23 Useful Ways to Youtube Video Promotion Service

23 Useful Ways to Youtube Video Promotion Service

You can always obtain more views on your films, whether you’re a rookie or an author with a gold button! YouTube has a monthly viewership of over 2 billion people from over 100 countries, and they could enjoy your content!

Air Media-Tech will show you how to market a YouTube channel in both sponsored and organic approaches, so you can reach out to all of these people! Let’s get started!

If you’ve only recently begun generating material and are unsure how to market your new YouTube channel, follow these guidelines:

1. Maintain a high level of quality         

While YouTube is becoming more diverse in terms of material, the first thing to consider is the quality of your videos:

At a minimum, the resolution should be 1080p, but you should aim for 4k.

The sound should be crisp, clear, and free of background noise.

You won’t be able to promote your YouTube channel unless you do this. People will just skip your content, resulting in a loss of new subscriptions.

Do you think there are any exceptions to this rule? Sure! Breaking news or viral content can be captured with an intercom camera and promoted organically on YouTube video promotion service. If you’re not creating a channel where you’ll be filming a lot of videos without planning or preparation, you’ll want to pay attention to the equipment you’ll be using to capture material.

2. Create Your Own Personality

You’ll stand out from other creators on the same topic if you have a distinct style:

It could be a difference in appearance, such as the author’s image, background, or bespoke intros.

You can also utilise unique welcomes, amusing remarks, and an unusual presenting style – all of these things will help you stand out on YouTube.

The Nino’s Home culinary channel, for example, has its own distinct personality, a distinct style of content editing, and two cats who always react to their dishes. All of this contributes to a distinct and memorable aesthetic, as well as a rise in YouTube views.

3. Master Video Editing        

Nobody likes it when bloggers utilise a lot of fillers and parasitic words in their videos. Additionally, footage shot against the same background is more likely to cause viewers to get sleepy and eventually abandon your project. The good news is that video editing will alleviate these issues, and professionally edited content will be promoted more organically on YouTube!

YouTube Creator Academy shows you how to do a simple edit in 7 stages, as well as some advanced suggestions!

Here at Air Media-Tech, we advise you to:

Make brief videos and cut out anything that isn’t relevant to your audience.

Record clear sound from a second source and edit it in later.

Make your images look intriguing by varying them.

Maintain a dynamic pace to avoid boring your listeners. Use inputs that have a different background, such as photographs or movies.

Finally, adopt the same colour scheme for each element to safeguard people’s eyes.

4. Provide Useful Information

One of the most effective approaches to market your YouTube channel is to provide value to the audience. The ranking system gives preference to videos that are not only SEO-optimized, but also provide the finest viewing experience.

How can you tell if your video is worthwhile? Simply ask yourself the following questions:

Is my video resolving any issues for my target audience?

Is it amusing to them?

Will it help them and improve their lives?

If you answered yes to all of them, then go ahead and shoot it! You may promote your YouTube video this way even if you don’t have any paid tools!

Also, avoid following in the footsteps of your competition who have millions of views. You have a chance to get a piece of that pie, of course.

5. Keep an eye on the latest trends

When it comes to enhancing YouTube videos, the next step is to research and apply trends to your content:

Everyone should be aware of niche trends. Take a look at what your most popular competitors are putting out and what people are saying about it.

The global level is also important. You may advertise your YouTube channel to new consumers by researching global trends!

One video on the Linus Tech Tips channel regarding Windows 11 (a hot issue!) had nearly four times the number of views as their typical content.

6. Make Evergreen Content a Priority

Content authors who are successful strike a mix between topical and timeless issues. This allows them to continue to attract attention long after a popular issue has faded away. The following are some examples of such topics:

How-or to’s how- to’s

Lists of the best tools and resources

Roundups of suggestions

Educational materials


Audio narratives

Such content will ensure years of organic YouTube promotion. Furthermore, based on popular phrases, you can re-optimize and improve it for the search engine and reach out to new audiences!

7. Post on a regular basis

Are you wondering how to gain more views on YouTube if you only post new videos once a month? Make your audience happy even more often by releasing new works!

Try publishing updates once a week if you’re just getting started.

Advanced creators publish once or twice a week.

Create a strong content strategy. A plan is essential since it will indicate how much time you have left to develop a new piece. Keep in mind that the more high-quality, optimised videos you submit, the better your chances of being discovered garner some attention on YouTube

8. Video Translation

Do you wish to promote your YouTube videos internationally? Then there’s the issue of folks who don’t speak English or your native tongue.

By including subtitles in a variety of languages, you will be able to attract the attention of international viewers. By the way, we’ll discuss the tools that reveal countries where subjects are trending in the next section. As a result, rather than making assumptions, you may base your translation plans on research.

9. Make use of keywords

This kind of organic YouTube promotion is great for attracting new viewers to your high-quality, trending material. To figure out what the video is about and who it can be presented to, the YouTube algorithm looks for important phrases in the title, tags, and descriptions.

It’s important to remember that employing popular but unrelated keywords isn’t going to benefit you. Your content will be marked as spam by the system. As a result, make your titles and descriptions as relevant as possible.

Where can you get catchy phrases to grab people’s attention?

Several services may be used to research keywords, their relevancy, and popularity:

Keywordtool is a web-based programme that is available for free. It displays popular search terms, search volume, CPC, and competition level.

10. Utilize hashtags

Hashtags are clickable additions to your keywords that increase the number of people who see your content. The viewer will be led to a website that contains all videos designated with that specific hashtag by clicking on the hashtag.

In your video description, add hashtags with the YT channel name and a unique category name.

Below the video player and above the title are the first three hashtags. As a result, there’s a good chance they’ll be noticed and clicked.

11. Make Use of Appealing Video Covers        

As a result, when your audience searches for your material using keywords, they should locate it among a plethora of other videos. Your films will get noticed on YouTube if you use bright and distinctive covers!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Don’t cram too many features into the cover to attract attention.

Colors that pop are a must-have.

Use only as much text as is necessary. If you can avoid it, don’t say anything!

Here’s an example of a video cover for a manicure. They should show the video’s outcome so that the viewer knows what to expect right away.

12. Use social media to boost YouTube views.

It is encouraged that you post your material on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even Reddit, in addition to YouTube. Repost links in the form of posts or stories.

One of the best strategies to promote a YouTube channel is to publish links to your videos in subject groups and communities. You’ll gain more subscribers if more people notice you. Just be careful not to overdo it, as community administrators may consider excessive posting to be spam!

Aside from social media, you may attempt an email newsletter or search engine context advertisements.

Encourage interaction and include CTAs.

Communication and contact with viewers is another easy but highly successful technique to market a YouTube channel:

Request that people enjoy and share videos.

Insist on them subscribing and turning on notifications.

Tell them that if the video receives 10,000 or more likes, you will continue to cover the topic.

Inquire about their thoughts and respond to those who leave remarks.

Remember to use this final suggestion at the conclusion of your film. The viewer has only recently begun viewing and is unable to rank or subscribe to a channel about which they are unfamiliar. Choose the optimum time for the viewer to watch.

understands the benefits of subscribing to the channel.

14. The Influence of Comments         

As said above, excellent communication is one of the important secrets to getting more views on YouTube. Not only should you respond to comments and like them, but you should also respond to them in future videos.

The entire content, or a portion of it, can be constructed around interaction with commentators, incentivizing them to participate more. Is there a certain topic that your audience would like you to discuss? Why not include it in your strategy for more organic YouTube promotion? People are more likely to share information that is relevant to their specific interests. Also, you’ll get a sense of what’s actually popular with your target demographic.

15. Add cards to your videos

Cards, which act as tips for users, are another relatively basic feature that helps producers improve YouTube views. Cards can direct viewers to additional videos on your channel, extending their viewing time.

When you’re editing a video in YouTube Studio, you can add them. Under ‘Visibility’ and ‘End screen,’ look for ‘Cards.’

Make sure you place cards at the proper time to pique viewers’ interest and encourage them to click on them. It’s best to include these while mentioning other videos. You can even gesture at the card if you’re in the frame, as this gal did:

16. Add End-of-Screen Links

Adding suggestions to the end screen is another great strategy to enhance YouTube views. However, simply putting them there may not be enough to ensure success. Why? Viewers will simply go to another video from YouTube’s suggestions after hearing ‘Goodbye,’ rather than waiting for your own links.

o After you’ve finished speaking on the subject, invite visitors to watch another video from your playlist and subscribe to the channel. Say ‘Goodbye’ just after that.

In most circumstances, a couple of suggested videos will suffice. It functions the same way it does in traditional stores: buyers can leave without buying if there are too many options.

17. Use Google Ads to run paid campaigns

Paid YouTube promotion is effective for both newcomers and established creators looking to expand their reach. You may create a wide range of promotions using Google Ads from your advertising account.

This is how you do it:

Begin by creating a new ad campaign in your Google Ads account.

Select a goal.

– Consideration of the product and its brand

– Brand recognition and reach

– App promotion – There is no goal-oriented advice

Choose ‘Video’ from the list of options. ‘Search,’ ‘Display,’ ‘App,’ ‘Smart,’ and ‘Shopping’ will also be available.

After that, choose a campaign subtype:

– Create your own video campaign

– In-stream content that cannot be skipped

– Conversions in the outstream

– The order of the advertisements

Make your promotion unique by adding specifics.

To discover the correct viewers, choose a target audience for the YouTube algorithm.

Make a list of keywords and topics.

Launch and expand your business with fresh paid views! 🙂

From YouTube itself, here are some more pointers on how to run effective advertising.

After obtaining a Gold Button, how do you promote your YouTube channel?

What’s next now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of YouTube channel promotion? Here are some recommendations from Air Media-Tech for creators who have already tried the approaches indicated above and are seeking for something more advanced.

1. Concentrate on the target audience

It is critical to maintain a positive relationship with the channel’s audience once it has established itself.

Be the first to leave a remark on your newly released video. Underneath it, invite folks to offer their thoughts.

Participate in discussions and respond to some of the comments underneath the video.

Create polls, lead the Community, and publish behind-the-scenes videos and previews for upcoming videos. Your audience will consume more information and have the opportunity to interact with the creator in this manner.

For instance, the Canadian Lad channel tells viewers about upcoming content and solicits input on the series.

2. Participate in live broadcasts       

Even if your channel is solely dedicated to video distribution, it is worthwhile to stream live on occasion.

Make a simple one with Q&A sessions after informing viewers that the programme will be live and that they will be able to ask questions.

You can create a broadcast topic and tell or demonstrate something while answering inquiries.

It can also be an audience-interactive game, such as guessing facts about your channel.

The better for the channel, the longer and richer your broadcast is.

Here’s an illustration. This station issued an announcement the day before their programme to allow viewers to plan ahead and ask questions.

3. Experiment with 24-hour broadcasts

Continuous, endless live streaming is appropriate for promoting a YouTube channel. This is especially useful for gaming, music, and movie channels.

If you have a lot of content and your users can watch it in the background, this strategy might be appropriate:

Compilations of music

Series of meditation videos (episodes)

Walkthroughs for online games

Endless broadcasts provide channels with increased view time and traffic, which has a significant impact on channel promotion because YouTube prioritises watch time.

4. Work with other creators to come up with new ideas.

Collaborate with both channels of the same and similar topics to attract new audiences.

To begin, look for brands or bloggers who are a good fit for your style and personality.

Examine their videos to see if they meet the needs of your target audience.

Consider the benefit that your collaboration will provide to the audience.

Negotiate the reciprocal marketing of your YouTube channels with them.

5 Shoot!

Keep in mind that people enjoy genuine, intriguing, and one-of-a-kind collaborations. Even the most outlandish ideas should be tried on occasion. Hip-hop channels and cooking? Is it possible to combine IT and sports? What’s better than beauty and music? If your audience is excited to see it, anything can work. Keep a look out for their responses! 😉

6. Hold contests and giveaways

Prizes and presents are loved by all! As a result, this final and effective strategy will assist you in increasing YouTube views as well as getting discovered on YouTube!

Where do you begin?

Make a specific objective for yourself. ‘Get 1000+ subscribers/likes/comments,’ for example. This will aid in the evaluation of your contest or giveaway’s success.

Decide whether you want to collaborate with someone or manage the promotion on your own.

Make a strategy and a set of guidelines for action. What should your viewers do in order to win a prize?

Check to see whether you’re not breaking any of YouTube’s contest regulations.

Choose a prize that will elicit a response from viewers and increase traffic.

Start your campaign and spread the word by sharing it on social media, blogs, and other places.


We hope that each reader discovered fresh ways to address the question, “How do you advertise your YouTube channel?” If you’ve already done everything in the first section, check out the six techniques for advanced producers to become recognised on YouTube.


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