18 Important Beginner Blogger Tips While Starting a New Blog


If you’re reading this post, then I need to say, hello and welcome to the online world of blog. Don’t feel intimidated by the idea of starting a new blog since it isn’t going to be that hard with proper guidance.

Not only me, but there are a bunch of bloggers out there willing to guide newbies and to give them tips for beginning a blog the right way.
Now, you see, when a person starts a new project regardless of what it is, there might be tons of passion, but unless you really approach your passion the right way with proper guidance, it is easy to lose momentum and to eventually give up.
Starting a blog might seem fun, but if you expect great results out of it, like a base for your business, a decent side income, or a large audience to entertain, then you need to do it the right way in accordance with the way the online blogging and SEO systems work. Not only do you need to start the right way, but you need to keep your passion for it alive because once you give up, all your hard work will go to waste.
Now, without wasting any more time, let’s quickly and thoroughly go through the most important do’s and don’ts for a beginner blogger.

What you need to DO as a beginner Blogger

Do Choose the Right Blogging Platform

There are multiple platforms that support bloggers, and website makers.
First,, you need to decide if you require a blog with a few pages or a blog that can allow multiple posts with regular updates. 
Again If you are creating a blog, then the next step is to assess your budget. If you are sure about this and are completely aware of your goal, and also have the right small funds then I would recommend opting for a WordPress Blog with Hosting from hosts like GoDaddy or BlueHost.
Do you fear the lack of consistency, determination, or just have a lack of startup funds, then using Blogspot.com is equally alright. After your website grows, you can buy a domain name and use it on your Blogspot hosted blog, or you can switch to WordPress.
If you’re just making a still website which is completely different from a blog, then there are a bunch of hosts and domain providers available. For example, Wix.com is a very popular site builder.

Do Promote Your Content on the Right Social Media Platforms

Proper content promotion is about as important as the quality content itself. When we talk about promoting your content, 
I don’t mean through ads. Ads are usually recommended to promote a purchasable product, and isn’t really required for your content blog, especially not at your beginner stage, unless you have a niche that would require promotion.
Making use of the biggest social platforms if the right way to go towards the proper promotion of your content. According to both your niche and your target audience, you can use platforms and tools. 
I personally use Pinterest, Quora, and Facebook for this blog.
Not only does this strategy help in blog promotion, but proper knowledge on how to promote organic traffic to your content, whether it is a youtube channel, a Spotify account, a product, a company website, or anything else, is extremely useful and important.

Do Follow the Content Writing Format

No one is here to read an essay, or to do feel like they’re doing homework, or to read long paragraphs to find that one important line of content.
It is important to put yourself in your readers’ shoes while writing your content. Here are some important guidelines to follow while writing your content.
  • Write your content in small paragraphs of two to five lines.
  • Try a readable font
  • Basic colors and don’t use flashy unprofessional colors unnecessarily.
  • Blockquotes, and bold/italic/underline options to highlight important keywords
  • Always Use Headings and different types of Subheadings
  • Give bullet/number lists.

Do Be Consistent

Writing one post today, three posts two weeks later, two posts months after that, and a single post the year after. Do you think that is what any viewer will support?
Not only will your viewers not like you, but they also won’t even be able to find you, since Google promotes content makers who post consistently. This is a major factor in knowing how to improve your seo.
And another major downside of not being consistent is that you won’t ever be able to reach your blog goals if you don’t make regular content. You won’t have enough content to attract viewers, and you won’t get referrals or a loyal reader base. Affiliate networks and Sponsorships will always stay far out of reach.
That is why you need to stay productive, write multiple posts whenever you have time, and schedule your posts to be published once or twice a week.

Do Set Goals

Without goals, in any field of activity. you’ll have no idea about which direction you want to go towards.
You can also have goals like, “Get recognized by …”, “Be a guest writer on…”, “Have a PageRank of …”, etc. Make realistic goals and stay consistent to achieve all of them.

Do Reach Out To Other Bloggers and Make Connections

It is important to have good connections within the blogging community, especially with the writers writing under your range of niches. A good place to find people to build these connections with is on Quora, Pinterest, and Yahoo. You can build relations there, and I’m about to tell you what you can do with these connections.
You can also try to contact the writers or owners of any specific blog that you like.
Relations like these help SEO in every way. You can be on community boards and pin each other’s content, or if possible, you can write free guest posts or each other in exchange for backlinks.

Do Make Easily Understandable Content

Again, no one wants to feel like they’re doing homework while reading your content. You shouldn’t put multiple complicated words that a normal person would have to google the meanings of. 
You should only use simple words and sentences so that the mass public can easily understand what you’re trying to say. 
Don’t unnecessarily use complicated stats and charts that a basic viewer cannot understand. Do not use terms that only a person that is familiar with your niche can understand without having to explain it.

Do Use Keywords and Have Good SEO

Keyword Research is your key to getting mapped by google. Keywords are basically the terms that normal viewers type in the search box of a search engine to look for results to their query.
For example, if you are a chef with a cooking blog, then you can write an article about cheesecake and an easy recipe on how to make it. Then a person can google, “easy recipes cheesecake”. And your blog just might be visible in the results if you have good SEO and regular content too.
It is important to build content surrounding very popular keywords because that means more people are interested, and also around less popular keywords because that means it will be easier to find you in the results.
Being found on the top of the results for a small yet general and popular keywords is a very hard thing to do and takes a lot of time and effort. For example, being ranked high for “easy cheesecake recipe” vs “Baking” has obvious and large differences.

Do Stay Aware About Your Target Audience and Their Needs

Is your target audience a bunch of 14-year-old video game players, or 16-18-year-old students, or 22-35-year-old people trying to learn how to cook, or 22-30-year-olds trying to set up their own businesses?
You need to keep in mind the needs of your target audience before you go about writing your content. Write content on topics that the age group, gender group, regional group, or personality group would need.

Do Promote Guest Posting

As mentioned before, guest posting is an important way to grow as a blogger. You can build connections, get more fresh content, get backlinks to your blog, or can provide backlinks to other writers, good connections can lead to more “in-context” backlinks and obtain a better overall SEO.
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