even products that foam.

Pump filling machine

These filling machines are able to fill low to high viscosity liquid product. Pump fillers are also suitable for products with particulates such as salad dressings or soaps with grit. A variety of nozzles can also be used on the pump filler to match the specific application for which the machine is built.

Net weight filling machine

Net weight filling machines use a weigh scale to monitor the weight of the product as it is filling into a bottle.

Daily product filler

Dry product fillers are used to dispense dry materials such as powders, granules, pellets, and tablets. These machines are available for all industries and dry materials.

Chemical filling machine

These machines are available in chemical duty construction and food grade construction in either top fill only or bottom-up fill configurations.

The rewards of the chemical packaging machines are consistency in final output or product, fluidity and compressibility in crushed form uses GPM standards parts, flame proof construction, etc. For safe operation there is an emergency push button at discharge. The chemical packaging machine is perfect chemical and pharmacy products. The machine can dry material of any form and accurately maintains ideal moisture required for chemicals and pharmaceutical. The machine has an ability to carry out the operation easily and accurately.

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